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Aajonus Vonderplanitz jumpstart / cliffsnotes / overview (raw, unpasteurized living)

Apr 22, 2019
Like Ray Peat, Aajonus Vonderplanitz (born John Swigart) painted with a broad brush and stood against the 'mainstream medical complex.' He spoke boldy against vaccinations, FDA standards, and a greater agenda of un-health that's being advertised by the dark elite of this world. In addition to sharing health advice and consulting with thousands of patients over his years, Vonderplanitz also pushed the envelope of legalizing raw milk in the United States with great force.

Summary of Major Hardships
Vonderplanitz recounts the same story about his life until the age of 28 which includes a plethora of health hardship on account of his mother being a hypochondriac nurse, his father being an "inventor" and man of science, and his 3 uncles all being doctors as well. He notes becoming autistic in his early youth, being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 16, having his appendix removed, his vagus nerve removed, having a stomach ulcer which turned into a tumor upon the first treatment and later became bone cancer by the age of 20. He was slated to die at the age of 21 until one of his caretakers brought him raw carrot juice and raw milk. He sheds his autism with this combination, starts studying nutrition, and transitions into full veganism until the age of 27. Between 21 and 27, he travels around the US staying with a number of tribal people, particularly native American Indians. They repeatedly advise him to consume raw (uncooked) meat but he repeatedly declines in fear of it killing him due to a parasite or his purported inability to produce hydrochloric acid (because of the extraction of the vagus nerve). At 27 his health deteriorates again and the same bone cancer returns. He opts to die at an Indian burial ground where a pack of coyotes bring him a freshly killed jackrabbit. He recalls that if a rabbit carries a unique bacterial infection, that it will kill a person within 2 days of consumption. In an effort to die faster, he eats the rabbit and awakes the next day to a newfound feeling of life.

This hour-long interview gives a great synopsis of these things and Aajonus' greatest lessons. It was recorded in 2010 when Aajonus was at the age of 63. Using his name as a search term on YouTube, it was by far the most viewed video with roughly 160,000 views. Unfortunately it was recently taken down by the ominous violation overlords during April 2022.

View: https://www.bitchute.com/video/aoPo7JrStqYX/

In my opinion, the gist of Aajonus' teachings center around 2 things: 1) the significance of fat in the healing process and 2) the processing of foods which diminishes the restorative potential of many foods. "Processing" includes 'cooking' as the primary offender.

-is completely against cooking foods over the temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit
-is against ALL supplementation
-believes that renewing and moving the lymph system is the biggest key to health restoration
-recommends fruito-vegetable juices but not whole vegetables except for IBS or Chrohn's patients
-advocates people to be 20-25 pounds overweight for 2 years at a time before shedding toxic fat to thoroughly cleanse the body
-believes that it should take humans a maximum of 40 years for complete health restoration, though he advises the use of cheese, clay, and baths in order to speed this process up
-firmly states that the only problem with viruses are when humans make their own and forcibly inject them into a body
-is against salt except in cases of adrenal exhaustion
-is against water consumption over 1/2cup a day
-believes that eating raw food will detoxify the storage of cooked food products and undesireable metals
-is against eating stalks, leaves, nuts, seeds
-is against ripe fruit unless a person is overly acidic
-encourages everyone to "get fat" with large amounts of raw, nutrient-dense fat regardless of their perceived emotional or physical disparity in life

If there's nothing else that could be said about the guy, it's that he certainly looked substantially better from year to year from the age of 58 to 66 between the available video footage of him from 2005 to 2012. Call it vain, but I think of this as the most compelling part of his life, story, and teachings.

For the meat of this post, I'd like to share a collection of notes that I've taken about Aajonus' "Primal Diet" over these last few weeks. They are derived from various lectures and workshops currently available on YouTube including:
A 2005 workshop in California (5 hours), a 2008 workshop in Hawaii (8 hours), a 2012 workshop (5 hours), a series titled "School of life" (5 hours), another 3-4 hours of a formal DVD presentation, and a handful of shorter clips that range from 10-30 minutes in length. It's a little excessive to link all of that, so if the reader is interested I trust that they will do the simple search themselves.

During this time, I've made a concerted effort to practice this advice as best as I find practical and I haven't been the slightest bit disappointed. Health improvements are daily and noticeable. At the very least, I'm not afraid of raw meat anymore and a hot bath is a healthful replacement to a sauna.

*I pulled these notes line-by-line and tried to place them into relevant categories. I reserve the human right to have mistaken 1-5% of them, but nonetheless:


Lubrication formula [taken after a meat meal or by itself] = 2-6 teaspoons of unheated honey, 1-1.5 tbsp lemon juice, 1-2 raw egg yolks, 1-2 tbsp raw butter.

Strength comes from fat. Aajonus cites the strength comparison of bodybuilders to weightlifters, wrestlers, etc.

Have a minimum of 1-2 tablespoons of butter with meat meals.

"Butter is much more digestible for the liver."

According to Aajonus, our demand for more omega 3 or omega 6 fats will increase dramatically depending on how much cooked food we consume.

In the case of a woman in the audience, Aajonus suggests that 20-25 pounds is gained overweight for about 2-2.5 years... whereby the woman should lose that extra weight within 2-3 months before cycling up again in order to regain health. Recycling fat to remove poison, basically.

Any oil that is heated over 96 degrees Fahrenheit will begin to produce lipid peroxides as they break down.

All glands are 65-80% fat, including the brain.

The thymus is the fattest of all glands.

"You need fat to buffer information to the nervous system."

The body makes 60 different types of cholesterol. 1/3rd bind to poisons, 1/3rd lubricates the body, and 1/3rd provides energy.

"Fats in pressed oils (are) 90% solvent reactive." They will produce a heavy cleansing reaction. This are oils like coconut, avocado, and olive.

Meats will help the most regeneration. Fresh dairy right out of a cow also can, but dairy is mostly only for the organs and glands. The muscles need meat for optimal regeneration. The heart and liver benefit more from muscle meat than milk.

Red meat tends towards acidity and helps reverse anemia. It is better for liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, muscles, and red blood cells. Too much will cause anxiety and irritability.

Red meat stimulates the adrenal glands. Athletes can handle lots of red meat but other people often cannot.

White meat (including fish and fowl) help calm the nervous system. White meats are also better for the skin and digestive tract.

Fish, oysters, shrimp, and scallops are high in minerals.

Lean cuts of muscle tissue aren't as problematic when buying from a conventional grocery store. Conversely, if consuming animal organs, it would be prudent to find a high quality source.

All farm raised fish should be avoided.

Eat a meat meal 15 minutes after consuming high meat so that a culture of meat bacteria can help continue to establish what the high meat is offering.

The main job of the blood is to grab carbon dioxide and bring it to the skin or lungs for excretion, secretion, and/or evaporation.

Aajonus states that the reason for the physical degeneration of the average person compared to 100 years ago is due to excessive toxicity taking away the full function of red blood cells delivering oxygen to tissues. The more congested the lymph system is, the more that the blood system has to work to pick up the slack. This means less oxygen delivery which results in more carbon dioxide and lactic acid being stuck in the tissues for longer periods of time. The longer that lactic acid hangs around, the more likely it is to congeal with another compound.

