1. Dan W

    850nm Light For Bone Remodeling / Orthodontics

    I haven't read this very carefully, but I bet it's of interest to a lot of people here: Invisalign with Photobiomodulation: Optimizing Tooth Movement and Treatment Efficacy with a Novel Self-Assessment Algorithm Which references this: Photobiomodulation accelerates orthodontic alignment in...
  2. beachbum

    Activated Charcoal Should Be Used With Caution

    Hi All, I on occasion gwt migraines and know h ow they feel. Well for the second time using AC I experienced the weirdest headache. It can be a combo of using aspirin that causes bruising and nosebleeds that I stopped about 3 days prior to taking AC. Well the AC causes extreme slow transit...
  3. G

    B6 Increases Serotonin

    Hey guys, I'm interested in taking B6 for reducing prolactin, and also because I used to believe it'd reduce serotonin by shunting tryptophan into niacin (this is a claim made by Peat that has floated around the forums a few times). I have since found studies that found B6 to increase, rather...
  4. H

    Ray Peat Inspired Supplement List By Biochem Nordic (with Skin Care)

    A nicely put together composite. Anyone seen this? There is a link for Aspirin-Caffeine powder, now there's a morning-after mixture. Coconut face wash, coconut body wash, coconut lotion, coconut shampoo... I do apologize for being unable to copy list...
  5. G

    Curcumin As An MAOI

    I've been researching curcumin a bit recently and with a couple issues I'm dealing with regarding inflammation (sarcoidosis and tendinitis and tendinosis in multiple places) I believe this could be very therapeutic. My blood pressure runs a little higher than optimal as well. But, my concern...
  6. W

    Interesting Blog On Red /infrared Light

    Here you go: LED Light Therapy He also talks about halogen lights and how similar to sunlight it is, and has ideas for cheap set ups (concerning red/infrared light too).
  7. Amazoniac

    Magnesium Chloride And Magnesium Sulfate: A Comparison "[..]it is very difficult to reach a conclusion on the possible utilization of one salt instead of another but it indicates that MgSO4 is not always the appropriate...
  8. Zpol

    Allithiamine, Benfotiamine, Or Thiamine Recommendation

    I've been taking benfotiamine for peripheral neuropathy. Regular thiamine didn't work. I don't know what Allithiamine is. Anyone know if Allithiamine is even better that benfotiamine? And anyone know where to get clean products of either of the two above? Also, if using Allithiamine or...
  9. Amazoniac

    Magnesium Malate "When Energy Fails"

    I was actually looking for the initial discussion that came up with the idea that magnesium and malic acid are beneficial for fibromyalgia (FM throughout the text) and fatigue in general. I came across this material that explains the story quite eloquently. The authors are known and popular...
  10. ste199

    Advice About Vit E Supplement

    Hi all, i want to try supplementing vit e but unfortunately i can't buy supplement online and the only available at local store are not the best,The ingriedients are the following Soy oil,gelatin,wheat germ oil,vit E from sunflower oil,glycerol. it contains 90 IU aka 60mg of mixed tocopherol. i...
  11. TheSpartan1987

    Elemental Zinc

    hello guys, im new here . i have a question about zinc supplements: daily recomended dosage of zinc is reffer to elemental zinc right ? i take daily 100mg of zinc gluconate. that means: Zinc gluconate is approximately 13% zinc by weight. For a dose of 50mg elemental zinc, take 385 mg zinc...
  12. Giraffe

    Pantothenic Acid Helped With Gut Troubles

    I had a phase where I could not tolerate any solid food. Since then I had for months repeatedly digestive issues often including abdominal pains, lower back pains, nausea, headaches. The list of safe foods had become very short, and minor insults caused unusual trouble. Lack of pantothenic acid...
  13. J

    Vtamin D - Topical Or Oral, And Whether You Need To Adjust Dose With Either Method

    I'm not making sense of the information out there. Do you all prefer one way or the other? Does one need a higher dose topically or vice versa? I have the Carlson liquid one in mct.
  14. DrJ

    Long-term Use Of Cascara Sagrada

    Has anyone been using cascara sagrada daily for the long-term and can chime in on how that is working out? I've been taking 425mg/day for 2 weeks and it seems to be working out great. Just wondering if it's something I can continue, or something I should back off on (and why). Thanks!
  15. S

    Does Folate Increase Histamine?

    Does Folate increase histamine?
  16. ecstatichamster

    What Do You Know About Succinic Acid

    seems to be a weight loss aid, hangover cure and ingredient of cytoflavin

    Applying Idealabs Supplements On Scrotum

    I've posted before on the putting pansterone, androsterone, vitamin K and thyromax on my scrotum with some notable success. Haidut recommended I tried pure T3. Well here are a few observations: -two drops of 8mcg of tyronene each on each testicle before bed: very sound sleep, and sex drive and...
  18. managing

    Caprylic Acid Die-Off (Herxheimer)

    Caprylic acid (500 mg oil gelcap) causes a notable die-off reaction. How to interpret this? It is well known as an anti-fungal. But it is also has anti-biotic and anti-viral capabilities. Anything with antibiotic capabilities seems like it could/should cause die-off if taken orally. Yet it has...
  19. x-ray peat

    Recommendations For Led Red Light

    Hi Ive read through a number of threads and am still unsure as to what is the best led red light source. I am looking for tissue healing, thyroid activation, and hair preservation. I am thinking about these and would like to see if anyone has any experience with them but am open to...
  20. Mito

    Magnesium Citrate - Caution

    Magnesium citrate is one of the most popular magnesium supplements because it is usually well absorbed. But there are some are some possible downsides if used in large quantities. Ray has cautioned about magnesium citrate supplements. "Citric acid itself causes you to lose calcium in your...
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