Vitamin D Deficiency -anyone Ever Get Better?

Jul 24, 2020
I am 35 and had dizziness, headaches, head pressure, neck pain, hair thinning, fast heat rate and high bp at times, tingling in legs, fatigue, anxiety and more. I was diagnosed with low vitamin d my level was 18.1 I have been taking 50,000 iu weekly of vitamin D 2 and a week ago I started a multivitamin that has 3,000iu of vitamin d3. Some days I think wow I’m getting better finally and then a day or two later bam symptoms are back. I have had mri, ctscan, X-rays, bloodwork, seen specialists and the only thing they can find is low vitamin D. How long did it take you guys to overcome this? Anyone ever get better? Does anyone have these symptoms? This is no quality of life. I’m so tired of being sick. These last 6 months have been awful and I’m glad I know what’s wrong but I wish there was a shot you could get and be all better. Please let me know if anyone has or is going they this and how you did it.

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Aug 1, 2017
that sounds like a bit more than a vit D issue tbh

whats your diet/lifestyle/history of illnesses (if any) like?


Jul 9, 2020
I forget the name, but there's a genetic anomaly that makes vitamin D absorption really really poor. And like a quarter of the population has this and isn't aware of it, very common. So you may just be utilizing vitamin D very poorly. There's cases where people have taken upwards of 50,000iu for several months and only saw negligible increases in their serum D levels.

Some enviromental factors that can decrease D absorption is endotoxin, zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency, calcium deficiency, and vitamin A deficiency .


Jul 8, 2020
There are countless anecdotes on the internet for people recovering from vitamin D deficiencies and feeling better, if you were looking for some hope. What else is in the multivitamin? It might be worth just buying d3 on it's own.

It does sound like it could be more than vitamin D I agree with the above poster. There is a lot the testing you have had doesn't cover, for example anything related to the gut, which would be my guess.


Jun 13, 2019
If I were you, I would just take 10000 iu d3 daily, and also make sure to eat a lot of calcium


Jun 25, 2017
D2? Per week? Heh.

I'd ensure diet is sound (CRON-o-meter) and other nutrient deficiencies are gone, then I'd take 300 IU/kg/day for 90 days. 1,000 mcg vitamin K2 MK-4 and 100 mcg K2 MK-7 per 5,000-10,000 IU D3. And 1:1 calcium:magnesium, going easy on the calcium during that time.

After, drop to whatever keeps 25(OH)D near the top of the range, all while continuing to ensure sufficient magnesium.
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