Red blood cells have one job: deliver oxygen to the tissues.

The spleen is a reservoir for mature red blood cells. It can hold about a quart of red blood cells which can be used upon suffering blood loss.

When we're cold, the spleen will dump red blood cells to warm us up.

White blood cells have two jobs: eat dead red blood cells and their waste (phahocytes) and deliver carbon dioxide to the lungs for expulsion.

Pus is 90-98% white blood cells.

White blood cells act as fats and combine with toxins in the bloodstream.

We can live for 6 minutes without oxygen, after which point nerve damage starts to occur.

Potassium and phosphorus are very important for life as well. According to Aajonus, we can't live for more than 3 minutes without these two things.

Seaweed can be used as a mineral substitute to clay. It's not ideal, but it can be used. Aajonus recommends against dehydrated seaweed.

Minerals are highest in unsalted raw cheese. Cheese + honey (and milk as well, optional) in the mouth will restore minerals.

Aajonus states that carbohydrates will use minerals to produce a type of foaming soap... but some people are so deficient in minerals already that the carbohydrates could exacerbate this deficiency.

Mineral supplements = eating rocks. An excess of minerals will predominantly bond to calcium.

There's no immune system, just a lymph system.

The lymph system uses 60-80% fat.

The lymph system is a circulatory system that is more complex than both the blood and nervous system.

The lymph system is connected to the lacteal system.

[A lacteal is a lymphatic capillary that absorbs dietary fats in the villi of the small intestine. Triglycerides are emulsified by bile and hydrolyzed by the enzyme lipase, resulting in a mixture of fatty acids, di- and monoglycerides.]

The reason why it's called a lacteal is because it looks like a milky substance.

The lacteal will deliver fat into the lymphatic system whereby it is then distributed to all tissues except for the bloodstream (every cell of the body).

The lymphatic system is responsible for neutralizing and removing toxins in the body.

If the lymphatic system is hardened and congested, do NOT have a deep tissue or hard massage. A true lymphatic massage is very light.

Tonsils protect the brain and tongue by secreting lymphatic fluid.

The lymphatic system dumps waste under the skin.

Aajonus states that when the lymph system is stagnated that the blood has pick up the slack of what the lymph system is supposed to be doing. According to him, this brings the energy delivery (oxygen delivery) of the blood from 100% to 33%.

Exposing the body at 105-108 degrees will start the lymphatic system moving.

Aajonus doesn't believe that rebound trampolines do anything to move lymph because they don't get the body hot enough to move stagnated fat. Even the most vigorous exercise will cap a person at 101.3 degrees.

Fermenting carbohydrates will create alcohol (formaldehyde) which cleanses the lymph system.

A 50/50 mixture of butter and honey for improved digestion.

We have two stomachs. One receives a dump of hydrochloric acid and the other receives a dump of bile.

The saliva of the mouth is alkalizing, therefore we shouldn't chew meat but as little as necessary.

"(whole) Vegetables are very difficult to digest."

"90% of digestion is bacterial."

The salivary glands starts the digestion process in the mouth.

"The body will not digest raw, no-salt cheese without honey."

Vinegar + meat = bad for digestion
Vinegar + meat + oil = fine for digestion

"Macadamia (nuts) is very difficult to digest."

"When you put denatured food in the system, whether it's cooked or dehydrated or chemically treated, you're poisoning the system while it's already trying to detoxify."

Having a high carb juice like too much beet or carrot juice can cause a heavy liver detox reaction and disrupt mental clarity.

Cheese (when taken 10-15 minutes before a meal) without honey and clay can be used to sponge up toxic material.

When metals that are stored in the brain discharge, they come out by avenue of the salivary glands, gums, and tongue. Aajonus states that this is why people begin to wrinkle in these areas as they age, because the body "is ripping fat" off of these areas to cure itself of the problematic metals or 'free radicals.' So then wrinkles are a "fat deficiency" more than anything.

Aajonus reflects on a previous female patient he had who had a very heavy concentration of heavy metals according to what he perceived on her palms. He gave her a prescription of 1 cup of red meat with 3 oysters 2x a day for 6 days a week and "in one year she removed as much as most people remove in 4-5 years."

People who never have a cold or flu often end up dying in their 50s due to something like a heart attack.

Fresh pressed oils are detoxifying (like coconut, avocado, olive). Animal fats are building, especially cream and butter.

Aajonus states that 30-80% of the toxic material from injections is stored in the intestinal lining. Every time we eat, some of this toxic material is being secreted in a detoxification effort.

"In leaves, when you extract an oil from a plant or item, it is only 7%. When you extract an oil out of a substance, it is highly cleansing, not soothing."

A white tongue indicates a bonding of calcium, potassium, and phosphorus to toxins that are being shed from the brain. A white tongue is good in this regard despite what TCM says negatively about it.

Plaque is undesirable metals that are leaving the body through the gumline.

An increased heart rate is due to the heart detoxifying itself.

"Fever is the sign of healing." When the body is over 101 degrees, there's a dramatic increase in cellular circulation and reproduction.

Dark berries can help detoxify metals.

"Grapefruit and pineapple help get rid of excess water."

People with jaundice have bile permeating their system in place of fat. Carrot juice combined with coconut or dairy cream can "pull that bile out of the tissues."

People who turn orange from too many carrots is caused by carotene combining with bile. Aajonus remarks that he analyzed these skin scrapings and they came back high in bile but no carotene. Over the course of 6 months, the skin of these people will return to normal as long as they are properly carrying through with the diet.

When the body uses bile instead of fat to bind toxins, disease conditions can ensue.

The liver is only supposed to do one thing: synthesize bile. There are 60 different families of cholesterol with possibly thousands of types of bile within one.

The gallbladder stores enough bile to digest 20 pounds of fat.

The liver can manufacture enough bile to deal with 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of fat per day. Eating excessive fat subjects a person to diarrhea.

Since the skin secretes the most toxic material, it's the last to heal.

Skin eruptions are chemical outpourings. Since bacteria cannot break these chemicals down, a fungus will. When a fungus is breaking down erupted chemicals, this causes skin dryness.

[2] The lymphatic system dumps waste under the skin.

Aajonus notes that the only thing that isn't great on the skin is honey because it deprives the skin of oxygen.

Iron supplementation causes blackheads.

Aajonus notes that putting raw milk on his scalp helped his hair become twice as thick.

The thymus protects the stomach from toxins that are released into the stomach and also poisons such as snake or bug bites.

The thymus helps us to absorb oxygen.

"The pancreas, we have to say, is an endocrine gland. It dumps insulin right into the blood immediately to make glycogen out of carbohydrate."

Honey is used to improve pancreas function and helps to digest fats.

The pancreas is an organ and a gland. It "restructures nutrients for your particular system."

90% of the cell division (with special relation to bodily restoration) occurs during sleep.

Vegetable juice, eggs, or milkshakes are all fine to take before bed.

Set your alarm for 5 hours. After 5 hours, red blood cells start eating each other because there's no circulating protein.

People sleep for 8 hours and then groggily grab a coffee because they're too toxic.

Infants often wake up every 2 hours. If they're fed correctly, they'll wake up every 5 hours. If they don't, the parents will often attest that the child will be cranky the following day.

