Fruit And Sugar


Feb 18, 2018
So I recently noticed that unless the fruit is bursting from its seams with flavor and sugar, the water content seems to bloat me and cause frequent urination. Before moving to tropical islands and becoming the next misanthrope, I’ve begun searching for solutions to this problem. No doubt during my fruitarian phase I need very sweet food ideally with the micronutrients that fruits provide. Most juices can irritate my stomach and cause bloating, but today I found a quasi-solution.

This Minute Maid stuff is absolute crack. And with 10% fruit juice...

The ingredients have some questionable gums and additives, so it’s not for the most orthorexic of dieters, but I will say, this stuff made me feel way better than the subpar fruit that’s available at the grocery store.

I essentially was depressed last night, and now I feel pretty good, and I can’t help but think that perhaps so many mental issues are just a result of poor nutrition and gut inflammation. That at least seems to be the case for me, but I certainly don’t know enough to generalize at large.

So I may just have to supplement electrolytes and eat this crackwater to feel normal =P


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Feb 18, 2018
That sugar uplifted my spirits greatly and exerting myself in basketball was fun, but without the underlying nutrition in place, I began to feel lightheaded, like my electrolytes are out of wack. I’m craving sprite and steak right now.


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Feb 18, 2018
Very interesting reaction. So it seems like the sugar bomb first increased my energy and uplifted my mood. About 30 minutes later, it brought on a ravaneous hunger in which I wanted to eat everything in sight. I downed straight junk food, goldfish, fruity pebbles, and even goat milk (which I had swore off).

Interestingly enough, I feel really good right now. The last thing I would need to top it all off would be some nice fatty steak, and then I’d be set. Luckily we’re havkng chicken wings for the super bowl. Starting to believe that keeping a healthy digestion is more important than what we put into our body, but of course, what we put into our body will affect the digestion, so they aren’t entirely independent. I will keep focusing on keeping the digestion strong. Fasting may have some merit, because i haven’t eaten or felt like that since a teenager, and it was quite nice, although the depression I felt during the fasting wasn’t too fun.


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Feb 18, 2018

17 pages in and I do agree with the notion of mucus and disease. Whether it’s the cause or a symptom I have yet to conclude, but I will continue reading. I have noted that when my allergies are bad, my nose is congested and at worst I have to mouth breathe. This has happened a couple of times due to overingesting starches.


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Jan 4, 2012
Whether it’s the cause or a symptom I have yet to conclude, but I will continue reading.
Mucus basically clogs up the pipes of the sewage system and then you become your own personal septic tank. Foods can cause mucus, and the body also makes it due to immune responses and also to help buffer acids via lymph fluid.
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