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Vitamin E Supplements

Discussion in 'E' started by narouz, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. narouz

    narouz Member

    Interesting thing someone posted at Danny's site recently, explaining why the Vitamin E I've been using for a while--at Danny's suggestion--"Unique E" by A.C. Grace is recommended by that company:

  2. Nick810

    Nick810 Member

    Can anyone expand on the benefits/purpose of supplementing Vitamin E?
  3. charlie

    charlie Administrator

  4. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    I juts rub it under and around my eyes. Readily absorbed and makes the skin look great.
  5. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Dang, never thought of that. I usually use my wrists, the I take my wrist and rub the sides of my body near my kidneys.
  6. nwo2012

    nwo2012 Member

    I like to keep facial skin younger looking. My vit K goes across my forehead. lol. And occasional progest-e to same areas. Usually in some coconut oil first so spreads more thinly.
  7. Nick810

    Nick810 Member

    Going to try Vitamin E on my forehead and see if it makes any difference.
  8. Edle

    Edle Member

    Hi Nickje - would be interested to know if you notice any effect of the Vitamin E on your forehead.

    I am always on the lockout for ideas to keep my skin relatively wrinkle free and smooth :) Thanks
  9. Nick810

    Nick810 Member

    Don't think so as of yet. Started taking it internally now though. Unique E capsules.
  10. Edle

    Edle Member

    Thanks for the update :)
  11. norxgirl

    norxgirl Member

    May be duplicate post (can't find first one)....how much Vitamin E daily is a good dose? Can I take too much/upper limit? I would think the 400 IUs may not be enough.....Thanks....

  12. chris

    chris Member

    How are you guys doing this topically? I've just got some AC grace vitamin e and its like rubbing honey on my wrists, doesn't seem to be disappearing at all.
  13. jyb

    jyb Member

    I would also be interested in the answer to this. I would rather do it topically if possible. The vitamin E in unique-E is carried by glycerin, its all I know.

    I also noticed it's like honey, I don't know what it means for the vitamin-E absorption.
  14. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    I use 400IU but used to take 800 for years. Sometime I up the dose. For example the day I had stomach bleeding. If you put it on the skin, only about 10% will absorb, 20% if it's very thin skin and you're lucky.

    I use Unique-E. Somebody in the RP Fans recommended it and we were all using it at that time.
  15. chris

    chris Member

    So its best just to take it orally?
  16. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member

    Regarding liposoluble vitamins, Ray Peat told me that he uses four times the oral dose on skin.
  17. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Wilfrid, welcome to the forum!

    That's great info, thank you.

    Does anyone know why we want to use it on skin and not take it by mouth?
  18. Wilfrid

    Wilfrid Member

    Hi Charlie,

    Ray told me that it's much safer to use those vitamins ( A and D) on skin rather than taking them by mouth.
    For vitamin E he told me that it's ok to take 400UI once or twice a week because the vitamin E is stored longer in the tissues.
  19. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Wow ok, so we really do not need much Vitamin E at all then.
  20. Dutchie

    Dutchie Member

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering which supplement is of the 'lesser evil"? I currently have one that's based on olive oil,which I think is the best and loved to be able to maintain however it's also the most expensive and I kinda need to wager.
    So there are cheaper options,but they're either filled with sunflower,soy- or wheatgerm oil.....which one would be the least toxic/damaging?
  21. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    It seems like Unique E is the best option.
  22. Orchid

    Orchid Member

    I use the unique e tablets, usually just buy it as a month supply for 8 bucks usd. I take it you're from the netherlands based on your name. Ever order from iherb.com before? I can give you a 5 dollar off referral code to use if you don't think customs will be a b*tch(some people have issues).
  23. Dutchie

    Dutchie Member

    Yes,I've heard of iHerb.com but from what I've seen,you can only pay by creditcard and I don't own a creditcard or am in the position to et one.:(
    I do have Paypal (which is linked to my bankaccount)
  24. jyb

    jyb Member

    You can find Unique E other than on iHerb. I'm in the UK and I can find it on Amazon UK for example.
  25. j.

    j. Member

    Does anyone know why?
  26. jaketthomas

    jaketthomas Member

    I take Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols, sometimes 400 i.u. per day, have gone as high as 1600 i.u. with only positive effects. I tend to just go by feel when I take supplements. I think anyone with fatty liver disease, gallstones, or any other sort of fat metabolism problem should definitely look into vitamin E. If you don't have any of those issues, it may be of little benefit to you.
  27. CarotechInc

    CarotechInc New Member

    After going through the comments, I would like to share with everyone the differences between tocopherol and tocotrienol, as well as the safety aspects of tocotrienols.