Have 1 or 2 eggs and/or half a cup of milk when waking up in the middle of the night.


Any uncoupled nutrient or heavy metal can be considered a free radical. All substances are ideally bound to another vitamin, mineral, nutrient, fat, etc.

Supplemental vitamin A is carotene that's been mixed with fat.

According to Aajonus, a similar chemical to vitamin E which comes from the film industry of Kodak and Fuji has been what has been predominantly sold as vitamin E since the late 1950's, early 1960's. This commercial form of vitamin E causes the skin to be thinned as it is a more ubiquitous solvent whereas naturally occurring vitamin E will be a selective solvent.

Aajonus recounts a story of a woman who lost weight, had thinning skin, and a thinning brain over the course of 10 years which caused her to become a drug addict in order to compensate for the deficiency she incurred upon herself by supplementing vitamin E. (Diane Campbell I believe was the name he gives in another talk). - Aajonus states this as the goal of corporate companies... To make people drug addicts in order to compensate for nutritional deficiences.

Aajonus calls vitamin E supplements the 3rd worst and vitamin D supplements to be the 4th worst. He remarks that vitamin D supplements are "vegetable oil exposed to radiation."

E. Coli is responsible for b vitamin and protein synthesis. E. coli can be reestablished by consuming small amounts of buffalo dung.

"The neurological system has the attraction to almost all of the heavy metals that are in the body." About 80% of heavy metals go to the brain. Then the bones, then the fat deposits such as the prostate glands. Fatty areas of the body.

Chelation therapy, to Aajonus, is the most dangerous therapy because it forces metals that were stored in the glands to relocate into connective tissue which includes bones and bone marrow.

10 to 15% aluminum added to gunpowder will make it 5 times more explosive. This aluminum will make sodium more combustible (internally).

Most metals are transported in the neurological fluid.

Aluminum, mercury, and thallium are common metals which store in the brain and secrete through the upper mucous deposits.

70-90% of advanced glycation end products are stored and kept for the lifetime of a person. Aajonus implies that these are a necessary evil for every time that someone metabolizes carbohydrate.

Depending on where the AGEs are stored, this will cause "drying" of the tissue. Depending on which organ the AGEs are most accumulated in will dictate which disease becomes present in a person.

70-80% of grains will be stored in the body as advanced glycation end products.

Aajonus doesn't want fruits juiced on account of the sugar "getting into the system too fast" which causes AGEs.

Taking fat with sugar will minimize AGEs.

We can handle up to 12% of a glycation end product response at once. As long as glycogen is being made from pyruvate on account of having sufficient available protein (having a meat in the morning), the glycation byproduct will only be at 7-10%... which means that the body won't store any of the damage.

Aajonus talks about putting his clients on starch for the last 7-7.5 years. He said that oftentimes they were inclined to eat it everyday... and even though "the rest of their body was getting better" that they were still accumulating AGEs and acrylamide in their intestines because of the starch. As an alternative to starch, Aajonus recommends his "nut formula." It's chiefly walnuts and butter blended together.

Cooking food breaks the link of minerals found in food. This is the essence of free radicals. The broken nutrients demand that the body put them back together oe otherwise sequester them from doing damage.

At 105 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the vitamins and minerals of most foods will become unstable. At roughly 130 degrees Fahrenheit, they are lost to the 50th percentile.

Saturated fat that is cooked can cause gout, osteoporosis, kidney and/or bladder irritation.

When cooking food, the ion bondage of H2O is broken. Every raw food contains hundreds of unique nutrients that are all bonded by H2O.

When a food is dry, it has no bioactive substances. This causes the pancreas to have to work hard in order to supply missing pieces to facilitate digestion.

1/3 to 1/2 of white blood cells are sent to the intestines when cooked food is ingested. This is formally known as leukocytosis.

An herbivore has to stay around 101-105 degrees, which is the temperature at which vegetable oils remain fluid. The human body being closer to 98 degrees means that these oils harden upon human consumption.

Kidney and gallstones, etc are vegetable oils which have crystallized and hardened.

Dioxins are used to prevent the molding of hydrogenated vegetable plastic.

Rayon, polyester, and other clothing materials are hydrogenated vegetable oils; plastic. These are highly treated and chemicalized materials. All of these are fibers, and fibers lint, which means that we breathe them in. Aajonus only advocates for the use of cotton, wool, and silk fabrics.

Trans fatty acids are hydrogenated oils, basically plastic.

Have meat and fat in the morning and not fruit. This helps guarantee that glycogen will be made from pyruvate. If vegetable juice is consumed, make it celery juice so that it's low carbohydrate.

Making glycogen from pyruvate is ideal because it doesn't produce advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

Ripe fruits are only useful in a person who "is not well" and is currently over acidic.

Fruit and carbs are more useful later in the day.

Berries with cream between 1:30 and 4:30. Coconut oil and cream are "the best chelation therapy there is."

Sugars (like from fruit) will help to produce formaldehyde, or alcohol moreover. The alcohol is used as a solvent - a cleansing agent - towards accumulations of fat.

"A fruit meal should always have fat with it. If you have bone or dental problems, have cheese with it too."

Eating a fruit meal or having any sugar as a breakfast will set the brain up to build glucose from carbohydrate instead of fat and protein. Aajonus points to the attention span of children that are given a breakfast of fruit and cereal compared to eggs and milk.

Lime juice is an antiseptic and antibiotic. Lemon juice is a fermenter.

Aajonus states that when he avoids ripe fruit almost entirely that it corresponds to how many mosquito bites he receives on a given night.

Cold milk causes the hydrochloric acid of the stomach to stop and the stomach to shrink. This will cause lactose and casein to enter the bloodstream which triggers an immune reaction.

Warm milk takes 6 hours to digest.

Aajonus says that the longest he went drinking a gallon of milk a day was 6 weeks with no ill effects, although he spent a lot of time sleeping and resting.

Milk takes 6-10 hours to digest. It is the second-fastest food to digest behind eggs.

Warm milk digests better than cold milk. Kefir digests better than milk.

Milk consumption balances out red meat consumption.

Kefir and yogurt can be eaten cold because it requires less hydrochloric acid on account of the pre-digestion of the bacteria.

Fermented dairy has a high amount of alcohol which causes water retention and bloating. Too much sugar causes a similar abundance of alcohol which causes this same unhealthy type of fat gain.

Bad reactions to honey are the pancreas cleaning itself out. Regulate honey usage with quantity and by adding fat to slow absorption.

Honey is predigested nectar from plants. The bee eats nectar, breaks it down a bit, and then vomits that material which is honey.

[2] Honey is used to improve pancreas function and helps to digest fats.

Don't ever refrigerate eggs. No egg producer refrigerates eggs because it's too expensive and too much of a mess. The first time eggs receive refrigeration is when they're put on a refrigerated truck. Aajonus advises to find out what day the eggs are delivered to your local grocer and pick them up that same day.

Eggs take 23 minutes to digest.

"If you have a severe digestive problem, the best thing to eat is just eggs."

Eating a small sugar-cube size of raw cheese 10-15 minutes before eating a meal will cause unwanted toxic secretions to be caught in the cheese like a sponge.

