Mar 6, 2016
Hi guys can someone help me out,

I want to research about an ideal workplace that can retain talent and signal cares for workers health. Also that can benefit from investing in office design as would decrease burn out and health care costs fo example and increase productivity. This is for organization theory subject in uni for which i have to write an essay and i have figure I will do it in something that interrests me!

I have gotten interested in the aspect of light for example, and hence I am trying to find information on the following:

What is the perfect lighting if one must have to be indoors, sitting infront of a computer a lot that does not cost too much?

Is there a connection between lightning and productivity due to the health benefits from it, is there a connection between lightning and decrease in health and hence in productivity?

Why is lighting inside offices important and would certain lights boost productivity,

if you have an office built with light that attends to your physiology needs, do you feel you concentrate more versus to when you did not have this setting?

Lastly, what is the perfect lighting for an office, what health benefits are looked to be maximised or what adverse effects are looked to be off set,

Any information of office design not related to lights is very welcome too, feel free to post your opinion and links to furniture you use or would appreciate in an office

Thank you for reading so far, hopefully answers are hopefully of use for future readers
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Jul 8, 2020
Getting bulbs that are more on the red light spectrum than blue would be the obvious choice. Maybe giving everyone a pair of blue light blocking glasses to wear too would help with eye strain and other health issues.

I would have each computer wired to the internet rather than using wifi emitters.

I'd encourage people (don't punish them for doing so) every hour to stop what they were doing and get away from the computer to do some sort of movement for about 5 minutes, a set of push ups, a set of squats, maybe 5 minutes on an exercise bike.

I'd provide free coffee. I'd argue this was probably the best one for increasing efficiency at low costs.

Lots of windows looking out onto natural light too, that can be opened to allow fresh air in. I've heard of plenty of mold issues coming from hvac units.

I'd probably have walled desks, I think people prefer the privacy, I'm not sure the open plan offices are preferred by the people that use them. Not sure about this one.

Flexible start times, people come in at 10, or 11 after a good sleep and avoiding the horrible rush hour commute. Morning people can arrive earlier if they like.

Make it task orientated rather than time. When people have finished their tasks they are free to go home with no penalty to pay or reputation. So many office workers just wind the clock down with social media until it is time to go home.
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