How Margarine and Processed Vegetable Oils Are Made 🤮

  2. haidut

    Stress-driven lipid peroxidation, inflammation re-awakens dormant cancer cells

    Yet another study demonstrating that stress is anything but benign or irrelevant for chronic diseases, especially for cancer. The study below demonstrates that stress-induced increases of epinephrine and norepinephrine results in increased lipolysis and a cascade of pro-carcinogenic downstream...
  3. haidut

    Glycine (and leucine) can treat fatty liver (NAFLD and NASH)

    A great new study that demonstrates the strong protective effects of glycine, alone or in combination with leucine, on preventing/treating various forms of fatty liver disease, as well as the obesity that often accompanies these conditions. One of the strong points of the study is that it also...
  4. haidut

    PUFA is catabolic, SFA is anti-catabolic (anabolic)

    During the early days of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) science, it quickly became apparent that the ability of AAS to preserve and/or increase muscle mass was related to their ability to reduce/block the expression of amino acid catabolic enzymes such as tyrosine aminotransferase (TAT). TAT...

    Anti-Peat Peat Wrong About PUFA?

    Peat's claim about PUFA is arguably his most controversial viewpoint. A lot of the disagreement has to do with Peat basing his perspective on rat studies and then claiming that his findings apply to humans as well. I came across this pro-PUFA article and I was wondering if you guys could share...
  6. Lokzo

    An Interview With Haidut (Georgi Dinkov) About PUFA's

    Here's a snippet of my podcast with @haidut ! Full episode will be live here soon: Boost Your Biology
  7. GorillaHead

    Proposed Theory: Dandruff Is A Skin Biome Imbalance. Ways To Address Proposed

    Today I am going to discuss my struggle with dandruff, everything I have tried, the mechanism perhaps behind one main cause and a way to address it. Of all the ailments I have dealt with (and believe me I have dealt with so many) Dandruff was one of the most stubborn issues I seemed to suffer...

    Peat Wrong About EFA Deficiency, Omega 3s

    I eliminated fish, omega 3 supps, and other things from my diet 5 months ago. Over time I developed really bad eczema behind my knees and elbows. My scaly skin on the insides of my knees and elbows DID NOT improve with supplementation of: p5p regular B6 zinc biotin vitamin D3 Started eating...
  9. haidut

    Dietary PUFA In Childhood Causes Diabetes And Irreversible (male) Infertility

    A great study, which corroborates the discussion in another recent post of mine on PUFA's role in infertility and insulin-resistance / diabetes. However, the study below found that the infertility caused by dietary PUFA exposure were NOT reversible upon discontinuation of the high-fat (both PUFA...
  10. haidut

    PUFA Exacerbate, Saturated Fats (SFA) / Albumin / Calcium Ameliorate COVID-19

    A few months ago I posted about a study discussing the role of lipid peroxidation in the COVID-19 pathology. While that study did not make any statements about effects of diet on the disease course/outcome, it did suggest lipid peroxidation blockers such as vitamin E would be therapeutic. Now...
  11. Razvan

    Pufa Deplition Is Amazing

    Hello ,for the past year i ate a peat inspired diet with sometimes pufa cheats, pretty high calorie i gained some weight (muscle and fat) and a 2 weeks ago i decided to do a pufa deplition to lose some weight. I'm eating 0 fat from skim milk,bananas, homemade beetroot juice ,orange juice and...
  12. Geronimo

    Foods I Like That Like Me

    I think the fundamental goal of anyone's diet is to find nutritious foods you can afford and easily prepare that you digest well and enjoy. My new goal is to eat only things that meet all of these criteria. I know it seems so obvious, but we often forget the most obvious things because they...
  13. pauljacob

    Confusing Info From RP About Coconut Oil And Butter

    I've heard RP recommend butter and coconut oil in many videos and interviews, yet in this video he says they cause cancer and are loaded with PUFA, and eventually will kill you. Anyone cares to explain this confusing info. For the past couple of months I've stopped using EVOO and starting using...
  14. J

    How Much Dietary Fat Do You Actually Need For Hormones?

    I haven't found a good thread on this, but read a few posts of people saying their T skyrockets on a low-fat diet, which goes against what you hear in a lot of communities, being that fat is a very important precursor for hormones. I myself am experiencing with a lower-fat diet at the moment to...
  15. Harryedgar

    Fat Loss, PUFA, Estrogen Detox And Increased Metabolism

    So dear all - questions questions questions....theories theories theories....don't we all just love em!!! Would really appreciate any help and input here from any and all who find the topics around Peat, Fat gain, and metabolism interesting. A bit of background. I come from a varied past of...
  16. haidut

    Dietary PUFA Causes (reversible) Male Infertility And Androgen Deficiency

    An amazing study, which should serves as a causing to the nuts-and-seeds crowd precisely because it used exactly such a diet to produce these highly negative effects on male fertility. Come to think of it, it is common knowledge in many cultures around the world that seeds and seed extracts are...
  17. pauljacob

    Eggs Fried In Butter

    Dr. Peat mentioned in his Kmud 9.18.9 interview, that regular store eggs cannot be considered saturated because they are fed a PUFA feed. I'm Vegetarian and rely on 2 eggs a day for my protein, and my questions is: can frying eggs in butter neutralize or reduce the impact of PUFA in the eggs or not?
  18. Mauritio

    Vitamin E Succinate Very Effective Against Liver Carcinoma ,acetate Form Increases It

    Very interesting study that shows Vitamin E succinate to decrease hepatocellular carcinoma by 77% ! It was actually caused/increased by vitamin E acetate . I included the whole results section from the abstract ,because every point actually deserves it's own discussion . Also vitamin A and D...
  19. LucyL

    BK To Feed Cattle Lemongrass, Positive Or No?

    tweet from Burger King today - I'm suspicious that just adding one substance to the diet can decrease emissions by 33% - that seems disproportionate. Lemongrass is an herb, probably cows would eat it anyway, but are they just going to be fed the plant? Or will it be some extract/lemongrass...