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Hi. Can anyone tell me if taking T4 can cause hair loss. I started taking T4 a few months ago and started losing hair (diffuse). I'm not bald but my hair is significantly thinner now than it used to be. I started with 25 and slowly moved up to 100. Have gone back down to 50. Am also taking t3 in small amounts throughout the day. I'm also experiencing a significant increase in waxy sebum in my hair. The substance is waxy, not oily.

Could this be related to the T4? If so, is it a temporary problem and is there anything I can take or do to stop the hair loss and the waxy sebm problem.

Thanks in advance.


Feb 20, 2013
Low thyroid function is the most likely cause of hair loss.
One possible explanation is that excess T4 is lowering thyroid function by
decreasing T3 secretion from thyroid gland. Thyroid gland releases
3 parts T4 and 1 part T3 ( i have also heard it is 4 parts T4 and 1 part T3).
Ideally our replacement dose should be 4:1 or 3:1.
T4 needs to be converted to T3 in the liver with the help of selenium,
good sugar level, b vitamins. Female liver is less efficient in converting T4 to T3
due to presence of high estrogen. You have to make sure your liver is healthy enough
to covert T4 to T3. Daily carrot salad, 80 grams of protein, 33-50 percent of sugar,
weekly liver, daily egg 1-2, weekly serving of seafood help with improving liver's
ability to increase this conversion. Measuring temperature and pulse 1 to 2 hours after
breakfast gives a good idea about your thyroid status. Vitamin A , found in egg yolk and liver, plays a big role in converting cholesterol into progesterone, DHEA, Pregneolone- all the
anti stress hormones. Copper from beef liver and seafood helps with hair health.
RP also recommends that people have good amount of cholesterol before they start
thyroid supplement.


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Thanks so much for answering. I checked a website run by the makers of synthroid and they mention hair loss as a side effect of t4. Hard to find quick frozen liver where I live. But all the rest I am doing. Any thoughts on the waxy hair?


Feb 20, 2013
Chicken liver has good amount of vitamin A. RP recommends 5,000 unit daily for
average hypothyroid person. Excess vitamin A can block thyroid function.
1 quart of whole milk has 1000 IU
1 oz chicken liver has 4000 IU
1 large egg has 250 IU
You can also use supplement for vitamin A. RP uses halibut liver derived vitamin A.
He recommends against beta carotene.
He mentioned that deficiency of vitamin A is the major cause of acne and dandruff.
It is odd that synthroid cites hair loss as side effect of T4 supplement.
One of the major indicator of hypothyroidism is hair loss.
Have you tested your TSH, Total T4 and total T3? Reverse T3 is also useful.
Unhealthy Liver usually converts T4 to inactive reverse T3 .
If you post your daily food intake it will be easier for others to see
the possible source of problem.
RP put a lot of emphasis on daily raw carrot salad with oil and vinegar
in improving hormonal conditions.
If your liver is converting T4 to T3 efficiently, then improved thyroid function
will increase the requirement for all kind of vitamin and minerals.


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Mittir said:
Chicken liver has good amount of vitamin A.

Beef liver has more than twice the vitamin A and has less iron and has more copper.


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Thanks again for the help. I have trouble keeping up the 100grams of protien habit. Some of it is monetary and sometimes its just that i am not that hungry. A little coconut oil helps with the appetite though. Shellfish is too expensive where I live and I can't seem to find beef liver, but I am still looking. The cynomel I have been taking seems to have lost some of its strength. Taking cynomel only worked great for the first eight months or so and then it seemed to not have any effect at all. So I emailed Ray and he told me to start taking some T4 at night. I am doing both but still haven't gotten back to the wonderful state I was in when I first started taking cynomel. Nonetheless, I wouldn't trade the info I get from Ray and you all for anything. It has been almost miraculous.


Dec 31, 2012
I had hair loss on T4 - because T4 only does not work for me and I was hypothyroid (had other symptoms like scaly skin, fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep etc). Hair loss stopped when I went on NDT. Do you have other signs of hypo?


Feb 20, 2013
marikay said:
Thanks again for the help. I have trouble keeping up the 100grams of protien habit. Some of it is monetary and sometimes its just that i am not that hungry.

At least 80 grams of protein is an essential part of his recommendation.
He mentioned that he has seen people's thyroid issue resolved
just by increasing protein intake. Female liver is less efficient at converting
T4 to T3 as there is more estrogen to detoxify. Protein intake
increases liver's ability to detoxify. Regular gelatin powder or
home made farmers cheese are concentrated source of protein and
gelatin is very pro-thyroid. I have found beef liver to be very beneficial.
I have noticed thickening of hair since i started eating liver every week.


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I have read Danny Roddy's newest release (or at least part of it). I am thinking (hoping) I may have just been experiencing a seasonal hair loss thing. My head is now full of new hair growing in. Yes, I definately still see signs of hypothyroidism even with the diet. But I am also trying a supplement of selenium (since seafood is really expensive where I live and I found the selenium supplement on sale). I've only taken the supplement (200 mcg) for two days but I am noticing an improvement. Also seeing my appetite come back. More soon....
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