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  1. A

    Testosterone shale

    Who can come up with the best testosterone boosting shake for a teenager to maximize his puberty or for anyone? Lets see what you guys can do
  2. Peat inspired Bodybuilding Log

    Hi guys,i couldnt think on a proper name or title but its basically that,i finished a cut phase and now im heading a maintenance phase,im pretty aware if i do things right i can gain some muscle and keep my fat% nearly untouched.i was thinkig that this can be a good opportunity to test the Ray...
  3. J

    Yeast overgrowth!…Candida…Need suggestions..

    So something I feel is not addressed very well in the forum is Yeast issues/overgrowth or what comes to mind for many: Candida. I have the common white tongue and experience the usual symptoms most with this coating experience. Brain fog, bad breath, feeling off … I have read every post on...
  4. Apollo

    World's oldest person - Kane Tanaka (118yo)

    Just stumbled on this peaty centenarian - Kane Tanaka. She likes eating chocolate and drinking Coke. Secret to her longevity, Tanaka replied, “Eating delicious food and studying.”...
  5. B

    Do cats need carbs?

    This one is for cat lovers :cat: Recently a stray cat brought kittens to our house so we're now in charge of feeding four cats. So I'm wondering, do cats need carbohydrates and what type would be best for them? I know they officially don't, or at least not much, but I recall Ray once saying...
  6. B

    Does Coffee Make Your Heart Flutter?

    3 1/2 minutes. A little Peaty! :thumbsup:
  7. LLight

    Selecting your food might make you (flies) age faster

    https://elifesciences.org/articles/59399 We might be f*cked. Or, establish a good diet that is available all year long and do not deviate from it one bit?
  8. Hgreen56

    Ray said: "animals on coconut oil got lean". this study say the opposite?

    rp: "In the l940s, farmers attempted to use cheap coconut oil for fattening their animals, but they found that it made them lean, active and hungry." "animals which ate just a little pure unsaturated oil were fat, and animals which ate a lot of coconut oil were lean"...
  9. copycat

    Specific advice / a funny predicament.

    Hi! I've made a few posts before but I'd like to keep it short and ask for specific advice. Apologies in advance for my weird English. As you can imagine, it's not my mother tongue, haha. LATER-EDIT: I guess you can ignore the ''keeping it short'' part. I'm a 23 year old male, 1,83cm tall...
  10. D

    Anti-Peat Blood diet

    No, it's not about that popular diet by blood type) This Russian guy has his own YouTube channel. What he does is simple: he eats/drinks something, then takes his blood and looks at it through a microscope. You can judge by two parameters: the flow of blood and the state of red blood cells...
  11. A

    Am I fat like a wild pig?

    So I have been doing I would say a peat inspired diet for about a month now and have gained about 30 pounds. And probably it is half muscle and half fat and water. I would say I averaged 20-30 pounds overweight most of my life prior to the keto and carnivore diet I was on. About 2 years...
  12. haidut

    Fasting ineffective for shrinking belly fat, may actually increase it

    Hopefully, this study will give some serious food for thought to people who use (intermittent) fasting (IF) with the goal of losing excess weight. A recent post of mine discussed that IF is ineffective for fat loss and actually leads to loss of lean mass. The lead author of that study, himself...
  13. A

    When should I eat my fat,

    I have heard information about the negative effects of free fatty acids and also mixing carbs and fats causing insulin resistance via the randle cycle. My fat intake is 76 grams and my carb intake 450 grams. I normally have a big breakfast consisting of carbs fat and protein altogether with...
  14. UseYourDelusion

    Looking for help, lacking motivation, Carnivore

    So, I am so used to the carnivore diet and adrenaline that's how I get everything I need to done. Some of us need a kick in the pants. But I am worried about the long term effects of stress and this way of thinking. I also think it is hurting my memory, I get up without an alarm clock at 6:30...
  15. P

    55 year-old looks like 25

    Interesting video about a 55 year-old photographer who looks like an elite 25 year-old fitness model. He's 55 Years Old But Looks 25... Reacting To Chuando Tan Reveal His Secrets Summary: He looks the same as he did in the late 1980s, in his 20s. He doesn't drink or smoke, doesn't drink coffee...
  16. Mr Joe

    Homemade Peat-Friendly Whey Protein

    Many of us are struggling getting enough protein for muscle building on a Peat diet. 150 g daily (average) is hard to find if you don't drink 2L milk every day, if you don't have enough money or just no time. Androsterone and other "pro-metabolic" substances are useful but still need enough...
  17. Tristan Loscha

    Vegetarian Diet And Mental Disorders: Results From A Representative Community Survey

    Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2012; 9: 67. Published online 2012 Jun 7. doi: 10.1186/1479-5868-9-67 PMCID: PMC3466124 PMID: 22676203 Vegetarian diet and mental disorders: results from a representative community survey Johannes Michalak,1 Xiao Chi Zhang,2 and Frank Jacobi3,4 Author information...
  18. thingsvarious

    I Tried Out Every Diet Under The Sun. Here I Share What I Learned

    I am a med student in my last year. About to become a functional medicine doctor. In the last few years i tried out literally any type of diet under the sun. I want to share with you some things I learned along the way. There are many diets out there. Nutrition is like religion, people protect...
  19. haidut

    Intermittent Fasting (IF) Ineffective And May Even Be Dangerous

    I have no doubt the findings of this study will quickly get dismissed by the massive industry that has formed around the idea that ANY weight loss is a good thing, and, just as importantly, if you lose weight while torturing yourself (in this with fasting) somehow the "gains" are even more...
  20. M

    Is Fibre A Menace?

    According to Konstantin Monastyrsky (gutsense.org), the primary cause of constipation and colorectal disorders (IBS, colitis, colon cancer, etc.) is dietary fibre. Ray himself has claimed to eat a "fibre-free diet", but that's not quite right: he eats raw carrots and mushrooms because of their...