Almost Everyone On This Forum Is Highly Misinformed


Dec 28, 2019
I know why most people are on this forum in the first place because I'm here for the same reason. Our health was messed up so we started scouring the net trying to look for answers that western medicine couldn't give.

But the problem is, not many people even here really know why your health is so messed up. You want to know why? It's simple, your food and water is devoid of nutrition at the source and is contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and worst of all endocrine disruptors. The air you breath is polluted. You're bombarded with EMFs 24/7 and light pollution that disrupts your sleep and doesn't let you see the vastness of the stars (this latter part is very important for your mental health that no one seems to talk about). You probably don't get enough sun light and you probably never walk on bare Earth. You probably work some modern, pointless, and stressful job and don't enjoy the little moments with your family enough.

To sum it up, you are living a very corrupted modern life, far removed from our ancestors. It's as simple as that.

But you probably know all that already, the problem with this forum is the 'solutions' offered for this issue.

There's no magic pill or supplement that is going to fix this. No, aspirin, a man made synthetic chemical with dangerous side effects, is not going to fix this. No, progesterone, a female hormone often used to change your gender, is not going to fix this. No, red light therapy or some other bull**** you order on Amazon from your little room that comes in a plastic box from a lifeless factory, is not going to fix this.

I know we are all desperate here and we just want a quick solution that works but there is no such thing in life ever.

You want to truly fix these problems? Get out of the city, go live on a farm, grow your food and raise your own animals, drink pure water, walk on earth, swim in a lake with the sun beating down on you and stare up at the stars and galaxies as you fall asleep.


Mar 12, 2017
Speak for yourself, man. I have far from an ideal lifestyle but feel very healthy and vibrant. With the right supplements, even a really crappy lifestyle can become manageable and a decent one can become quite good. You underestimate the power of diet and supplements. Nearly everyone has a less than ideal situation nowadays. Sometimes you have to employ things to combat that. If this hasn't worked for you, it's probsbly because you just haven't found the right combination yet. Experimentation can be frustrating when you're desperate for a solution but is well worth it in the end.


Sep 13, 2012
Living on a farm and growing nutrient dense food doesn't mean great health at all. I follow about a dozen homesteaders who eat the most nutritious food you could possibly get and one has lost teeth and deals with lyme disease, one lost their appendix and had mental illness, another got an eye disease and lots of mental illness and their kids get sick quite frequently despite living closer to the earth than 99% of us. Now I do think it's a good lifestyle, but they are also misled. It's not just nutrient density and sunlight that saves anyone. Sometimes those nutrients overload the body and cause disease (vitamin A).


Sep 24, 2016
I came here not because of personal illness. And you project and idealize a fictive lifestyle. That’s a Magic pill imagination too.

Biological life is a trade off and constant Adaption to the environment. There is no ideal equilibrium ever
Apr 29, 2020
United Kingdom
I know why most people are on this forum in the first place because I'm here for the same reason. Our health was messed up so we started scouring the net trying to look for answers that western medicine couldn't give.

You want to truly fix these problems? Get out of the city, go live on a farm, grow your food and raise your own animals, drink pure water, walk on earth, swim in a lake with the sun beating down on you and stare up at the stars and galaxies as you fall asleep.

Okay, Can you GoFundMe please LMAO :rolleyes::D


Apr 8, 2016
Get out of the city, go live on a farm, grow your food and raise your own animals, drink pure water, walk on earth, swim in a lake with the sun beating down on you and stare up at the stars and galaxies as you fall asleep.

Farms are pretty expensive. Most of these are not next to a lake.
Farm Land for Sale - 25,249 Listings | Land and Farm

I think it's been over a thousand years since you could wander into an unpopulated ares of land next to a lake, build yourself a log cabin, and live in peace with nature.


Nov 14, 2017
Different environments have different obstacles.

City dwellers may lose their connection to natural living, but we don't have to hunt or grow our food. We don't have to travel far for modern entertainment, and we don't have to slow down the velocity of our living.

Finding the right balance is what's important.