Aajonus speculates, based on his ongoing clientele replacing a bath practice with a cheese practice, that the cheese practice by itself is half as effective as the primal bath practice.

If you want the minerals from the cheese, have it 30-35 minutes after a meat meal with honey. This is when the stomach is digesting the meat instead of dumping toxins.

Aajonus states a very loose ratio of raw cheese:honey as anywhere from 3:1 to 12:1.

If you get constipated from cheese, eat coconut cream and/or butter with the cheese.

In bone marrow, there's youth stem cells which the body can use to turn into a variety of adult stem cells. Bone marrow is thus good for regenerating tissue. The only other place for these stem cells is in sperms and ovums.

Bone marrow can be eaten with a meat meal.

"The most important fat for cleansing is coconut cream." Aajonus states that it can be used to clean a metal can the quickest out of all of the fat sources.

There needs to be a balance between the fat of coconut cream and animal fat consumed. Vonderplanitz recommends 2-3 ounces of coconut cream with 1 tablespoon of dairy cream and 1/2 tablespoon of butter.

Dairy cream is difficult to digest, don't take it with meat.

Aajonus believes that vegetable juice is the ideal carbohydrate source... But not high carbohydrate vegetables such as carrot or beet.

Fermented vegetable juice adds bacteria which helps the digestive process.

Let vegetable juice ferment in the fridge for 5-7 days, have a cup a day, or even less. This is what triggers detoxification. Adding alcohol or vinegar is fine until the 8th day or so, at which point the gases produced by the vinegar will be too excessive, which in turn harms digestion of the food.

"Celery, parsley, zucchini, ice berg lettuce are safe juices."

Pepper, spearmint, kale, and garlic are given as examples of powerful detoxing compounds which shouldn't amount to more than 5% of any juice mixture in order to prevent problems.

Aajonus combines honey with his vegetable juices. He has two of them a day, one of them first thing in the morning and the second around 5:00PM.

Vegetable juices should be refrigerated so that they don't ferment. Fermented vegetable juice will cause a healing crisis in accordance with how much cooked vegetable material a person has eaten [in their lifetime, I suppose].

Vegetable juices are used to help digest other food through their enzyme and vitamin contributions. Aajonus reccomends adding fat or an egg to vegetable juice consumption.

Putting raw, unheated honey with green juices will help to preserve the nutritional integrity of the juice.

According to Aajonus, vegetable juice causes and requires no hydrochloric acid because it has almost zero protein content. Vegetable juice will be completely digested within the first 3 inches of the small intestine after it passes the duodenum.

Aajonus recommends pairing an egg with vegetable juice if it causes a racing heartbeat.

[2] Celery is concentrated with sodium that helps remove excess sodium stored as rock salt. Sodium in food is among the smallest nutrient but sodium in salt is among the largest nutrient.

3 enzymes in vegetable sprouts [e.g. broccoli sprouts] will stop protein absorption.

When eating vegetable matter, "not much hydrochloric acid is going to dump."

We can't fractionate cellulose which means we have little to no access to the fat and protein in vegetables.

"All of your food is water. Meat is 55% water. Milk is 86% water. Fruit is 90-92% water. You're getting all of this water ionically bonded... When you're drinking water, it's not ionically bound."

The first solvent listed in an archaeology book is water.

Water leaches minerals from the body and takes away from the ability of fat to do its job.

"Distilled water is the worst water we can drink, especially if it's in plastic."

Aajonus states that when it rains, water dissolves rocks (soil) so that plants can eat the minerals with bacteria, fungus, and parasites. When we drink water, it does the same thing, thinning out the minerals in the intestine and consequently thinning the mucus membranes.

An audience member suggests the name of Paul Bragg as a proponent of distilled water. Aajonus quickly retorts to point out that Bragg's spine had greatly deteriorated in his final years. Aajonus cites that this is due to not only an excess of distilled water, but also vinegar, which "deteriorates the nervous system."

"Water became popular in 1961." This stems back to Coca Cola. Someone made a bet that they could sell more water than soda. In 1961, advertising for 8 cups of water came about.

Water dilutes all things: minerals, mucous membranes... can also destroy bacteria. Aajonus reccomends only sipping 1 oor 2 tablespoons at a time.

The Aborigines, who live in the desert, don't drink water because it will cause an addiction to it, according to Aajonus.

"1 grain of salt kills 2 million red blood cells."

According to Aajonus, when salt is taken as an isolate, it clumps together. This clumping has a very powerful magnetic charge which attaches to things like water and water soluble vitamins. When this bonded salt attempts to interface with a red blood cell, the red blood cell tries to "eat" the nutrients from the salt compound... but with concentrated/clumped salt, it cannot because the magnetic charge of the salt compound will extract the few ions that exist in the red blood cell. When the red blood cell loses these ions from the overly magnetizing salt, it "shrivels up and dies."

Sodium found in foods like tomatoes, avocados, celery, etc is in the most useful form which doesn't cause these problems because it's pre-complexed in a natural package.

[Paraphrased] 'Salt is the second worst thing to cooking your food'

Celery is concentrated with sodium that helps remove excess sodium stored as rock salt. Sodium in food is among the smallest nutrient but sodium in salt is among the largest nutrient.

Aajonus states that if a person eats only red meat by itself, that it will incline a person towards an acidic state. When people are overly acidic, they express anxiety and irritability more readily.

In order to counteract the issue of excessive red meat acidity, Aajonus states that he has 1 or 2 eggs OR white meat (as fish) with his red meat meals.

The only time Aajonus suggests vegetables is if a person has an extremely acidic intestine... in which case they should take one salad a week as the last thing before bed.

A person who gets color easily and keeps it for a long time is an "acidic bloodstream person."

Red meat is not good for people with acidic blood. White meat as poultry, fish, or seafood is preferred here.

Pork plays both sides of the (acid/alkaline)fence. Vonderplanitz remarks that he only has it as a craving once every 6 months or so.

Too much carbon dioxide in the muscle tissue will cause a buildup of lactic acid and subsequent muscle stiffness.

Aajonus states that olive oil is "highly acidic" and points to the biggest proponents of olive oil - Italians and Greeks - as being very "passionate and volatile creatures. They're magicians, they know how to make you disappear."

We're very acidic in the morning after the nervous system detoxes overnight.

When Aajonus refers to vinegar, he is always referring to raw, organic apple cider vinegar.

Vinegar can help dissolve minerals, but too much will polish the nervous system too harshly.

1/2 to 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar can be taken each day, especially for those with lots of stiffness.

Stone pressed olive oil is the only bottled oil that is kept below 100 degrees during processing.

Vitamins from a natural source still need to be chemically altered, thereby changing the fundamental structure, resulting in toxicity.

Aajonus surmises that after WW2, canned food was introduced. At the same time tonsillitis and polio myelitis also became commonplace. Canned goods were also lined with plastic on the interior without the knowledge of the general public.

Aajonus states definitively that all supplements are created by either using kerosene or a kerosene derivative OR an ethyl alcohol or a petroleum.

"Cleansers of the body are parasites, bacteria, and fungus."

There's no food poisoning from a bacterial source, but rather from chemical contamination (e.g. farmed fish).

