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Jul 13, 2019
Interesting your tolerance to it hasn’t built up
Have you tried sublingual?
I tried it sublingually but I got it to help reclaim and shore up hair line so I use it there topically.
I tolerate it pretty good especially since I figured out it was the Defibron which was principally causing the unpleasant speedy effects...
I'm titrating up very slowly...
I am weary of being overly stimulated since I sometimes have this sensitivity (other dopaminergic substances like Diamant had no overt effects on me).
Hello @haidut , I asked dr. Peat what he thinks of ATP supplementation in general, this was his respond:

I wonder what he means by this. Your Cardenosine product is a safe way to deliver ATP ?
Also this ^^^^ makes me cautious.


Nov 22, 2015
Hey Georgi does what Ray said in his last podcast with you apply to cardenosine when he said something like; Other forms of ATP will breakdown and become free ATP and is very dangerous. When bound to magnesium it is probably not toxic. Perhaps you can release a ATP + magnesium compound?

Hi @haidut I saw these questions from @rebuke and @Yody similar to mine, just wanted your thoughts on free ATP as per your April 24th 2021 podcast with Ray and Danny.

Is this a newly understood danger with Cardenosine? How do you feel about succinic acid now?

Hello @haidut , I asked dr. Peat what he thinks of ATP supplementation in general, this was his respond:

I wonder what he means by this. Your Cardenosine product is a safe way to deliver ATP ?


maybe you have been busy but I would also like to hear your response to this Dr Peat comment
Also interested in your thoughts on this @haidut


Oct 12, 2020
2 drops on my scar, wow this is powerful. I’ve put a lot of different idealabs products on my scalp in the past, cardenosine is by far the most effective for scar release
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