Instant Brain Energy Boost From White Sugar


Aug 9, 2019
Whenever I sip white sugar dissolved in water, I feel an instant reduction in brain fog, and overall feel like my brain is getting an energy boost.
This is fascinating. Do I have an energy problem?
Does sugar metabolze so quickly, within the matter of seconds?


Feb 13, 2016
According to RP the taste of sweetness immediately increases glucagon which raises blood sugar. Increased blood sugar in turn gives your brain more energy and might also be lowering 5ht by lowering FFA.


Jun 16, 2015
Yeah. Do this with aspirin and niacinamide and you will really be going. But be careful about consuming pure sugar. You need to consume especially the B vitamins in proportion to sugar, otherwise you will bonk out. You might have a glycogen storage problem if you have to sip all day.


Aug 13, 2018
Whenever I sip white sugar dissolved in water, I feel an instant reduction in brain fog, and overall feel like my brain is getting an energy boost.
This is fascinating. Do I have an energy problem?
Does sugar metabolze so quickly, within the matter of seconds?

Why not use fruit you not get the same effect from fruit juice?


Apr 18, 2018
I think the sugar is just lowering adrenaline/ cortisol.
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