Aajonus illustrates a point about bacteria that if he brings in a gun and kills someone, bacteria and worms will appear on their corpse after time. The issue at hand isn't the bacteria, but the gun.

Viruses don't self-clone. They have no nucleus or respiration.

A virus is a solvent that is created within a cell. It has no body and has not been photographed. Viruses are the last ditch effort of the body when contaminated tissue which needs to be cleaned is so polluted that the bacteria, fungus, and parasites can no longer consume it without committing suicide.

A parasite can eat 100x its weight in a day and only excrete 1-3% of that consumption.

Bacteria can eat 50 times their weight in a day and also only excrete 1-3% of that consumption.

The body creates bacteria and parasites as a solvent to deal with toxicity.

All parasites are a natural part of animal tissue. Aajonus notes a story about a piece of lamb tissue that was kept in a sealed jar at a temperature of 101 degrees for 3 days. On day 2, there were small pins that developed. On day 3, there were mobile worms. The tissue wasn't exposed to anything else but itself.

"We have 150 bacterial genes to every 1 human gene."

Eating a whole cucumber (still peeled) once a day for ten days will incur an improvement in sexual function. Reportedly, this effect doesn't happen with cucumber juice alone.

Aajonus notes that when people are regularly exposed to bleach and chloroform that's being used to sanitize surfaces, that it increases their risk of developing emphysema.

The thyroid gland protects the lungs.

The kidneys produce ammonia. Ammonia pushes red and white blood cells away "like the south end of a magnet."

The ammonia produced by the kidneys prevents red and white blood cells from entering the kidneys.

Drinking a large amount of fluid quickly will put a strain on the kidneys and can also cause us to lose additional nutrients through copious urination.

"The kidneys have one function: to keep you warm or cold." When you're hot, the body holds onto water like a radiator. When you're cold, urination increases to get rid of water in order to thicken the blood.

When the thyroid is overloaded, the parathyroid will pick up the slack "like little adrenal glands."

Aajonus takes an unconventional stance on the thyroid, stating that he believes it deals with T3, T4, etc as a means of dealing with toxins that are especially relevant to the region of the body from the brain to the lungs. These hormones are produced in order to sequester toxic substances.

Being "overloaded with toxins" will overwork the thyroid.

Thyroid protects the functioning of swallowing.


The appendix is like a library of stored information about every food agent that's entered the body. Example: a mosquito bite happens for the first time, it might take 24 hours for the body to learn how to deal with that. The second time it happens, the body will do what it previously did in 24 hours in just one hour.

There's nothing that's "just in your head." Everything that happens in your brain happens in the physiology first.

Question: 'what's the best way to regenerate the nervous system?'
Answer: red and white meat combined together. Any fowl or fish are white meat. [answered in 2005]

According to Aajonus, cream offers a unique protection for the nervous system. People who crave ice cream "have brain problems." [answered from 2008 onward]

A person with poor mental function don't have the proper bacteria in the colon. Raw butter, raw cream, and raw coconut cream can be used as an enema to feed these bacteria. It's especially useful for autistic children.

The brain uses methyls for energy.

"Neurological fluid is mainly transferring light and energy. Just like a computer uses silicon chips, we use trace amounts of cadmium, aluminum, iodine..."

The brain is where minerals gravitate to.

The meninges (in brain tissue) are 11 layers thick. This covers/protects the brain.

Scented pucks commonly found in urinals which emit a fragrance upon use are associated with brain tumors.

A person who has perpetually low blood pressure typically has chronically high adrenaline.

For people with intense allergies to many foods, Aajonus recommends these people have 1 or 2 eggs every hour (and nothing else) for up to 2 weeks whereby they can then start introducing new foods.

When eating cheese, have twice as much butter to cheese to prevent any potential constipation from the cheese.

Aajonus only recommends a whole salad "once or twice a week" for people with colon inflammation such as Crohns or IBS. That salad should be consumed as the last meal of the day because it will alkaline the digestive system. After sleeping overnight, the digestive system will again be in an acidic state.

[2] "If you have a severe digestive problem, the best thing to eat is just eggs."

"Undigested food particles travel to the knees first... all Chrohns people have knee problems." Aajonus then mentions bloated knees.

Washing the face with urine can remedy acne.

Aajonus recommends skinny people stay on the diet for 6-24 months before attempting detoxification. Fat people are more apt to start this process sooner.

Aajonus notes that if someone only eats eggs that they will lose weight unless they eat "a tremendous amount." To gain weight, he recommends eating eggs with honey, butter, and/or cream.

The only problem with eating only eggs is that it causes "extreme weight loss."

Aajonus does note that people who have adrenal exhaustion (and are often thin) do need extra salt... his recommendation is a mere "pinch" of salt added to tomato or celery juice "once a week."

Adrenal fatigue = problems with sodium metabolism.

"If you're depressed, that's low bacteria in the colon." Eat high meat and/or rotten eggs to remedy this.

Enemas strip the colon of E. Coli. It takes 45-60 days for E. Coli colonies to flourish again. Aajonus believes that colonics can permanently remove this bacteria until it's consumed again by eating buffalo dung.

Colon-to-brain enema assistance recipe: 3 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp dairy cream, 3 tbsp coconut cream and 1/4tsp honey combined together. Add to water that's about 105 degrees. Apply as an enema. Roll the stomach in various ways, lifting the knees while on all fours in order to saturate the colon. Aajonus even recommends retaining this enema while asleep.

Eat cucumbers as a remedy for hot flashes.


In an unhealthy body, immature red and white blood cells are released preemptively into the bloodstream which causes them to suck up existing circulatory nutrients, effectively creating a type of "secondary anemia."

According to Aajonus, after 5 hours of no protein, the red blood cells will start to consume themselves for protein. "If your red blood cells are eating each other, you're going to have anemia. A remedy for anemia isn't caffeine (due to lack of red blood cells), it's protein."

Tumors are 99% dead cells. A clogged lymphatic system due to hardened vegetable fats will prevent the lymphatic system from dissolving these tumors. Primal baths are especially useful for cancer patients for this reason.

Aajonus remarks (at a cancer control society speech) that his diet has a 95% success rate in reversing all disease conditions including cancer. He then names a person who followed up with many of his previous clients after 6 years to find that 96% of them who self reportedly held to 90% of the diet were still alive and well.

Aajonus remarks that he never had gas on the diet unless he'd eat too much nut butter.

Use a 1x1 inch cube of cheese every 10 to 20 minutes during nausea until it stops.

People with hyper and hypoglycemia (diabetes) should have 3 meat meals a day instead of 2.

If you're hypo or hyperglycemia, have a fat source with vegetable juices.

For a diabetic, Aajonus lists the following dietary template [separated 1-2 hours for each meal): Juice, meat, milkshake or eggs by themselves, juice, fruit meal with fat, juice, meat, milk and/or honey and/or eggs before bed.

Most people will get a manic 2 hour sugar high before crashing. Aajonus mentions that a diabetic "can love you one minute and stab you in the back the next."

People with no gallbladder can only eat fatty foods like icecream or avocado 1 ounce at a time or "else they'll have problems."

