Need Help. Tooth Decay. Yellow Teeth White Spots

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    Jan 5, 2019
    my diet has changed multiple times since i stopped using toothpaste, but for the most part it has been somewhat low carb, high protein with no supplements except whey, but i've done short periods of keto, as well as ridiculous periods of eating literally whatever i feel like (5k kcal+ a day of trash). not that i cite any of this as the reason for why my teeth haven't melted.

    i've been following a peat-inspired diet (although not the strictest, but i've avoided vegetable oils to the best of my ability) for the last 3 months, 0.5 - 1 L of orange juice a day, maybe a liter or more of 1.5 % organic milk, 3-6 eggs, butter, honey, cocoa with granulated sugar, coffee with granulated sugar, etc. i eat starch now and then, usually in the form of spaghetti or potatoes, and i'll have a few cokes and some ice cream during the course of the week. i've been trying to dial down the granulated sugar, though, as it doesn't feel right, eating that much of it. i'd say i get 3100 - 3800 kcal a day and i can see that my calcium consumption is pretty high. as for supplements, i don't have any set routine as i'm still trying to figure this stuff out. i took d3+k2 (3000 IU/50 mcg mk7) for about a month, but i recently quit this due to the k2 disagreeing with me. i took zinc, too, but it totally blunts me due to some sort of ashwagandha induced serotonin-receptor damage i got a few years ago. i've drunk large amounts of cod liver oil during this period, which i quit doing after reading peat's indictment of it, and i took a generic store-brand multi for perhaps a year or so, but didn't notice any changes after going off of it.

    i've been to the dentist twice since i stopped brushing, and had no cavities on either occasion. when i was younger and ate a mainly candy-and-mcdonalds type diet, i had tons of holes despite brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day. there was a period where i ate pancakes with syrup every morning, and developed this repulsive black stain on my front teeth, despite using listerine every day. the dentist removed this, though. i also had some tartar build-up on both occasions, but this was probably due to my not flossing while eating tons of sugar lol

    however, don't think my teeth are beautiful - they're not, at all. they're somewhat yellow and i have gum recession on one of my canines, although i'm not sure what caused this, but it isn't recent anyway. i'd take less than perfect teeth to permanent brain damage any day though, but if my teeth started to literally melt, i'd be desperate in looking for a solution... and to answer your last question - yes, i still brush, with water only. i've had periods of not brushing at all, but i don't feel comfortable going without it with such a high sugar-intake.
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    Nov 20, 2017

    Old thread, but I stumbled upon this article promoting turmeric to whiten teeth: A Quick And Simple Trick For Whitening Teeth Naturally

    To be clear, I think your teeth need better nutrition before you worry about whitening because I think those discolorations are the result of poor nutrition.

    I am not an expert but fat soluble vitamins (A, E, K, D3) plus ample amounts of Calcium and other vitamins and minerals would be a good place to start. Try tracking your diet in to see if you are meeting the RDI of each. I would start there, then start doing other things like maybe adding aspirin or something else.

    To others, who have seemingly good teeth health, just a shade or two darker then they would like, perhaps turmeric might be a good solution to try.

    Give a shot. Turmeric is cheap, easy, and hardly carries any risks whatsoever being so natural.

    Feel free to report back.


    All the best.
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    Jul 18, 2017
    is rinsing mouth with baking soda( dissolved in water) once every day safe ?
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    Oct 14, 2016
    How are your teeth doing now?