Solban + Cardenosine (DIY Formula)


Jul 12, 2018
This is not a bash at Haidut because I buy many of his products and I was going to buy these 2 products but I could make these myself (hopefully) for allot less money. Because budget needs to be cut down, I’m spending to much already.

If I was to make a solution just containing caffeine, niacinamide, Asprin, succinic acid, adenosine at the same doses I could make over 20 bottles (With some ingredients still left over) for £80 ($105).

So I’m going to try a solution of =

Ethanol/Distilled water
caffeine, asprin, niacinamide
Succininc acid
Adenosine (atp)
(possibly taurine)

Probably take some experimenting with how much I can get into the solution, any tips from you guys/girls would be great. If your interested in me posting details and pics of the solutions I get to work then let me know.


Jul 13, 2014
If you buy Peak ATP from Swanson health. Capsule form. It's pretty much cardenosine. I just take the succinic acid with it.
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