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  1. M

    Without good fruit available would you eat starches?

    I'm in a situation where milk is still not an option for my nutrition, so I rely on Greek yogurt and cheese, which have nowhere near the micronutrients of milk but they get the job done. I used to squeeze over 1kg of oranges into juice but lately everything at the supermarket is green and sour...
  2. kiran

    OJ Intolerance

    One cause of OJ intolerance may be the fiber dissolved in it. If you cant get a hold of OJ without pulp, its worth trying to remove the pulp. Just add some bicarb and/or club soda to the OJ until you get a layer of foam on top. Much of the pulp should be floating on top of the liquid, you can...
  3. Pointless

    Salted Fruit Milk

    This stuff is divine. It's from the gods. I call it "ambrosia". SALTED FRUIT MILK!!! 1 can fruit juice concentrate 1/2 gallon of fat free or 1% milk 1 tsp salt (up to a tablespoon for therapeutic purposes but doesn't taste as good) 1/2 tsp baking soda (prevents it from curdling and makes it a...
  4. D

    Apple Juice

    I know Peat mainly recommends orange juice, and says that apple juice is often made from spoiled apples. But what is your experience with apple juice? Is the cloudy "non-filtered" or non-from-concentrate better than the clear/from-concentrate type?
  5. L

    Do You Get Over The Fruit/Orange Juice Blood Sugar Spike?

    For most of the people who have been eating this way for a long time....have your blood sugar levels or insulin gone up? Were they low/normal to begin with? On low carb both of these were low/normal for me and now have gone up. Does this settle down eventually? How long?
  6. EndAllDisease

    Fresh Fruit Vs Fruit Juice

    Hey guys I'm from Canada and am finding it difficult to find good, fresh fruit now that it's the winter season. Ideally I aim to buy organic fresh fruit but not only is it very expensive, it's also not very tasty at this time of year. I have heard vitamin C is the only vitamin which is lost...
  7. scarlettsmum

    Sour OJ

    What to do with OJ from unripe sour oranges? Just bought some freshly squeezed unpasteurised OJ treated with high pressure instead of pasteurisation (whatever that means), however it tastes sour it's giving me sore tongue. :( Is it to be thrown out or can it be improved somehow, perhaps by...
  8. I

    Orange Juice in the Northeast USA

    Winter is coming and I am already seeing less and less quality oranges. I have no Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or Costco within an hour and a half. Are there any other flavor pack free options? I've been juicing my own up until now.
  9. knives

    can I use lemonade instead of OJ?

    Limes are easier and faster to squeeze! :mrgreen:
  10. Nina

    Pulp In Orange Juice

    Since pulp is a problem in OJ, and companies use enzymes to remove it, which we don't want, and that they use flavor packets to add, well, flavor back, would it make sense to buy full pulp juice, and strain it carefully?
  11. T

    Apple juice instead of orange juice ?

    I have consumed apple juice long term before. I really don't seem to do as well on orange juice . first thing in the morning is about the only time I can down orange juice. Is apple juice a suitable substitute for orange juice ?
  12. F

    Mango Juice has tons of iron? Wtf?

    Just searched the nutrition for mangoes, one mango has 200 calories / 2% DV Iron / 3% DV Calcium. I'm drinking a mango juice that per 8.3 oz has 200 calories / 10% iron / 2% calcium. Why is it so high in iron? The ingredients are just: Mango pulp, filtered water, and sugar. Should I stop...
  13. S

    One Reason We Can't Stomach Even The Best Commercial OJ

    I've known to try and avoid pectin for a while now, but I never knew the actual amount of pectin in different things and what specifically to avoid. If this wikipedia entry is trustworthy, then it is not the sweet parts we need to watch out for, "Typical levels of pectin in plants are (fresh...
  14. F

    Best Brand Of Orange Juice?

    Hi all, A quick search didn't reveal anything. I know I am supposed to buy "not from concentrate" orange juice, but is there a particular brand that is safest? I've been reading how, even in "not from concentrate" juice, the oxygen is removed, so the juice can be stored long-term, then later...
  15. M

    Orange juice concentrate fluoride concerns

    I know Ray has said that oj concentrate will have higher levels of fluoride, why is this so? I've looked at the process, and it seems little water (outside of the orange's liquid) would be used during the process ... maybe a little extra water in the no-pulp varieties to make up for lost bulk...
  16. T

    Replacing Water With Fruit Juice (and More)

    I've come across this recommendation over and over again here. What if it simply doesn't work? Don't many people avoid juice because they're wary of the glycemic spike? This isn't a Ray Peat's-a-lunatic post; I'm genuinely trying to mine for information here. For most people I've surveyed...
  17. Philomath

    No More Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice? Beneficial Flavor Packs?

    We all know that orange juice is beneficial on many levels, fructose, naringenin etc. Being the ever diligent Peatarian, I only drink fresh squeezed, strained OJ because it is far superior to store bought, not from concentrate juice like Tropicana or Simply Orange. The downside of the latter...
  18. B

    Grape Juice?

    Is grape juice safe? I hear red isn't due to phenolic content, what about others like white grape juice?
  19. B

    Best options for Carbonating Juice?

    When I open a can of soda, take a sip, and allow the bubbles to jump around in my mouth like hundreds of horny naked virgin angels, that is probably one of my most favorite moments in my life- Seriously. :mrgreen: Being such a fantatic, a soda machine is a plus. Adding baking soda to fruit...
  20. Strongbad

    Baking soda + Orange Juice - stomach hurts so bad

    Nowadays when I add 1/4 tablespoon of baking soda into my OJ, my stomach hurts really bad. Is this normal or there's abnormality in my digestive system? BTW, I also have about 1/2 tablespoon of eggshell powder in my meal per day. Maybe that also contributes to it?
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