Cheap Peat-friendly Chocolate?

Jul 6, 2017
I used to buy Trader Joe's pound plus chocolate bars, which at $5.00 for more than a pound were dirt cheap. They also taste pretty good IMO. But they have soy lecithin. Any good chocolates you buy that are similarly cheap?


Sep 12, 2015
I've found that some of the darkest chocolates forgo lecithin, but none were cheap.


Jun 16, 2015
Trader Joe's has these skinny long dark chocolate bars/sticks in 3 flavors: normal, raspberry, and cappuccino. They are organic and have no weird ingredients and no emulsifiers; I think the regular chocolate one is like 3 ingredients total(!). They are $0.99/each at every TJ's I've been to. I avoid the raspberry one b/c it seems to have seeds in it.

Arnold Grape

Jan 24, 2017
3rd: The Trader Joe's Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (The one in the purple package that says 73% cacao), has like three ingredients and tastes pretty good. They're also less than $2.00


Apr 13, 2014
Make your own. Mix together: coconut oil (melted) + powdered sugar + cocoa powder, let it harden (putting it in the freezer hardens it very quickly). This makes really delicious chocolate!


Make your own. Mix together: coconut oil (melted) + powdered sugar + cocoa powder, let it harden (putting it in the freezer hardens it very quickly). This makes really delicious chocolate!
Cool @Forsythia! What are the quantities of each ingredient?


May 6, 2014
Nestle's makes dark chocolate chips without soy lecithin. You have to check the label. Some of their chocolate chips do have the soy. I think the word "Natural" is on the label of the soy-free ones. About $6 for 12 ounces.
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