Fresh Fruit Vs Fruit Juice


Jul 6, 2014
Hey guys I'm from Canada and am finding it difficult to find good, fresh fruit now that it's the winter season.
Ideally I aim to buy organic fresh fruit but not only is it very expensive, it's also not very tasty at this time of year.

I have heard vitamin C is the only vitamin which is lost in heat processing of fruit, but haven't seen any evidence to substantiate this idea.
In the interest of being most efficient with my money, my question is this:

Is there any reason not to drink organic boxed juices from my grocery store in place of fresh fruit?


Oct 27, 2013
Do you live near any apple orchids? They're not as nutritionally strong as oranges, but if you're looking for whole fruit in Canada, it's the best bet during the winter.

regarding Vit C, yes the net tells us that it looses it's potency if heated, oxidated, or exposed to light, so it appears to be a very sensitive vitamin. If you're worried about this particular vitamin amount in your fruit intake, you can also take a natural supplement, or take in some fresh orange or lemon with your daily processed fruit intake.

as for juice, it's inline with Ray's views on fruit intake, so juice will not be a problem, unless the specific brand adds in additives to the juice. I usually go with a frozen concentrate, then add in carbonated water high in mag & calcium. I go with lemons which a friend grows indoors for my daily shot of raw vitamin C. Most boxed juice brands add in absorbic acid which adds back in the vitamin C lost during processing, albeit with a synthetic version of the vitamin.


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Jul 6, 2014
I didn't receive an email notifying me of your response, so I'm glad I checked back to see your reply. That's great I am going to continue with the juice then thanks.
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