1. Rinse & rePeat

    "Peaty" Fruits & Vegetables - Easy Step By Step Recipes (Photos)

    "Generally, fruits, roots, and tubers provide a high concentration of nutrients along with low concentrations of toxic antimetabolic substances." -Ray Peat I hear so often people frustratingly say, "What do you eat on this diet?". Last night I brought up this topic to my husband and said, "what...
  2. Hans

    Here’s how to get all your vitamins and minerals without vegetables

    I've gotten this question quite frequently. It's actually very simple to get all your micros without eating any veggies. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you have to avoid veggies entirely (as long as they're not gut-irritating), they can taste absolutely great for sure. But many people...
  3. Rinse & rePeat

    Organics - The Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen

    "Pollution of the environment and food supply by estrogenic chemicals is getting increased attention. Early in the study of estrogens, it was noticed that soot, containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, was both estrogenic and carcinogenic. Since then, it has been found that phenolics and...
  4. M

    Without good fruit available would you eat starches?

    I'm in a situation where milk is still not an option for my nutrition, so I rely on Greek yogurt and cheese, which have nowhere near the micronutrients of milk but they get the job done. I used to squeeze over 1kg of oranges into juice but lately everything at the supermarket is green and sour...
  5. Recoen

    Hypoglycemia With Fruit

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the following? I have hypoglycemia - blood test measured in the 30s with low-normal insulin. I’ve been following many of RP’s principles for 6mos now. Overall I’m doing really well- putting on muscle, way better cognitive ability, temps and pulse are...
  6. Hans

    Fruit Juice And Triglycerides

    Hi all, A lot of people are concerned about the possibility that sugar/fructose can increase triglycerides and this is worsened when doctors tell their patients to stay away from ALL sugar when their triglycerides are elevated. I decided to write an article on whether fruit juice contributes...
  7. Sefton10

    Fruit Supplementation Reduces Indices Of Exercise-induced Muscle Damage: A Systematic Review And Met

    Fruit-derived supplements reduced markers of muscle damage, inflammation and oxidative stress, whilst increased force generation capacity for 24–48 hours after strenuous exercises. Fruit-derived supplements could be used as recovery strategies from strenuous exercise sessions...
  8. D

    Serotonin And Dopamine Content In Bananas

    Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and Related Compounds in Bananas | Science Quoting the table - Value is the result obtained on three bananas Considering the average weight of pulp - 130 g Avg weight of peel - 60 g Pulp Serotonin - 28 mcg/g or 3.7 mg/banana Norepinephrine - 1.9 mcg/g or 0.25...
  9. P

    Magnesium Increases Adiponectin - As Compared Fruit And Veg Intake Of Twins Circulating adiponectin is emerging as an important link between obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, the spectrum of lifestyle factors that modulate the adiponectin concentration remains to be elucidated...
  10. Velve921

    FreeLee Banana Girl Diet

    Love to hear everyones thoughts on this concept: Freelee The Banana Girl reveals her New Year's 30-day cleanse | Daily Mail Online I find it interesting that she overloads on fruit and potatoes; she could be low in protein but her mindset may not be quite so misguided? Ketoacids from fruit...
  11. S

    What 4000kcal Of Fruit Looks Like

  12. ecstatichamster

    OMG, Cooked Fruit

    I could never before get enough ripe fruit, and this way I'm eating a lot more fruit and sugar. Until someone suggested cooking fruit. So now I make fruit compote from peaches, mangos, tangerines, and other stone fruits. I also use blueberries as I don't think they have a PUFA seed in them...
  13. Ulla

    Sweating Face After Eating Kiwi Fruit

    Sometimes when I eat a (ripe, soft) kiwi, my face starts sweating. I have no other reactions to eating them though. Does it happen to you too and why? Is that an allergy, too much acid?
  14. C

    Orange Sources

    Im sure there are some people in the forum who squeeze their own OJ daily, that have already figured this out. I am looking to start, and before I invest in an orange press I want to know if there is a good online source for oranges which could be cheaper than the grocery store. Are oranges...
  15. scarlettsmum

    Cooked Fruit And Parmesan For Raising Temps

    This is obviously very individual but I thought I might share this just in case it helps anyone else at the beginning of their journey. After trying lots of different combinations of things I find that what really works for raising my temps now is cooked fruit with lots of sugar, cinnamon and...
  16. L


    Hello, what Peat says about cucumbers? Last night i eat a cucumber with salt and sugar (japanese style) and i notice its very easy to digest. So i search in nutrition data and found a good surprise: 1 cucumber (about 300 g) Protein: 11 % Carbs: 83 % Fats: 6 % Its a decent amount of protein...
  17. EndAllDisease

    Fresh Fruit Vs Fruit Juice

    Hey guys I'm from Canada and am finding it difficult to find good, fresh fruit now that it's the winter season. Ideally I aim to buy organic fresh fruit but not only is it very expensive, it's also not very tasty at this time of year. I have heard vitamin C is the only vitamin which is lost...
  18. kiran

    Fruit And Vegetable Juices Decrease The Risk Of Alzheimer's (Kame Project)
  19. bornamachine

    Bananas And Head Pressure

    What is the physiological mechanism behind a banana causing head pressure eye ball pressure? Had it happen couple times now and aspirin helped, shyed away since then, but then my wife baked some plantain... had a small maybe an ounce piece if that... before I know it, eye ball and head...
  20. B

    Serotonin In Fruit

    oh that serotonin, pineapples, bananas,plums, tomatoes. I am just interested does the ripening lower the serotonin or not? I just find that out and I have a ton of tomatoes,cucumbers and zucchinis in my garden? Are zucchinis and cucumbers OK?