For cuts, put lime juice on it first, then honey, and then meat on it after that. Wrap the top layer of meat on and keep it moist with a damp cloth as necessary. Aajonus tells an interesting anecdote of himself and another man who was involved in a car crash.

Urine can also be used on a bleeding wound.

People who are protein deficient can recycle their urine (more common among vegans and vegetarians). If dumping toxic material out of the urine, it is not advised to drink it.

If drinking it at all, Aajonus recommends drinking urine that "falls 6 to 10 hours after a meat meal" because this is the urine which will have the richest amount of protein.

Do not drink the first urine in the morning after a long sleep. The nervous system is detoxing overnight and this isn't beneficial to reinstate.

Astronauts drink "filtered urine."

Red blood in the stool means a tear in the rectum. Black blood means a tear elsewhere.

"Lupus is a dissolution of connective tissue. Dissolves and disintegrates."

MS is a hardening of this same area, which is the fatty layer of the skin where lymphatic drainage is sent to be disposed of through the skin.

Aajonus states that he's had clients with osteoporosis regenerate to the 80th percentile by having one tablespoon of raw cheese every hour with a honey accompaniment.

Swimmers often get asthma and emphysema later in life due to the chlorine (chloroform) exposure.

Body soap recipe - Mix together the following:
1 Egg, 2 tbsp coconut cream, 1/4 tsp honey, 1/4 tsp vinegar.

Aajonus notes that both his usual shampoo and shaving cream is one egg applied topically.

Kefir can also be used as a shaving cream.

Aajonus doesn't use dish soap... just warm water and a sea sponge.

"Coconut cream is the best thing to brush your teeth with. It dissolves plaque and keeps them cleaner longer."

Primal bath recipe (add to a hot bath): 2 cups milk, 2 tbsp sun dried sea salt, 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2-3 tbsp coconut cream. Water should be hot, 101-110 degrees. Minimum exposure time of 45 minutes, maximum of 90 minutes. Take pineapple or papaya before baths to improve lymphatic cleansing.

Hot bath at 102-105 degrees Fahrenheit 1.5 hours a day for 2 days a week in order to help decrystallize fats that have been used to make damaged cells.

Aajonus states affirmatively that he believes - after the last 5 years of personal and client experimentation - that a daily 60-90 minute hot bath will triple the recovery rate of overall health. (This was stated about 5 years after the above note... and Aajonus doesn't suggest an underweight person to do these baths every day because they can be quickly become too taxing. The general advice is to do them whenever a person feels able)

Aajonus says that he used to go by Pottenger and Howell's work on cats and mice to have an estimated time of 40 years to completely reverse lymphatic congestion and restore a person to 100%. This was modeled after a metric of 5 generations in the cats and rats. Now, Aajonus believes that he witnessed a 2-2.5% recovery per year... but with the daily bath, he believes "the recovery rate and activity has tripled."

A 35-45 minute bath will help mobilize toxins out of connective tissue, however a 50-90 minute bath is needed in order to mobilize the lymph system. Longer baths aren't recommended until a person is sufficiently fat.

[2] "Fever is the sign of healing." When the body is over 101 degrees, there's a dramatic increase in cellular circulation and reproduction.

Aajonus uses 2 cups of vinegar in a traditional, chlorinated, public hot tub (jacuzzi) and waits 20 minutes for it to cause the chlorine to evaporate.

Tooth mineralization formula - 1 tsp coconut cream, 1 tsp clay, 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar. Mix together. Store in the fridge, brush with it once daily.

Egg, lemon, butter, bee pollen... blend together and eat cheese while drinking it.

Any combination of fruit + fat will help reduce pain. The source of fat is often suggested as butter and cheese.

Sport drink recipe (for use on hot bath or exercise days) - 3 cups of 2 or more of the following 4 things: Pureed (NOT juiced) Tomato, cucumber, watermelon... and the fourth option is whey.

Another sport drink recipe - 2 tbsp coconut cream, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp whey, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar... sliced tomato, watermelon, and skinned cucumber all blended together.

"Do not gulp it (either sport drink) because it will irritate your kidneys. Sip it all day."

There was no athlete's foot until penicillin. Even in ancient Greece and Rome, there's no evidence of it in historical record.

A 5 day stent of antibiotics will destroy 1% of the body's total bacteria.

Antibiotics force the body into prioritizing the development of the body over the nervous system.

"Hormones are for danger periods, for emergencies."

Thyroid medication and any hormone administration gives a "false energy."

Pituitary secretions appear in the blood when the body is starving so that growth can still occur even when the body is deprived of nutrients.

Aajonus reports that he (somehow) determined that a football player who just got the wind knocked out of him has a high amount of circulating thyroxine. The thyroxine, according to Aajonus, is purposed to "kickstart the heart and the lungs in the case of emergency." He thus concludes that the endocrine system as a whole is only meant for emergencies, not to be used all the time.

Most drugs will increase hormonal levels, whether they're adrenaline, testosterone, etc.

Aajonus believes that people produce hormones in order to protect against the toxicity of taking a drug, for example methamphetamine or heroin. The hormonal response is what makes a person 'feel' the 'high' of any given drug.

[2] According to Aajonus, after 5 hours of no protein, the red blood cells will start to consume themselves for protein. "If your red blood cells are eating each other, you're going to have anemia. A remedy for anemia isn't caffeine (due to lack of red blood cells), it's protein."

[Stated around 2012] In New Jersey, 68 vaccines are given by 15.5 years old. In New York it's 52. In California it's 30+

There are 52-63 toxic materials in vaccines. Most are labeled as "inert ingredients."

EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies)
A full EMF discharge takes 40 minutes on concrete and 20 minutes in any body of water.

Aajonus cites Pottenger's cats and Howell's rats as two different experiments which both showed that animals fed cooked diets would live 2/3rds as long as those on raw diets. The first round with the rats, both study groups lived for 3 years. Howell realized that the cooked group would eat their own faeces. For the second round, he separated the faeces with a wire screen and the cooked group only lived 2 years without access to their own fecal material.

You can order a steak "cold on a cold plate" at restaurants so that it's raw. Most places are willing to serve a steak tar tar.

Always peel the cucumber regardless of whether it's labeled as organic or not.

Aajonus mentions that he'll blend a 50/50 mixture of organs with milk and add a bit of honey to sweeten.

Vonderplanitz cites that a combination of raw, unheated honey and raw, unsalted butter are the most powerful tools to get a person into good health.

Aajonus recommends having 1 tablespoon of liquid at a time, whether it's milk or water... and that even athletes should only need to drink 1/2 cup of water each day.

Aajonus uses iridology in formal consults. When sticking to the diet, over time the iris will become clear (and even change color) as toxicity leaves the body. There are no hazel eyes, only brown and blue. Hazel eyes will turn blue as healing takes place. Aajonus cites himself as a personal example of this and also gives a testimony of one of his clients about how her eyes changed each year for 5 years.

Aajonus calls the 'nerve rings' in iridology "activity rings" or "worry rings" depending on what a person chooses to do with them. If they are active all day, they'll sleep fine. If not, they'll have trouble falling asleep and likely have anxiety.

