1. youngsinatra

    Lazy **** To A+ Student — Possible? If So, How?

    Hello everyone, I am interested in your perspective on this one. Do you think it is possible to become an A+ student if you are starting off as a lazy, not so genetically-gifted person to begin with? If so, what would you focus on physiologically and psychologically to achieve this? Drop...
  2. G

    Ability to wake up early in the morning as a sign of high metabolism

    I was discussing with a female coworker various topics and she mentioned how she woke up at 6am that day and was very productive. We are both late 20s / early 30s age bracket. In contrast, I find it very hard to wake up at 6am, I barely can get myself to wake up at 8/9, as I work from home. And...
  3. M


    Hi guys can someone help me out, I want to research about an ideal workplace that can retain talent and signal cares for workers health. Also that can benefit from investing in office design as would decrease burn out and health care costs fo example and increase productivity. This is for...
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