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    Low Toxin Diet More Fiber Means More Bile Binding/Excretion, More Detoxification And A Happier Liver. Isn't More Better?

    The big question is: Why not eat as much as possible when the chart below indicates consuming over 100 grams is physiological?
  2. J

    Suggestions for No-Cooking Peaty diet. Bonus for no refrigeration foods.

    How can I eat Peaty without having to cook and clean? Don't have time for prepping, cooking and cleaning anymore? Here's are some constraints on suggestions: 1. No cooking, except for on pot crockpot meals (see below) 2. Only home meals. No eating out suggestions. 3. Would prefer foods...
  3. C

    Video Proof Of Ray Peat Looking At Least 15 Years Younger Than His Age (Is He Actually 69 Here???)

    Video proof from before lying video filters (Born 1936-video date 2005) View: I'm hoping some commenters will be willing to critic his looks and ignore the rest. I would guess he was in his early 50s but if I include his voice and movement in my analysis he...
  4. C

    The World’s Oldest Family Claims Eating Oatmeal Twice Daily Is The Secret They carefully avoid a fasted state by digesting carbs all night and then eat an early breakfast.
  5. mantq

    Ideal diet for oral health?

    Hey everyone! What would an ideal diet look like in orther to reminalize and emphasize oral health? I've been experiencing some tooth decay and gum sensitivity on a 'peaty' diet. I need a lot of calories (from 4000 to 5000) per day, I feel like sugar wrecks my teeth and am not sure what to...
  6. C

    Sugar Consumption Reduces Stress Response/Cortisol To Acute Physiological Stressor (Human Study)

    Nutrients. 2023 Jan; 15(1): 209.
  7. C

    Woman Drinks 30 Colas A Day 950lbs of Sugar/Year And Looks Amazing (video

    She's been drinking 30 Colas a day for 15 years (plus 3 donuts! and shrimp) and looks healthier than any fruitarian. I estimate 5000 calories all together (4600 calories from cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup). The details may not be completely accurate, it's reality tv. View...
  8. L


    Which one do you mainly prefer to increase your copper level? Why? If diet, what do you eat, and how much? If supplementation, what do you take, how much?
  9. D

    Low Toxin Logs Log - Anti-Vitamin A Diet - Testing out if i have been a Peatard

    I've decided to test out the Anti-Vitamin A diet. I've been on it since 18th Oct 2023. About a week now The reason I became motivated to test this diet out is because of some recent health problems only the Anti-Vitamin A Theory offers an explanation too. One can read and discuss as much as...
  10. Rinse & rePeat


    Although I can easily live on raw milk and raw honey, and feel that I am treating myself well, I want to have a big diverse life. I don’t ever want to lose my enthusiasm for delicious things. With that being said, I was finding myself just snacking if I wasn’t cooking for others. I have realized...
  11. C

    I've NEVER Seen "Coconut" Associated With Longevity or Centenarians

    I just realized that after reading about the diets of exceptionally healthy people in their 90s and older and I've never seen the word coconut once. I've seen they eat chocolate, bacon, eggs, olive oil, milk but never seen the word "coconut" in the context of a supercentenarian or really anyone...
  12. C

    Low Fat Diet Guru John McDougall Eats "800 Calories Of Fat" Daily (Video)

    This video is just a few days old. His diet is now high fat. View: Dr. McDougall is famous for recommending a "starch based," vegan diet of beans, potatoes, peas, corn, greens etc. to everyone unconditionally for around 40 years. The Mcdougall diet is...
  13. C

    Is It Worth Decreasing PUFA From 2 Grams to 1 Over Lifetime? Would It Matter?

    Is it worth switching from lentils to adzuki beans or coconut oil to MCT for example? Would there be any actual benefit of reducing PUFA intake by 50% but by only 1gram over 90 years?
  14. C

    Have Filters Changed The Game? Who Looks Good? What now?

    Can you trust your eyes anymore on who's doing things right? I would look for long term vegans, fruitarians, keto etc. to see how they're holding up in their video interviews. Photos have been useless for decades but videos still told the truth until recently. I've noticed a lot of older...
  15. T

    Pics: Does this look like hormone-fueled fat distribution / cortisol / insulin, or do I just need to lose a stone?

    So I've been on here a while, and I've been living a life inspired by Peat's work for many years. I avoid PUFA like plague, don't starve myself of carbs, try my damndest to hit my micros etc. and I generally dip in and out of the forum so as not to drive myself crazy! To recap to date, I've...
  16. haidut

    Height is NOT genetic - UK's drastic drop in height due to austerity, poor diet

    A few years before the pandemic hit, I did a several posts on studies demonstrating that height is not genetically determined and that diet and environment play a much more important role. One of the big studies on that topic demonstrated that Dutch men gained ~20cm (~4in) of height in the last...
  17. haidut

    Keto diet linked to higher risk of heart disease (CVD) and stroke

    The controversy over low-carb diets is steadily increasing. While such diets are still all the rage on popular podcasts and blogs, many academic researchers and practicing clinicians have started to distance themselves from the diet and no longer recommend it to their patients due to the...
  18. haidut

    Regaining weight post diet/exercise due to lowered metabolism by increased PUFA in cardiolipin

    This is by far the most significant study I have seen come out in the last 2-3 years, simply because of the impact it has on virtually every person out there who has tried to lose excess weight (and who hasn't?). Virtually every person considering (or having done) dieting/exercise to lose excess...
  19. haidut

    Century-long metabolic decline, not less exercise and/or more eating, causing the obesity epidemic

    I did a few posts years ago on the alarming findings that the youngest generations are among the most physically active, consume the least amount of calories, yet are the most obese (on average) compared to previous generations going back to at least the 1950s. Those studies did not look at...
  20. haidut

    Low-carb/fasting raise, low-fat diets lower risk of early death by 30%+

    Not very good news for the low-carb proponents, especially considering the fact that those findings match the clinical studies showing that pharmacologically lowering blood sugar increases all-cause mortality by about the same percentage (30%-40%). The study found that even the better-controlled...
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