Aajonus recounts feeding fish swordfish. One group had cooked swordfish and the other had raw. Swordfish has the highest mercury content known in fish. The urine and faeces was measured regularly for mercury content of the fed fish. Those fish who were given cooked mercury had only 8% mercury appear in their urine and faeces. The raw group had 92% appear in their urine and faeces.

Aajonus mentions that the crystals in his urine smelled like maple syrup... and he had them tested to find out that they actually were a deposited resin from maple syrup.

Aajonus tells a story about analyzing vomit to find out that it was mostly drug chemicals. He then states that every time he's had diarrhea or vomit analyzed, it's been a hotbed of "industrial chemicals." He also notes that vomit can be high in triglycerides which are a carrying case for toxic material.

Aajonus remarks that people suffer from vomiting and diarrhea when consuming non ocean, wild caught fish. He states that he's never had problems eating any wild caught fish which came from the ocean.

Aajonus lived outdoors for 6.5 years while he ventured into a mostly fruitarian lifestyle. He also mentioned that he was eating more than 5 pounds of nuts each day in an attempt to reach a protein quota.

Depending on the time of the talk given, Aajonus will note that he is between 18% and 24% body fat despite appearing like he has 10-16% body fat. He states that this is because of the exchange of expanded, processed, heated fats for smaller, healthful fats while he's consumed unadulterated fats over the last 20-25 years.

Aajonus cites a personal experience that transitioning from whole to 2% milk in his youth coincided with his first cavities.

Aajonus plainly states that when he was once diagnosed as being diabetic for life, he was able to come off insulin after 1 week of raw milk (and carrot juice presumably) fasting.

Aajonus tells stories of young children. One was fed raw cow's milk mixed with half raw buffalo liver and was reading 8th grade material to his preschool classmates at 3 years old. The same family had a daughter within a few years and the daughter was "showing the same signs" at 18 months old.

Aajonus notes that the babies who are born from mothers who have been adhering to the diet for an appreciable amount of time so that they've reestablished a good portion of their health will often have their (the babies) eyes open and will also be able to hold their own heads up at birth. These same babies are usually born with just two contractions.

Aajonus tells a story of a bedridden patient - a woman with emphysema - who he recommended eating as many raw eggs as possible did so, about 33 a day for 2 days. She then called him up to ask what she should eat next because the eggs "worked."

"My highest incidence of cancer among patients are long term vegetarians."

Aajonus notes the following reversals of the primal diet: lung cancer 65% reversal, Lou Gehrig's disease 20% reversal, stage 3 and 4 Alzheimer's no reversal but "stopping" it.

"Anytime anything malfunctions in three body, it's either from starvation - malnutrition - or contamination."

"Every system (and cell) builds from protein."

"Even bad fat will protect you."

"Most people should be having about a pound of meat a day, which is about a cup to a cup and a half of meat."

[Paraphrased] 'We need a lot more water soluble enzymes than oil soluble enzymes especially when treating a very serious disease'

"Stomach is the most resilient tissue in the world besides bone."

"The most important things in the body is the heart and the lungs."

"Bacteria does everything. The more bacteria in the body, the more it will thrive."

"There's nobody worse than the CIA."

"A hot tub is your best health investment besides food."

[paraphrased]'Everything is exaggerated with skinny people.'

"As far as quantity of meat, usually a pound is best... a pound a day for anybody. If you're drinking a lot more milk, then you can reduce that... but still, you're not going to have the muscle strength or texture unless you're eating enough meats."

"Eggs are an interesting creature. They will maintain what exists, but they won't help you regenerate anything."

"So you get your water from FOODS!"

"You will get well faster. You will be happier earlier in your life. You can control that by what you eat."

"Your body is always, ALWAYS doing what's right to correct itself, no matter if it's cancer or what."

"If I lose a word, I'll pop an egg." [In reference to mental function]

Stone amber is fat from a tree.

According to Aajonus, chefs are always fat because they're continually inhaling the carbon vapors of cooking... and they overeat in an attempt to clear those problems from their system.

Aajonus makes an interesting point about the genre of heavy metal music not existing until metal contaminated vaccines became normalized and commonplace. People who are drawn to heavy metal music have a propensity to get this chaotic energy out of their system.

"76% of people who have been diagnosed as crack cocaine addictive were on ritalin as a child."

Aajonus notes that paper is very toxic. Tells a story of a paper plant in Brunswick, GA, that gave off a horrible odor and had brain cancer and birth deformity increases of 30-40% in the surrounding area.

Animals often lick themselves, investigate the butts of other animals, and consume feces in search of bacteria.

((Aajonus implies that he is against germ theory.))

Barium and aluminum are the two chemicals that are being most widely distributed.

Tonsillitis was highest in the 1950s. Aajonus cites that this coincides with the novel canned food inundating the general public with metals.

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of burning. Carbon dioxide is a transference of energy.

Half of the industry is medical/pharmacy and the other half is food production. The two main things people buy are food and medications.

Aajonus recalls a Canadian comedy sketch that depicted a vaccine creation as the mixing of a broken thermometer, a rotten egg, and a liquid laundry detergent. He calls it "true" and noted that it isn't included in old rereruns of the show broadcadted on televison.

Being (healthfully) fat is being (emotionally) healthy and secure. This is the only thing that will fix a person's insecurities.

Birds and squirrels are designed to eat nuts, we are not.

Aajonus notes how feeding grains to animals will cause the animals to rush after great deals of water.

There is a correlation between vegetable oil and cellulite.

Fruit + egg together will produce very sulfurous flatulence.

A generalized daily calorie spread should look like: 70% dairy, 20% meat, 10% vegetable juice.

"Mosquitoes do not give you malaria or any disease." Aajonus reasons that when a mosquito draws blood, it deposits the blood into a larvae sac which feeds on that blood. If the blood or the mosquito handling the blood were infected with malaria, it would kill the larvae which is being fed.

Aajonus said that out of all of the notable celebrities and athletes he's worked with, that none of them wanted it disclosed that they were eating raw meat because of political kickback except for Mel Gibson. "The tabloids went after him for a year saying that he was endangering his children by feeding them raw meat."

Animals live 7 times longer than it takes for their maturation process. Example: humans mature in 21 years, which correlates a potential lifespan of 147 years.
[wake up]
Vegetable juice
45 minutes later
Meat with 1-2tbsp butter
2 hours later
Milkshake = eggs, milk, honey
2 hours later
Meat meal
2 hours later
Fruit meal - add 3-4tbsp coconut cream for cleansing
2 hours later
Vegetable juice
2 hours later
Milk, honey, and/or eggs before bed
[go to bed]
Waking up 3-5 hours later
Milk, eggs, honey

Don't fight the urge to stay awake in the middle of the night if you're a hyperactive person. Keep yourself busy instead.
Lastly, the wewant2live website is a cool resource. Here's one tidbit:

Underactive: Symptoms: poor-looking hair, low energy level, fearful nature.

Eating unsulfured non-steamed dates with no-salt-added raw cheese with an equal quantity of raw fat energizes the thyroid. Eating plenty of alkalizing foods (like tomato) cleanses the thyroid, especially of toxic minerals, including those caused by table salts. See Alkalizing Food, page 178. For a balanced diet, see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12.

