What to do with all the orange peel?


Jul 28, 2013
I hate throwing things in the bin if I think there might be a use for it. All our vegetable waste gets thrown on the garden as mulch along with garden cuttings. Anything bigger gets used as kindling or firewood.
A couple of years ago I read that citrus fruits could be used as firestarters. It was winter so I put some lemon peel on the woodburner to dry it out a little. The aroma was really nice and when they were dry they did work as firestarters.
I have been collecting orange peels for the past week or so and putting them on the roof to dry them out (Most houses here have accesable flat roofs). The peels are pretty dry in a day or so. As you can imagine, I already have rather a lot and pretty soon it is going to be a problem finding storage space for them. Plus the cold weather doesnt last very long here so it looks like I will be loading the woodburner up with them rather than just using them to get the fire going.
I'm trying to find other uses for them. A friend of mine told me about mosquitoes not liking the smell of citrus fruits. He was renting a villa in the middl of orange and lemon orchards and said he never had problems with mosquitoes there. Last night I was getting pestered by a mosquito and also got bitten twice. I put all the peel from an orange in front of the fan that I was using and didnt see or hear the mosquito again.
25 Uses for Orange Peels


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Jul 28, 2013
My wife used 10 dried orange peel halves to light the fire today and they were blazing! I find that just one or two is plenty. I also put a couple on top of the woodburner and they released a very nice aroma around the house but I had to take them off after a few hours when it got too overpowering. It would probably be better to just leave them near the woodburner instead.
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