    Both tocotrienol and tocopherol belong to the Vitamin E family. Both tocotrienol and tocopherol have the same chromanol ring as the head. The only difference structurally is in their isoprenoid side chain. Tocotrienol has three unsaturated bonds in its isoprenoid side chain whereas tocopherol has all saturated carbon bonds in its side chain. In a very loose term, tocotrienol can be defined as the unsaturated form of tocopherol. Although very similar in structure to tocopherol, the tocotrienols have additional biological activities which are not shown by the alpha-tocopherol.

    The tocotrienols are found in our regular diet. While tocopherols are generally present in common vegetable oils (i.e. soy, canola), tocotrienols, on the other hand, are concentrated in cereal grains (ie. oat, barley, and rye, rice bran), with the highest level found in crude palm oil. It is unfortunate that not many consumers are aware of tocotrienols due to the low level in the Western diets.

    Unique health benefits of Tocomin® and Tocomin SupraBio® natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex include the following -

    1. Neuroprotection – More than 12 years of NIH funded research (in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies) has shown that tocotrienol (Tocomin® and Tocomin SupraBio®) works through multiple mechanisms to protect brain cells in stroke-related injuries.

    Professor Dr. Chandan Sen of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center first showed that extremely low concentration (at nanomolar, 10-9 level) of alpha-tocotrienol, but not the regular alpha-tocopherol, prevented glutamate-induced toxicity that induces brain cell death, a physiological phenomenon that occurs in the brain during a stroke event. Not only does the tocotrienol prevent stroke-induced injuries, treatment with tocotrienol effected complete recovery of dying neurons even when tocotrienol was introduced several hours after glutamate challenge (Sen CK, et al., 2000).

    Subsequently, a series of studies funded by the NIH continued to establish further unique mechanisms instrumental to the neuroprotective and stroke prevention properties of tocotrienols. Prof. Dr. Chandan Sen recently said that his research team is gradually unraveling the potential of tocotrienols (concentrated from red palm oil) in patients who have had (or are at high risk for) a transient ischemic attack (TIA, also known as mini-stroke) in the latest on-going human clinical study.

    A clinical trial named NUTRITION, which is the acronym for “Natural Tocotrienol Against Ischemic Stroke Event”, is now on-going. NUTRITION will evaluate the effects of orally supplemented natural palm mixed tocotrienols (Tocomin SupraBio®, Carotech Inc.) on platelet function and blood lipid profile including HDL, LDL and total cholesterol. Dyslipidemia and hypercoagulable states are established risk factors of stroke. This study aims to clarify the potential of Tocomin SupraBio® patented and bioenhanced natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex to mitigate these important stroke risks.

    In a recently completed randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Science Malaysia), human volunteers with white matter lesions were recruited and given either mixed-tocotrienols (Tocovid SupraBio™, Hovid Ltd. – containing Tocomin SupraBio®, Carotech Inc.) at 400 mg/day or placebo capsules for two years. Researchers used Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to compare white matter lesions volume in volunteers. White matter lesions are subclinical brain damage strongly associated with established cardiovascular risk factors and is an independent risk factor for stroke.

    The results of this clinical study are very encouraging. Regression of WMLs in terms of numbers and size in the brain were observed after 1-2 years of supplementation. This is to date the largest clinical trial on tocotrienols and the full results are going to be published soon. (http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00753532).

    2. Cholesterol maintenance - Tocotrienol more potent than the conventional vitamin E alpha-tocopherol because tocopherol did not show ability to reduce cholesterol level. Research has shown that tocotrienol degrades HMG-CoA reductase – an enzyme that catalyzes cholesterol production in the liver, hence lowering the production of LDL-cholesterol.

    Tocotrienols inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, the same enzyme inhibited by statins. Both animal and human studies have demonstrated the cholesterol lowering action of tocotrienols. Patients received 100-200 mg of tocotrienols per day for 4-10 weeks had a 8-25% LDL-cholesterol reduction (Qureshi AA, et al., 1991) (Qureshi AA, et al., 1995). Tocotrienol when taken together with lovastatin (cholesterol lowering drug) showed greater cholesterol reduction compared to lovastatin alone (Qureshi AA & Peterson DM, 2001). In contrast, tocopherols do not possess cholesterol lowering activity.

