1. haidut

    PUFA peroxidation can cause heart failure, latter can be reversed

    The mainstream view on heart failure is that in most cases (when it is not congenital) it is a secondary morbidity caused by conditions such as diabetes, CVD, obesity, smoking, alcohol intake, etc. However, a direct causative agent and process has not been proposed so far. The study below...
  2. A

    Found a new ingredient in biscuits called Interesterified fat. Is it healthy?

    While I was searching for a snack with low PUFA, I found this biscuits called Osmania Biscuits from Karachi bakery. But on the ingredient section, I found something called interesterified fat which seemingly changes PUFA to saturated fat. One of the advantages it has over hydrogenation is that...
  3. cs3000

    Daily omega 3 EPA DHA sustains inflammation response (and slightly delays skin wound healing) in human study

  4. Juri


    Sorry for the all caps title, I want to attract attention with it, simply because i'm counting on your guys' and girls' experiences to be shared here also. For anyone not that familiar with why one would want to lose PUFA, here is a quick summary by haidut. That being said, I made this thread...
  5. C

    Poop Out More PUFA For Maximum Deficiency - (Alert! Human Study)

    In this study, humans passed 16.8-17.8% of the fat contained in the whole peanuts but as little as 4.2% of the peanut butter fat. So extra processing dramatically increased fat/pufa absorption. Extrapolating from this study, raw corn is better than cooked corn or corn flour in the context of...
  6. haidut

    Blocking prostaglandins restores (glucose) metabolism, reverses brain aging

    It is rare to find a study like the one below that combines so many crucial topics into a unified message. Namely, the role of energy in aging and disease, the role of oxidative glucose metabolism in aging and health, the pathological role of PUFA as a negative (glucose) metabolic regulator and...
  7. haidut

    PUFA (linoleic acid) is hepatotoxic and carcinogenic; MUFA/SFA are not

    A neat little commentary in the Cell journal on a study in Nature. Not very surprising for most people following Peat's writings, but definitely an eye-opener for the general public (if they ever even become aware of this publication, considering no popular press outlet covered this article)...
  8. haidut

    Fat increases estrogen synthesis, even in menopausal females; glucose lowers it

    A fascinating study, which provides a number of important findings and insights. First, the study shows that fat (from diet or lipolysis) drives estrogen production not only in fat cells (which has been known for decades, even by mainstream medicine), but also in other organs typically not...
  9. haidut

    PUFA (linoleic acid) is a true estrogen, similar to estradiol

    This is one of those studies that, in my view, largely puts the debate about PUFA to rest. If PUFA, as the study found, is a direct xeno-estrogen at the receptor level, and can cause the same genomic effects as estradiol, then it is a moot point to argue about any "benefits" of that lipid. Why...
  10. C

    Is It Worth Decreasing PUFA From 2 Grams to 1 Over Lifetime? Would It Matter?

    Is it worth switching from lentils to adzuki beans or coconut oil to MCT for example? Would there be any actual benefit of reducing PUFA intake by 50% but by only 1gram over 90 years?
  11. P

    Important Questions about PUFA: Testing, Exercise and Glucorinidation

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so please be gentle.. I've been lurking these forums for a year now and have used many peaty principles to heal most of my issues! PUFA depletion and vitamin E in particular have been really powerful. I started a thread because I feel that there are some...
  12. haidut

    PUFA metabolites (prostaglandins) drive "flu" pathology

    A highly relevant study in light of the recent (and apparently, still ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic, which not only casts doubt on the official story about how infectious disease develops, but also its treatments and public health response. The study below demonstrated that prostaglandins - the...
  13. Mauritio

    PUFA causes liver steatosis, Vitamin E can prevent it

    In this study they looked at the effect of PUFA on liver health and Vitamin E's capibility to prevent liver damage. They fed mice a diet high in linoleic acid, low in linoleic acid or high in linoleic acid and supplemented with Vitamin E. The results are remarkable: in many ways the Vitamin E...
  14. trinity

    Polyunsaturated fatty acid intake and incidence of type 2 diabetes in adults: a dose response meta-analysis of cohort studies

    Hi all I have been researching diabetes through the forum with many of the posts linking PUFA as one of the main causes of insulin resistance and so diabetes. Much scientific evidence as been referred to in these posts showing this correlation. But I have come across this recent (2022) meta...
  15. chrstn4o

    Please help me cope with my omega-3 consumption!

    I've been buying hake roe in cans for a while and usually split one or two cans between myself and my wife and kid once or twice a week. Sometimes more. Also the occasional cod liver in a can that comes in its own oil. So how bad do you think this is? Here I was thinking I'm so smart and eating...
  16. EnergeticLeo

    Feeding PUFA muffins caused less liver fat gain than SFA muffins??

    https://diabetesjournals.org/diabetes/article/63/7/2356/34338/Overfeeding-Polyunsaturated-and-Saturated-Fat I'd be very interested in others' views on this study; the only key variable changed was PUFA (sunflower oil) vs SFA (palm oil) used in muffins fed to the subjects, and the PUFA group had...
  17. haidut

    Dietary PUFA (linoleic acid) causes inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

    The rates of IBD have truly skyrocketed over the last 10-15 years, significantly surpassing the general increase seen in most chronic conditions, especially in people younger than 40. Over the last couple of years, I posted about studies showing artificial colors (e.g. Red 40), silicon dioxide...
  18. Mauritio

    Dietary saturated fats increases longevity more than PUFA

    Interesting study on the influence of various fatty acids on longevity in mice on calorie restriction (with a few caveats). The mice eating saturated fats lived the longest followed by the high omega 6 group and the high omega 3 group. So there is a perfect correlation between the degree of...
  19. B

    Cancer Pamphlet

    Has anyone here ever written any RayPeat papers to hand out or pamphlets to get these resources out? I am working on a pamphlet for handing out, leaving around and printing regularly about cancer with linking to many of Ray Peats articles, ideas and even this site for further investigation...
  20. haidut

    Media: Endotoxin (LPS) drives obesity/diabetes

    I did not think we will ever see such a headline in a major news outlet, but here is is. And in The Guardian of all places, which is a newspaper that rarely deviates from the official medical narrative on any condition, especially obesity and diabetes. The official narrative for those conditions...
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