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vitamin e

  1. M

    Supplement giveaway uk

    I’m leaving the country in two weeks and would be happy to give these away as otherwise they’ll go to the bin. Can give in person if in East London or post.
  2. tastyfood

    Help: accident with T base mixed in vitamin E bottle

    I had 750mg of micronized T base mixed in a Vitamin E bottle, expecting 1mg of T per drop. Not sure how well diluted the mix was because it was really hard to get the drops out. I was trying to get drops out today by applying a lot of force on both sides of the bottle and the tip exploded out...
  3. A

    Aspirin was the most potent life-extension agent when data for all model organisms was combined, more so than rapamycin or metformin

    Research on aging and lifespan-extending compounds has been carried out using diverse model organisms, including yeast, worms, flies and mice. Many studies reported the identification of novel lifespan‐extending compounds in different species, some of which may have the potential to translate to...
  4. jpgio

    Vitamin E makes me feel alive

    Does any one else get this feeling from vitamin E. It’s as if it wakes up parts of my brain that have been dormant. Makes me feel alive. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s the only thing that gives me this feeling. Gives me crazy mental clarity.
  5. haidut

    Vitamins D and E - the Taliban in the COVID-19 war

    Despite the massive censorship all over the Internet, there have been plenty of articles and studies on vitamin D and its role in COVID-19. Several studies reported that at least 9 in 10 of hospitalized patients have severe vitamin D deficiency. In addition, a few small studies demonstrated that...
  6. K

    Quit Vitamin E Cold Turkey?

    Hi all! 24/F. I've been taking mixed tocopherol Vitamin E for 2-3 weeks. 400IU daily. (This brand.) I've noticed some positive impacts (extended luteal phase, yeehaw!) but also, I've noticed an increased frequency of bruising, and that bruises take longer to heal. I want to reduce my intake to...
  7. 8

    Refrigerate wheat germ oil?

    Wheat germ oil has lots of vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is added to foods/supplements that could go rancid to prevent that. More vitamin E is in wheat germ oil than is used as an additive to prevent rancidity, right? So will wheat germ oil not go rancid being stored at ~70 F for weeks after...
  8. D

    The theory of Tocotrienols toxicity.

    I have already created this thread on ggenereux.blog, I duplicate it here. There is another NON-Peat substance that is given little attention. I remember how in one interview Ray spoke negatively about the addition of tocotrienols and said that it causes an increase in the liver Tocotrienols...
  9. RenaissanceMan

    Thorne's Vitamin E really upsets my stomach

    Wish I could take this stuff but the potency is so high that it irritates my gut quite significantly By itself, with food, with a drink Taking it with a few cups of coffee was the worse; had diarrhea for two days Just gonna stick to food sources and the small amount of succinate in their...
  10. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview July 19, 2021 - One Radio Network

    Don't see it posted yet. Enjoy! Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D - The Dance with Progesterone & Estrogen; Our Health and Well Being Explained - July 19, 2021 | One Radio Network Detailed information on progesterone for both men and women, dosages of vitamin E and D. Answers to lots of good questions.
  11. haidut

    Vitamin E 100-fold more potent than remdesivir for SARS-CoV-2 / coronaviruses

    A great study that demonstrates once again the versatility of vitamin E, not only as a PUFA peroxidation blocker (a better term than "antioxidant", as the latter actually implies a metabolic inhibitor), but also as a substance with direct antiviral effects. Several studies came out over the last...
  12. T

    Does coffee interfere with vitamin E oral absorption?

    Hey all, I take my vitamin E softgels orally because they're too hard to squeeze when cut open, but I take them with meals and I drink coffee a lot with my meals. Does coffee interfere with oral vitamin E absorption? Thank you
  13. T

    Now Foods Vitamin E 400 mixed tocopherols experiences and reviews

    Hey all, I'm using Now Foods E-400 vitamin E mixed tocopherols and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this vitamin E, any good or bad reviews? It's this product if link is allowed, if not, moderators please remove it: Now Foods, E-400 with Mixed Tocopherols, 268 mg (400 IU), 250...
  14. haidut

    Oral testosterone + vitamin E may treat NAFLD, NASH, cirrhosis in humans

    Several years ago, I posted a few studies from the 1970s demonstrating very high cure rates of advanced cirrhosis in humans with a combination treatment of testosterone (T) and vitamin B1 (thiamine). Not bad for a condition modern medicine tells us is incurable and the only option the patient...
  15. cjm

    "Vitamin E inhibits the activation of NF‐kB, with the greatest inhibition seen with the succinate form."

    The title quote comes from this study: Effect of vitamin E succinate on inflammatory cytokines induced by high-intensity interval training Study on rats. HED 300-400mg, I think: "vitamin E succinate supplementation (60 mg/kg/day) was conducted for 6 weeks." Again: "vitamin E inhibits NF-κB...
  16. Mauritio

    Vitamin E succinate decreases melanoma size by 650% in vivo

    I have already posted a study about vitamin E succinate (VES) beeing able to decrease liver carcinoma by 77% (Vitamin E Succinate Very Effective Against Liver Carcinoma ,acetate Form Increases It) There have previously been studies on VES and melanoma in vitro and they all showed decreases in...
  17. B

    Help Dissolving Testosterone Base Powder

    I ordered testosterone base powder and am wondering how to dissolve it. I understand that ray has said "It’s essential to have everything else in place, thyroid, calcium, magnesium, protein, vitamin D, vitamin E, pregnenolone, DHEA; then one milligram per day can have very strong effects...
  18. Lokzo

    The Ameliorating Effects Of Vitamin E On Hepatotoxicity Of Ecstasy

    Background: The production of stress oxidative condition in body which is caused by consumption of ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine [MDMA]) leads to a liver damage. As an antioxidant, Vitamin E can protect cells and tissues against the deleterious effects of free radicals. This study...
  19. Soren

    Help Can't Eat Anything Debilitating Excess Saliva

    Long story short whenever I eat pretty much anything my body starts to produce excess saliva often to the point where it causes me to vomit. This has developed over the past 3 months and slowly got worse but yesterday it really was the worst ever. I ate a pizza and about 40 minutes later I threw...
  20. L

    Vit E Needed For Proper Nervous System Development

    Vitamin E needed for proper nervous system development https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/09/200921083718.htm