    In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, subjects with high blood lipid were randomized to receive 300mg/d Tocomin SupraBio® or placebo for six months. By the fourth month of the study, subjects in the Tocomin SupraBio® group had significant reduction in total as well as LDL-cholesterol levels. Continuous significant reduction was seen on 5th and 6th month of supplementation in Total Cholesterol (8.9% ± 0.9% and 10.8 ± 1.3% respectively); and LDL-cholesterol levels (12.8% ± 2.6% and 17.3% ± 1.8% respectively). In contrast, subjects in the placebo group had negligible changes in their total and LDL-cholesterol levels compared to baseline (KH Yuen et al., 2011).

    3. Improves arterial compliance - Decreased arterial compliance or increased arterial stiffness is a predictor of cardiovascular events in both normal and diseased human subjects. A randomized controlled clinical trial demonstrated that oral supplementation of Tocomin SupraBio® for two months reduced arterial stiffness in healthy adults (Rasool, AHG et al., 2008).

    4. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common cause of abnormal liver function in subjects who consume little or no alcohol; with prevalence estimated at about 30% of the global population.

    A recent ground-breaking human clinical trial showed that Tocomin SupraBio® may result in the remission of fatty liver. Presented at the Liver Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, the results from this clinical trial showed that 50% of the subject received Tocomin SupraBio® for 1 year have complete remission while only 23% became negative in the placebo group (P<0.05). This is the first study that demonstrated the efficacy of tocotrienol (Tocomin SupraBio®) in addressing NAFLD, which at the moment, has no effective treatment. The study has been accepted for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal.

    Safety of Tocomin®
    Japanese researchers have established the No-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level (NOAEL) for tocotrienol at 120mg/kg body weight/day for male rats and 130mg/kg body weight/day for female rats. (Food and Chemical Toxicology , 2001 (39) : 799-805). This is equivalent to human dose at approximately 1.5g/ 60kg / day (for an individual weighing 60 kg).

    Tocomin®, natural full spectrum palm tocotrienols complex is extracted from crude palm oil. It is free from allergens – peanut, eggs, milk and milk-by products, wheat or gluten, tree nuts, soy and shellfish. So far, no study has shown tocotrienol interacts with other drugs, and we have not observed any side effect from Tocomin® and Tocomin SupraBio® in our human studies.

    Tocomin® and Tocomin SupraBio® are self-affirmed GRAS from US FDA (with no objection notification).

    Commonly, it is advisable for consumers to inform and get the advice of their primary care physician / gynecologist before taking tocotrienol supplementation during sickness.

    I would also like to invite you to visit the leading educational website for tocotrienol: http://www.tocotrienol.org. This website is dedicated to the dissemination of information about tocotrienol to the general public.

    The Tocomin SupraBio® - Bioenhanced & Natural Full Spectrum Tocotrienol softgel capsules are available from the following :-

    1. HEALTHY ORIGINS - Tocomin SupraBio 50mg (Tocotrienol Complex) 150 softgels - http://www.healthyorigins.com/Merchant2 ... gory_Code= or call 1-888-228-6650

    2. Life Extension Foundation Super-Absorbable tocotrienols
    http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements ... enols.html

    3. VITACOST's TOCOMIN SUPRABIO - http://www.vitacost.com/vitacost-tocomi ... ol-complex. You can purchase this product from the website (Tel : 1 800 381 0759).

    4. TOCO-SORB by Jarrow Formulas - http://www.jarrow.com/product/274/Toco-Sorb This product can be puchased from your local health food stores. Or you can call them at this no : (310) 204-6936

    5. CAROTEC's Tocomin SupraBio - http://www.carotec.com/product/56/108. You can call this company at 1-800-522-4279

    6. Allergy Research Group Tocomin SupraBio Tocotrienols - http://www.allergyresearchgroup.com/Toc ... p-353.html

    7. Doctor’s Best Tocotrienols featuring Tocomin SupraBio - http://www.drbvitamins.com/products/Bes ... _50mg.html

    8. Swanson Ultra Tocomin SupraBio - http://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson- ... o-60-sgels

    The above are examples of companies that carry Tocomin SupraBio®. There are other products in the market with a combination of tocotrienol (Tocomin®) with other ingredients / phytonutrients. What is most important is that when you purchase the product - ensure that it carries the logo and tradename – Tocomin® or Tocomin SupraBio® on the product label.

    This would ensure that you are getting the right product with ingredients that are with proven science.
  28. stressucks

    stressucks Member

    who takes E?

    How much? When? What Brand?

  29. Peateat

    Peateat Member

  30. j.

    j. Member

    It seems to have good ingredients.

