Foods I Like That Like Me


May 11, 2020
I think the fundamental goal of anyone's diet is to find nutritious foods you can afford and easily prepare that you digest well and enjoy. My new goal is to eat only things that meet all of these criteria. I know it seems so obvious, but we often forget the most obvious things because they require no complex analysis. This would explain the dangers of overthinking and also the zen like existence of many simple minded people.
I'll be specific with my foods, including the brand and sometimes where to get them.
The list of foods that meet those criteria for me:

Applesauce - organic from Thrive Market or Fresh Thyme

Chocolate - organic wafers from

Coconut water powder -

Fruit & Vegetable pouches - Costco

Beef - our family farm

Naked Juice Drinks - the orange one mostly

Beets - from the garden

Ginger cube candy - organic from Thrive Market

Coconut Oil Mayo - organic from Thrive Market

Green Peas - organic from Fresh Thyme

Coconut oil potato chips - from Thrive Market

Barbecue sauce - Famous Dave's sugar based sauce

Real Sugar Pepsi

Mexican Coke - costco

Plain old cane sugar - organic from Costco

Collagen Powder - grass fed from znaturalfoods


Foods that consistently ruin my day:


Starches - mashed potatoes most notably, even well cooked with lots of fat, which is odd because the coconut oil potato chips don't bother me

Commercial pork

Fast food fries and chicken burgers (cheeseburgers are generally not too terrible if I take off the top bun)

Cured meats

Regular potato chips

Pasta sauce

Thanks for reading. Please do share your lists.
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