Sep 10, 2019
A post with such a great title never disappoints. Yeah, let me just quit my job and go move to a farm. I’ll spend 16 hours of my day tending to my animals that will come with the farm I am going to buy. All of my health problems are solved.
Apr 22, 2019
So this must be why eating GMO grapes, pesticide-ed spinach, grain fed milk & steak, canned oysters, and going for a run while inhaling brake dust makes all of my own perceived health markers improve.

OP, were you trying to tell us that this is how you solved your own personal health dilemmas? That would be useful to hear if it's the case.

Friends don't let friends be misanthropic hypochondriacs


Oct 26, 2020
Like many people walking this earth, OP has a solid understanding of the root cause of all issues, yet somehow completely fails at proposing a decent alternative.
The tone seems a bit too angry, or dare I say, stressed out. A big dose of no f*cks given would be therapeutic no doubt.

It’s the inner world that needs to be worked on.


Dec 1, 2014
My expectations from the thread title vs the actual content


Jul 9, 2020
You forgot to say eat raw meat
“Hehe “

That's just what I was thinking, some keto/carnivore troll just popped in. This one made it too easy, they hit all major pointers of EMFs, eating organic, raising your own animals, etc. Sounds like a Tufano shill.

Disclaimer: not implying it's wrong or "incorrect" to avoid EMFs or raise your own animals.


May 11, 2020
I live on a former hobby farm with a chicken coop, barn, fences, several sheds and 60 acres. It would be a full time job just to barely scratch a living off this place, much less provide all the food for myself. And this place would probably cost $700,000 to buy. So yeah, this guy must be a liberal because he takes an idea that seems good and runs with it like it's easily applicable in real life. So I guess we should all just start careers, save up a ton of money over years and years, abandon those careers to buy extremely expensive property, learn how to farm, have several kids to help tend the land and teach them how to farm, set up a business to sell all the products while getting obliterated by large corporate farms, pay off the huge mortgage all while working 12 hour days learning how to farm and making zero profit for 6 months, and then hope that maybe next year we can start to actually afford it while likely making zero profit and not lose the property. Good idea.


Nov 21, 2019
Just get physiologically ****88 by civilization, then do not even enjoy it‘s perks theory.


Oct 22, 2019
Wow ... so many salty responses to OP! I don’t think he’s at all wrong in pinpointing many causes of poor health in modern man. And I don’t think he’s suggesting that the solution is easy or cheap — just that, in his opinion, isolating certain factors and twiddling with them seems myopic and ineffective given the scale of the environmental problems modern man faces that are damaging his health.

No, it isn’t easy to give up modern conveniences and live away from society. It is also becoming more expensive (though, if you are determined and prepared to move, you can find a way, at least in America where there are still some somewhat inexpensive pieces of land. Also look into land and home foreclosures).

Nothing is easy. Everything is a trade off. Some people want/need to adapt to the environment they are in, contaminants and all. Others are open to a radical shift, a big gamble. Some people even try to go back to living as our ancestors did (I think there’s a German woman I saw on YouTube who does like Stone Age living retreats ... they’re out there!). It is not a guarantee of health, but maybe the problems that come with such a lifestyle are more bearable for other reasons (ie it’s nature that’s screwing you over, not some big corporation. Must be easier to handle mentally — we are all powerless against nature in many ways, so it’s easier to accept one’s inferior position, and maybe even come to respect what we can’t fully understand or alter. But to be pushed around unjustly by a human creation is much more difficult to deal with. So many things in society can create A sense of learned helplessness in those who are unwell to begin with.)

I would also just add to the list of things that are leading to degrading health in modern humans:
- loss of a true sense of community
- loss of a true sense of spirituality and meaning beyond one’s own life
- loss of methods of community catharsis (singing, dancing, celebration of non consumer related events)
- aseptic, institutional methods of child care and education, twisting outcomes in development
- loss of essential purpose with regards to our bodies, in particular with women losing connection with childbearing role and men with using their bodies for more than just sitting at a desk or staring at a screen. Wrt women, this was started with birth control, but now, given the skyrocketing rates of infertility and reproductive disease, many can’t become mothers even if they wanted.
- loss of essential certainty
- atomization and isolation

All of the above has led to a more stressed and fragile creature.
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