Anyone Tried A Pescatarian(ish) Diet?


Feb 26, 2017
I'm Always experimenting with eating/dieting.

I'm on a full week of Pescatarian Eating. Not dogmatically I'll eat meat at dinner/friends.

Sardines/Clams/Oysters canned in olive oil
Scallop/Shrimp frozen and cooked in butter
Lightly cooked vegetables Medleys
Fruits/Fruit Juices.

It's been awesome. The micros in the seafoods, like selenium/zinc/manganese seem to really help the thyroid/sugar oxidation. Mood is very elevated, and generally body feels much lighter and less bogged down.

Like I am digesting low fat shellfish and fruits rather then big hunks of fat/meat/starches. Seems superior so far.

Will continue with, and report back here. Not to mention enjoyable. Scallops in butter or clams with cocktail sauce is awesome.

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Feb 12, 2020
Fish as my only meat was my diet for years, went back to it again these past few weeks. It helped with gut symptoms and other things, I think due to greater digestibility and lower iron intake (I eat shrimp and sea bream). It just slides through me unlike the heavy red meats.

The drawbacks: loaded with heavy metals, price and availability: not always fresh and I’d rather not eat frozen or canned food, struggling to get enough calories without getting bloated from veggies or mixing fat and sugar, teeth eroding from all the fruits
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Apr 9, 2018
Sounds more or less like the Kitavan diet observed by Staffan Lindberg. The diet is very much in line with Ray Peat.
Might be worth a try as I like Scallops/Shrimp more than red meat. But I'd add milk to the diet as well and see how it goes.

You eat sardines? Aren't they higher in PUFA?
And are you getting enough calories/energy with these foods? How much fat, carbs and protein do you consume roughly?
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