    Unique E is not very popular here, people tend to have bad reactions, not sure why.
  31. jaakkima

    jaakkima Member

    I haven't heard of the bad reactions. I thought Unique E was the popular one with Peat fans. What vitamin E product may be better?
  32. Dan Wich

    Dan Wich Member

    Here's some further info, but be warned that the thread is lengthy enough that you'll want to stock up on coffee first:

    My personal conclusions have been that Lotioncrafter is probably a better choice for vitamin E in oil form, with Unique E or Life Extension being good for capsule form (depending on the level of concern about soy). 4spectrum seems popular too.
  33. jaakkima

    jaakkima Member

    I found that thread after I posted. The safest bet seemed to me to go with the Swanson E capsules, so I ordered them and returned my unopened Unique E in light of the reported changes.
  34. honeybee

    honeybee Member

    Good luck with swanson brand. I took the Maximum-Strength Gamma Tocopherol Item: SWU329 two separate times with food. I experienced gut wrenching pains sort of like food poisoning. The 2nd time I took it ( I didnt' learn my lesson I gave it another try), I bascially went into a zone for 2 hours where I wasn't good for much becasue of the stomach pain (intense). I liken it to appendicitis. It was bad. I could actually feel it as it worked its way through my guts. Never again.
    So I apply now to my skin with a bit of olive oil and no problems.
  35. loess

    loess Member

    Agreed. I haven't had intense stomach pain from the Swanson vitamin E, but it has made me feel queasy enough times that I am ditching it in favor of Lotioncrafter.
  36. jaakkima

    jaakkima Member

    Hm. That doesn't sound good, especially for me with bad gut issues. So frustrating; every time I order something I hear something bad. I don't have money to experiment much but I can return it for a refund and try something else. Is Lotioncrafter about all I should consider? Someone said keeping it fresh was a concern and chances are that for a time it will be in my car in warm temperatures.
  37. honeybee

    honeybee Member

    I'm just squeezing the Swanson capsule and applying it over olive oil. No probs but hard to know how effective this method is with a supp that was meant for oral consumption. Anyway, I'll finish the bottle and try something else-one of Haidut's potions I think.
  38. jaakkima

    jaakkima Member

    The question remains for me of what could be causing the bad reactions to the Swanson pill. Same stuff would be absorbed through the skin so...
  39. Mittir

    Mittir Member

    It is lot like taking Aspirin through skin. This prevents the stomach ulcer
    associated with Aspirin. I guess same thing would happen with applying
    vitamin E on skin. He applies both vitamin A and D on skin to avoid
    gut irritation. He also mentioned that production process of vitamin
    E has changed a lot over the years. I read that currently 3 big companies
    supply most of the natural vitamin E made from soy. One of those
    company is in China.
  40. Mittir

    Mittir Member

    I stayed away from high dose vitamin E after reading all the horror stories
    here. I started with 400 IU of GNC natural tocopherol without any
    kind of symptoms. I saw a subtle change in health but nothing dramatic.
    Then switched to GNC mixed tocopherol and saw a very mild laxative
    effect and no other problem. I have been taking about 1000 to
    2000 IU mixed tocopherols daily for a week and saw a dramatic
    increase in feeling of well being and super shiny skin.
    So far, i am not seeing any other problem.

    Though RP does not recommend large dose vitamin E and he cited
    a study that showed high dose vitamin E was associated with
    some kind of disease. I do not remember which disease was it.
    Then again he mentioned that need for vitamin E is directly related
    to PUFA intake. He does not take vitamin E anymore mainly because
    he does not trust the quality and he is PUFA free.
    He mentioned that 400 IU is needed for older guys to maintain
    fertility and higher doses are fine too.
    I am planning to continue this dose for sometime
    I am curious if anyone else felt this good on high dose vitamin E.
  41. lexis

    lexis Member

    GNC vitamin E has soya bean oil.Isnt that an issue?
  42. Mittir

    Mittir Member

    I asked RP about it and this was his response.

  43. MIP1950

    MIP1950 Member

    Regarding Unique-E, tried it twice and both times experienced loose stools. There's nothing on the bottle that tells what oil they're using but I suspect palm oil or perhaps, red palm oil, which is high in tocopherols and toctrienols. If that's the case, then it would explain my negative reaction to that product. I use Twinlab, unesterfied, mixed tocopherols, 400IU and I take, right now, 2000IU, daily.

    And on the point of dosage, I see on the forums vitamin E dosages expressed in milligrams, when the measurement is IU. 100IU=66.7mg, so 400=268mg or to round it off, 270mg. 4000=2700mg. I apologize for the redundancy but when someone states a dose in milligrams, it can be misleading and inaccurate.
  44. aarfai

    aarfai Member

    Hey guys how much/mg of vitamin K should take if using the Unique E supplement suggested by Danny? Thank you in advance

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