Pain From Body Consuming/healing Old Scar Tissue When First Switching To Peat Diet?

Discussion in 'FredSonoma' started by FredSonoma, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. FredSonoma

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    Jun 23, 2015
    In the past, before fully diving into Peat's reading, I was very interested in fasting. I actually did a 20 day fast right before going full Peat-mode. One thing that people often experience when fasting for periods of more than a few days is that old injuries will hurt again, and then stop hurting. The idea is that the body is consuming itself, so it preferentially starts with consuming scar tissue. I can vouch that this happened to me as well - old shoulder problems burned for a day then went away, my heels hurt from where I used to have plantar fasciitis then went away, my toes hurt from where I used to have arthritis pain, etc.

    I also suspect it has something to do with the gut not constantly being ****88 up by shitty food (endotoxins from fermentation?), so the body has the ability to heal things it normally couldn't?

    So, I'm on Day 7 of Peat mode and loving it, but over the past couple days I am experiencing the pain in the same places as during my fast - in places where I had old injuries. I am concerned because the places of old injuries include places I used to have debilitating arthritis pain - I can't tell if it's arthritis pain or the scar tissue thing. I also have pain in places where I never had arthritis, but injuries instead, which makes me think I am fine and it is just healing. Has anyone else experienced this kind of pain when switching to a Peat-style diet?
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    Jan 22, 2013
    na man...what happens is when you fast cortisol is through the roof and its a pain killer, so you don't notice things...but theyre still there. Your body never heals anything when in a stressed starved fact its the opposite...the more abundant energy and breathing, flowing in your life you are, the more you'll heal everything, even deep scars, deep bad wiring from upbringing and all that, and knock out bad microbes. You can still produce some endotoxin on a fast albeit less but the gut is sloughing protein still that can get fermented in the colon, especially causes its sluggish in such a state. I don't know how you fasted for 20 days man, that must have been like HELL to do....I hate to say it but fasting isn't even a good thing at all, you might've hurt yourself more than can be a good learning experience though. It leaves you prone to all kinds of infections and a weak state its easier to be bamboozled and programmed by other people also
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    Mar 29, 2014
    I agree with pboy that high stress hormones from fasting can be pain killers.
    Sometimes resuming eating after a period of deprivation seems to result in a temporary period of increased edema etc.

    I disagree about there never being a case for fasting.
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    Jul 2, 2017
    Something I have to remember through my de-programming.