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"When A Turk's Bowels Move Less Than Three Times A Day, He Consults A Physician."


Feb 22, 2022
Probably, yes.

And in large enough amounts, yes. @haidut posted a study a while back showing that humans can only use about 25g of protein per meal for muscle synthesis. I don't know how much is needed for the non-muscle tasks, but I can't imagine it would be much more.

a 6 oz sirloin has 46g of protein, which is likely more than enough. Add to this the 5g or so of protein from a potato and there's no way you'd need more than that; in fact you might be getting too much if anything, which could lead to putrefaction.

How many Americans are eating more than ~40g protein per meal? Probably very, very many.
Interesting thing to consider.

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