An Array Of Tocopherols (d-alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma Tocopherol) Which One?

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    Oct 21, 2018
    So I am looking to replace my vitamin e supplement I just realized the one I got from costco is dl-alpha tocopherol which is not only one kind but it’s also synthetic. Garbage.

    I am looking to learn about the differences in tocopherols and whether people believe a mix or solo amount are best. Has anyone seen any benefit for hair as well?

    I have heard many good thing about gamma tocopherols studies show this form inhibits cox while alpha does not

    Something interesting to note this is an excerpt from this journal Vitamin E in dermatology

    “γ-Tocopherol levels exceeding those of α-Toc in human skin,[4] inhibits the production of PGE2 and nitric oxide, and also prevents sunburn cell formation, ultraviolet (UV) B-induced lipid peroxidation and edema,[5,6] wherefore it has a role in epidermal protection from oxidative stress. Vitamin E also has a role in photoadduct formation and immunosuppression.[7]”

    I find this interesting because @haidut mentioned that there’s no evidence that gamma or alpha antagonize each other but their imbalance causes different reactions?

    thank you all
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    Jan 5, 2016
    I was listening to a talk on Youtube by Stephen Phinney where he states that the gamma form is good at reducing both CRP and IL-6. He has several patents related to the use of the gamma form. These patents were originally assigned to Galileo Pharm. and are now assigned to Johnson and Johnson. Galileo went bankrupt. J&J is just sitting on the patents because gamma tocopherol would directly compete with its products (think Motrin). Essentially, the patents are only being kept alive to keep the other manufacturers out of the market. (Patents prevent others from making, using or selling.)
    Google Patents

    I do not know if gamma or alpha antagonize each other. I think both are useful and I take one in the morning the other in the evening.