What’s the ideal ratio for mixed tocopherols (alpha/gamma/delta/beta) ?


Mar 23, 2019
Hello everyone. I’d want to know what is the ideal ratio of alpha/gamma/delta/beta tocopherols in a pure powder preparation for an optimal effect on health ?


Oct 30, 2015
alpha, I believe, needs to be dominant but not sure by how much


Feb 13, 2021
I think as Travis and others were saying supplementing high ratio alpha tocopherol reduces the concentration of gamma tocopherols. This section of the examine.com post summarizes the findings
Vitamin E Supplement — Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

3.2. Serum

Oral ingestion of pure α-tocopherol supplements is known to dose-dependently reduce circulating concentrations of γ-tocopherol, with a 36-42% increase in basal α-tocopherol being met with a 28-61% reduction in γ-tocopherol.[9] This reduction in γ-tocopherol also seems to extend to red blood cells when they experience an increase in α-tocopherol,[93] and has been repeatedly noted either inherently or when combined with fish oil supplementation.[94][95][96] Supplementation of γ-tocopherol in isolation (up to 200mg over five weeks) conversely does not reduce circulating α-tocopherol concentrations,[97][98] and in trials using mixed tocopherol supplements it appears that 63% γ-tocopherol (315mg of a 500mg vitamin E supplement) is sufficient to elevate γ-tocopherol despite coingesting α-tocopherol (15%).[99]

Ingesting α-tocopherol (either natural or synthetic) in isolation appears to reduce circulating levels of γ-tocopherol, whereas the opposite does not appear to exist. Supplementing approximately equal levels of the two is thought to be sufficient to prevent a decrease in plasma γ-tocopherol.
It is thought that the reduction in serum γ-tocopherol comes secondary to α-tocopherol inducing secretion of vLDL particles rich in α-tocopherol,[100] as there does not appear to be competitive inhibition in the absorption of the two molecules from the intestines.[101]


Feb 13, 2021
The gamma and alpha ratio must be at least equal. Gamma-tocopherol is important and must not be depleted. Nothing else matters.
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