1. miquelangeles

    DIY water filtered infrared/incandescent/halogen?

    Has anyone tried to make one?
  2. M


    Hi guys can someone help me out, I want to research about an ideal workplace that can retain talent and signal cares for workers health. Also that can benefit from investing in office design as would decrease burn out and health care costs fo example and increase productivity. This is for...
  3. biggirlkisss

    Halogen Better Then Incadence For Red Light?

    http://luciddreamingapp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/541758_546809305329724_27842874_n.jpg this shows halogen having more red then incandence is halogen superior?
  4. milk_lover

    Halogen Heater And LED Lights Setup For Red Light Therapy

    I bought a "halogen heater" (that's what's written on the box) with three heater lamps, each 400 watts. A total of 1200 watts is very warm and bright. I am attaching some pictures for illustration: My heart beats faster when I face the lamp heaters, so it must be working and I feel overall...
  5. F

    Red Light In Europe

    The winter is here and it's cold and dark all the time were I live. I need some help to find the right type of lights to use during the winter. We have 220-240 v here while US has 110-130 v or something, right? Anyways, I found this bulb on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/350967916172?_t ...
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