Eating no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh raw ocean fish (including scallops, oysters or clams), whole raw milk, Nut Formula (page 194) and, occasionally, ¼ teaspoon of sun-dried clay mixed in fresh raw vegetable juices or smoothies supplies the thyroid with minerals it needs to properly function and produce hormones. Mixing 5 drops of organically grown vanilla extract into fresh raw juice or smoothies helps stimulate the thyroid. See Vanilla Extract, page 201.

If headaches are experienced, tomatoes should not be eaten for a week or more. In that circumstance, tomatoes may produce too heavy of detoxification, causing the blood to become too toxic and raising blood pressure.

If this diet doesn’t correct the condition within eleven weeks, eating a natural raw thyroid glandular supplement may be necessary. However, if neither the diet nor the glandular supplement helps, going to a doctor for prescription thyroid hormones may be required for proper hormonal balance.



Oct 6, 2020
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

The acidic summary oddly resonated with me due to a experience of mine. Before i lost my ability to tan i used to get brown easily after just a single day of sun exposure and keep it for 1-3 weeks. Back then i enjoyed white meat more over red. Now as a sickly pale chronicly inflammed underweight vampire of a skin situation i crave red meat. Or i just got uncapable of dealing with the PUFA. Not sure.

Doesn't proove anything ofcourse but its a observation i haven't thought of until i read it here.


Jan 22, 2021
Aajonus was a great man, i agree that we should eat raw foods but i don't agree with his "all bacteria is good", he doesn't know what an endotoxin is, it seems.

I personally eat a primal peaty diet, lots of raw milk, fruit and gelatinous raw meat.
Apr 22, 2019
The acidic summary oddly resonated with me due to a experience of mine. Before i lost my ability to tan i used to get brown easily after just a single day of sun exposure and keep it for 1-3 weeks. Back then i enjoyed white meat more over red. Now as a sickly pale chronicly inflammed underweight vampire of a skin situation i crave red meat. Or i just got uncapable of dealing with the PUFA. Not sure.

Doesn't proove anything ofcourse but its a observation i haven't thought of until i read it here.
Yeah I feel you on the underweight bit. When my health is on the downslope, I'm losing weight quickly and I'll be especially sensitive to any cooked meat, coffee, and energy drink too. I always thought it was because my adrenals were too taxed and that my kidneys couldn't filter my blood quickly enough, but it makes more sense to me now that the remedy for this is to regularly alkalize with fruits and vegetable juice 2 or 3 times a day while also keeping the high quality animal fats (raw egg, raw milk, raw butter, etc) high and flowing. Doing the latter is helping me to reliably gain good weight, even if sometimes it feels a little cumbersome to be eating tablespoons of butter every few hours.
Aajonus was a great man, i agree that we should eat raw foods but i don't agree with his "all bacteria is good", he doesn't know what an endotoxin is, it seems.

I personally eat a primal peaty diet, lots of raw milk, fruit and gelatinous raw meat.
Nice to hear.

I have a hard time going all in with the bacterial equation too. I understand where he's coming from and the logic that your body is smart enough to get sick. I guess his point is that anaerobic (air deprived) bacteria and fungal spores are not good, but everything else should produce a manageable detox reaction.

The two issues I've noticed by verbal account of other people on the diet are 1) constipation and 2) symptoms representative of fungal overgrowth that worsen with milk intake. I guess the remedy for constipation is to eat more fat and for the fungal symptoms that they're just a healing crisis that needs to be persisted through. I'm not entirely sold on either of those solutions though.
Very interesting stuff, thanks for sharing your notes!
Apr 22, 2019


The euphoria of the natural distancing of cravings, addictions, and compulsive behavior when following the diet strictly is indescribable. It really is a whole new worldview.

For as much light as the primal diet offers, it also illuminates just how sickly people are. The more I study Aajonus, the more I see how people are suffering, in real time. Peat also paints a picture with estrogen, serotonin, prolactin, etc, but at the end of the day all I ever got from Peat's information was to rate people on a 1-10 scale of "stress." If they look like the Michelin man, they're a 10. Water retention, anemia, puffiness, sunken face, red and purple blotches, drooping eyes, etc.

The butter thing is real. Ever since I got ahold of pounds of raw butter, I use any excuse to throw back another 1-2 tablespoons every couple hours at least. Pairing it with anything... fruit, milk, cheese, honey, eggs, meat, etc. Sometimes it will make my face a little oily, but soap and water is a fine enough medicine for that. I always wake up looking better than the day before and also able to have a solid workout each day.

It's great to find life.

As a general recommendation to anyone, this instagram page has several before & after photos with personal details of people who also undertook Aajonus' primal diet advice:

Also another bevy of information:





Aug 9, 2019
@Twohandsondeck What scares me to try it are the anecdotes of nasty sickness episodes. Read 2 reports on this forum, one about being unable to move, and another about having lots of diarrhea and intense stomach pain for a month from drinking rotten milk.
And sourcing good and fresh meat is not easy, especially if you live in the city.
It's also a quite socially isolating lifestyle


Jun 10, 2020
One thing that Aajonus' and Peat's views seem to share, is an avoidance of starchy or soluble-fiber-rich foods.


Aug 9, 2019
One thing that Aajonus' and Peat's views seem to share, is an avoidance of starchy or soluble-fiber-rich foods.
Peat way of eating(excluding the high liquid meme diet) is pretty much the cooked version of raw primal, except more moderate in Saturated Fats. And the allowance of pharmaceuticals/ synthetic drugs/ vitamins.
Frequent eating, avoiding fasting, no starch, SFA are common points.


Nov 1, 2019
I had a mental breakdown on this diet after realizing one day what a weird cultish behaviour I was following :D


Aug 9, 2019


Jan 6, 2019
This is a wealth of information, thank you for sharing. I'm not really interested in the whole of his diet, but these bits and pieces of various subjects are great.

Nomane Euger

Sep 22, 2020
I've read some posts on Reddit & RPF about the diet inducing an LSD-like state. I'd be tempted to try it, but I am terribly scared about the idea of parasites. I wonder if Ivermectin would be protective in those doing that diet.

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/medizzy/comments/txyxcs/parasites_in_a_boy_who_ate_raw_pork_meat_for_10/

wich foods from "aajonus diet"will potentially make you reach a lsd like state,that you cant already consume with a "ray peat diet"?


Feb 9, 2022
Eat like a wolf or a primate. Frugivorous carnivores. They would drink raw milk too if they could. They prefer not to eat rotten meat I would think. Maybe they would scavenge it in desperate times but would usually eat a fresh kill. Question is, would they cook their meat if they could?


Nov 1, 2019
I've read some posts on Reddit & RPF about the diet inducing an LSD-like state. I'd be tempted to try it, but I am terribly scared about the idea of parasites. I wonder if Ivermectin would be protective in those doing that diet.

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/medizzy/comments/txyxcs/parasites_in_a_boy_who_ate_raw_pork_meat_for_10/

I ate some pretty weird stuff on that diet but never experienced any problems due to parasites/bacteria that I know of. In my opinion with that diet that all problems are always “detox”. Even If you are not getting well its always some detox that you have to push through or smth.

I can imagine the reddit posts because literally all the people I saw on those days were different people man if you know what I mean. Those posts are literally what show how cults work if you ask me.

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