Confused About Fruit


Nov 19, 2013
I really don't want to live in a world where any fruit can bad for me. They all taste so delicious. Sweet and natural with so many different flavors. Isn't fruit put on this earth to nourish us humans? A symbiotic relationship? Why would any fruit exist that are bad for us?

I've read most of ray peat's stuff and think he's a genius. I'm coming off of 2 years low-carb paleo and I don't have any health problems, but my energy and metabolism was crazy low and slow. Now that I eat Peat I have energy again and am feeling good and warm.

Lately, I'm drinking so much pasteurized orange juice because it is too hard for me to fresh squeeze OJ all the time...and I just feel like it would be much healthier to be eating a wide variety of fresh ripe fruit.

When I first found they ray peat diet, I thought "wow, fruit, honey, milk, cheese, with occasional eggs, liver, oysters as food supplements...that makes so much's naturally delicious and I can stop choking down vegetables and fearing sugar "

But then I found out how severely limited the fruit options are. I'm a big, strong 29 year old male, but I've always been obsessed with diet.... is there any reason for someone like me to be avoiding any fruits if they don't make feel bad at all? I can eat uncooked bananas, apples, pears...anything and not feel the slightest bit bad...are these fruit really causing me damage in the long run? Will it slow down my metabolism and hurt thyroid or anything else?

I get all my fruits organic (from Trader Joes, I'm in NY) and make sure they are ripe....this include organic bananas....are bananas really bad for me? I love them. I crave them. I read they are high in serotonin, but I'm not a scientist so that is just a word to me...I really don't get why they are so bad. This would really be the best diet ever if all ripe, organic fruit was/is good for you.


I don't think you should avoid any fruit that doesn't make you feel bad. The only one I'm aware of having well-documented bad effects (estrogenic) is grapefruit, if you consume a lot. But my guess is that your appetite for grapefruit would diminish as it hurts you.

If you avoid PUFA and have good metabolism, my guess is that the balance of hormones will be good, also when you eat fruits according to appetite and desire.

If I didn't have bad reactions, I would eat more fruits. I can't even eat grapes without getting bad reactions, I think due to insecticides in them. So I consume a lot of OJ.


Jan 22, 2013
pboy said:
agreed with J. Fruits seem to be random to people whether they tolerate them or not...and of course ripeness counts and lack of pesticide. I used to be able to eat a ton of fruit all the time and pretty much anything as long as it was my digestion and metabolism went down I could tolerate less and less fruit, but I was definitely deficient in a lot of things. So if you can handle it and like it its probably good for you, agrees with you. A lot of people seem fine with bananas...and me personally, don't do that well with citrus...maybe a fresh tangerine but not much more. I think if the fruit was harming you you'd probably notice some kind of indicator. Almost every fruit gives a nice potassium boost, and deliver energy almost instantly, some vitamin when tolerated they are a valuable addition


Feb 20, 2013
I think you misunderstood RP's view on fruits or you missed the portions where
he explains how some fruits are problematic.Most well ripened fruits are fine.
It is the method of commercial cultivation makes fruits problematic.
Serotonin is an issue for people who already have high serotonin.
Problem with pectin depends on composition of gut bacteria.
If you are not having problem with raw banana and apples that usually means
you have good balance of bacteria. He recommends cooked apple
because it is less allergenic. Most of his dietary recommendations are
meant to improve thyroid function. Banana is not an optimal food
for someone who has bad bacteria, high serotonin and allergy problem.
Just because someone does not have problem with raw banana and apple
that do not make them ideal fruits for others.


Thread starter
Nov 19, 2013
Thanks for the replies. I want to make sure that even though no fruit currently gives me a bad reaction, I am not setting myself up for health problems in the future.

What would common symptoms be? How do I know if I have a bad balance of bacteria in stomach or high serotonin? If I have no symptoms from eating whole oranges is it better to eat the whole thing then just the juice? I do find eating whole oranges disgusting compared to juice though ...and I hate pulp.

I do realize I'm asking allot here and I appreciate any further info, but I did read rp's article on serotonin and I just don't understand. I'm still confused about probiotics and fiber as well... but I just been following all his advice and having no lactofermented foods and been avoiding fiber.

I guess my most important question is this: if I were to eat any and all ripe fruits, would you change anything else about the diet to compensate? Most of my meals right now are made up of 2% grassfed milk or cheese, organic coffee, pasteurized orange juice or raw honey. I have 2 eggs in coconut oil most days with gelatin. Some times I have meat or low fat fish. Once a week I have liver and oysters and when I do I take gelatin. Some times I have Raw Cacoa nibs. If I were to change out the orange juice for any and all whole ripe fruits, should I change anything else about my diet to compensate?

Oh, and I also have a daily carrot with some Apple Cider Vinegar and Raw Coconut Oil. I know RP recommends distilled white vinegar and refined coconut oil, but again I get no bad response from either of these...would these two items fall into the ok if no bad reactions category?


With the juice you get more minerals and fructose than with the whole orange.
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