Has Anyone Felt Worse Before They Felt Better With Vitamin D Deficiency

Jul 24, 2020
Hello. I started out with a level of 18.11 3 months ago. For a month and a half I took d2 weekly before I found this forum and the Facebook groups. I’ve been taking D3 daily for 6-7 weeks now and I was starting to feel better. Some of the symptoms went away but now it feel like I’m getting worse. My levels were check Monday and they are up to 45.58 but I k ow that’s still low. Just wish I knew how long this would take. I’ve had my calcium and magnesium checked my thyroid and parathyroid, MRIs ctscans and all kinds of bloodwork and X-rays. Everything is normal. B22 is good. The only bloodwork I don’t have back is my vitamin A,E and B1. I’ll have it this week. By can anyone say how long this will and if ya normal to feel worse and hurt more before you get better?


Feb 4, 2021
I was at 11mg/nl last year. I was in a group for vitamin d and for most people it does take months to feel better. Most people do feel worse first. But if you have anxiety like symptoms then I would lower the dose, especially if you have trouble sleeping. From my experience trying to raise levels too fast gave me bad symptoms.


Aug 6, 2017
teetering on the edge between torpor and being active is probably the worst. What dose are you now taking? 10k IU for some weeks is recommended and then check levels if worried about going too high, but it should be optimal as long as you don't get sun.
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