red light therapy

  1. Mauritio

    Red Light for gut health and the microbiome

    Red Light is the gift that keeps on giving. It's interesting that even shining red light on your body can alter the composition of your gut microbiome in a positive way. One study showed positive effects, even after one application. Another study showed a boost in the Akkermansia type of...
  2. A-Tim

    Athlete's Foot - Tallow & Red Light Therapy

    I came back from a trip to Japan a little while ago. It was summer. I was walking all day, and by the time I returned I had a pretty good case of athlete's foot. Worst I've had actually. First two weeks I tried keeping them aired out and dry. I applied an off-the-shelf product for first week. No...
  3. BigShoes

    Near-Infrared (NIR) Causing Testicle Damage ... Permanent??

    Hello all, I purchased a "Care Lamps" Derma Red Plus p300 LED red light device that emits 630 & 660nm red and 830 & 850nm near infrared in March 2021. I purchased this for use on the face and neck (thyroid), but also used it on the testes after seeing that red light may have positive effects on...
  4. R

    Oops, did I slip up buying this?

    A while ago I purchased this Beurer TL55 day/night light, thinking that the red light part of it could also help therapeutically, but as I can't find information on the wavelength. Did I get the wrong end of the stick...
  5. JamesGatz

    Is there an advantage to incandescent light over red light ? Dr. Peat seems to always recommend incandescent light

    I see that near-infrared light (incandescent light or light that is warm-colored - more orange/yellow light) is usually recommended over red light - does anyone know the specific reason for this ? I feel a metabolic boost from red light but I also feel like I get stressed - I know that stress...
  6. FitnessMike

    Your Red Light Therapy experience?

    Did you improve your thyroid health with Red Light therapy? what were the results? I am a week into using the red light mini as suggested by member @Daniel11, i use it twice a day 15min each session against the skin on the thyroid, so far no noticeable results. I also started using it today on...
  7. M

    Macular Degeneration in young age - pls help

    Anybody has / had this? Could you give me advice what helps? I don’t want to end up blind on this eye.
  8. M


    Hi guys can someone help me out, I want to research about an ideal workplace that can retain talent and signal cares for workers health. Also that can benefit from investing in office design as would decrease burn out and health care costs fo example and increase productivity. This is for...
  9. bogbody

    Does This Look Like An OK Light Setup?

    I'm just getting started with light therapy and was wondering if anyone could take a look and see if this looks like a decent basic starter setup. Just looking for a basic red light for nighttime and then a bright light for daytime without spending a ton of money. No specific health concerns...
  10. pauljacob

    Is This Red Light OK To Use?

    I'm intrigued by Red light therapy, and so I got this package from Walmart to try. Is it OK to use as a starter bulb? Is the density of the red light OK or too much? TIA for your comments. See pictures
  11. hiconscience

    Amazing Insight On Red Light Therapy

    Enormous collection of LLLT studies compiled in a chart with studies linked.... :shock: Photobiomodulation (PBM) / Low level laser therapy (LLLT) / red/NIR phototherapy studies - a comprehensive database you're welcome:thumbup
  12. LifeGivingStore

    LGS10 - Infrared Light Therapy Handheld Device - 830nm

    Here is another addition to our red light therapy handheld device lineup, the LGS10. This is an all infrared light that is 830nm. This wavelength has been shown to be very beneficial to the thyroid. Infrared light is mostly invisible, only about 5% of this light is visible while the other 95%...
  13. LifeGivingStore

    BL1 - Orange & Red Light Therapy Body Light - 610nm - 630nm - 670nm

    This is the most excited we have been so far, so please bear with us and we try to contain our excitement over this awesome light! :woo We are very happy to announce the debut of the BL1. An orange and red light therapy body light, pumping out 332 watts of healing power. With the same...
  14. LifeGivingStore

    LGS7 - Red Light Therapy Device - 670nm - Available Now!

    Click Here To Buy the LGS7 The Life Giving Store family is happy and yes excited to announce the next product in our series of visible red light therapy devices, the Red Light therapy handheld device, also known as the LGS7. This light solely targets the 670nm wavelength making it an all deep...
  15. LifeGivingStore

    LGS1 - Orange & Red Light Therapy Handheld Device - 610nm - 630nm - 670nm

    We are so super excited to bring to you a device that is making a difference in many lives, the Life Giving Store Orange & Red Light Therapy Handheld Device, also known as the LGS1. As many of you all know, orange and red light has been quite the talk of the forum lately due to the awesome...
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