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Anyone Here Suffer From Anaphylaxis? Hives From Known Allergens?

Discussion in 'Ask For Help or Advice' started by Nikki, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Nikki

    Nikki Member

    Jul 28, 2016
    I'm looking for someone (several people, ideally) who has severe allergic reactions often enough that they might expect to have an anaphylactic reaction in the next few months to one year. I'm looking for someone who's willing to try DMSO as a treatment for their anaphylaxis (after running it by the healthcare provider of course).

    I believe it has the potential to stop allergic reactions in their track. I have used it on a bee sting in a dog who is not severely allergic to bee stings, as far as i know. It seemed to provide relief in a few minutes. All swelling was gone it wasn't painful and he began walking on the affected Paw like nothing had happened. This gave me great hope that DMSO might save my other dog who is allergic to bee stings and that it might help other individuals who have severe anaphylaxis which isn't always remedied with a little bit of epinephrine.

    I'm hoping I've found something which can immediately halt allergic reactions on an emergency basis or be used prophylactically for those with the most severe allergies.

    Is there anyone here who has severe allergy which results in anaphylaxis on a fairly frequent (more often than yearly) basis? If this describes you, would you be willing to try DMSO as a treatment and report back to us? Of course I wouldn't suggest trying it in a life-threatening situation where epinephrine is indicated for immediate relief. I'm thinking more along the lines of someone who knows the progression of their anaphylaxis and could treat themselves in the early stages with DMSO while of course having epinephrine on hand and calling for help as is appropriate in case things should get worse.

    I'm hoping that we will discover that it treats anaphylaxis quickly. Perhaps people with severe severe food allergies who can barely leave their house for fear of catching a whiff of somebody's peanut butter breath, could be protected by taking a small dose of DMSO before they head out.

    If people are averse to the idea of consuming/applying DMSO on a daily basis, but we determine that it is helpful for anaphylaxis prevention or control, it could be added to emergency kits for persons/pets with history of anaphylaxis. It's important to know that epinephrine doesn't always work and that it can be contraindicated in some patients such as those with heart conditions. It's very important that we study this promising (IMHO) alternative.

    On shock and epinephrine- If shock has already set in during anaphylaxis, a small dose of epinephrine given via epi pen, may not make it to the heart. In such cases, epinephrine isn't going to do much good. In a case like this, DMSO alone could be helpful. OR it might might even help the epinephrine get into the circulatory system. I'm thinking if circulation has reduced significantly, DMSO will still penetrate through the tissues because it seems to both restore blood flow and prevent inflammation. I'm feeling like it could allow blood vessels to open and do the work of stopping the allergic reaction itself or allow other drugs to circulate. Does anyone with kniwledge of DMSO care to chime in?

    Anyone interested in being a guinnea pig?

    If DMSO is too strange of a substance for you to consider, how about MSM? It has some of the same properties and it helps control allergies in many individuals. It would not be ideal in emergencies because it does not absorb readily like DMSO, but it could be used prophylactically.

    I don't know if either of these products could prevent anaphylaxis but I think we as a species need to look into this. We must study this ourselves if big Pharma isn't going to.

    I have some allergies but I have no idea what the triggers are so I can't test this myself. My sinuses tend to clear up whenever I take MSM. But I don't have any allergic reactions that result in hives or anything more severe than mild sinusitis.

    If you want to be a guinea pig, please post here. Tell us about your allergies, current and past treatments and let us know what your plan will be if you're going to try MSM and or DMSO. Then keep us posted.

    Alternatively if you know another board that I should post this in please advise. Maybe somewhere on the internet there's a human guinea pig volunteer community? The first thing that came to mind was cure zone. I thought I'd post here first because the community members seem to be very well educated and conscientious. I don't foresee anybody doing anything stupid like ODing on DMSO, reporting false results, or drawing unsubstantiated conclusions.

    Thank you!!!
  2. audreywalker

    audreywalker New Member

    Aug 28, 2017
    I would be willing to try this.

    I have frequent anaphylaxis reactions sometimes during flares. I have a condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. No particular triggers often.. the mast cells just start to degranulate for no apparent reason. Ive had anaphylaxis everyday for the last week and ended up in the ER a couple of nights ago. I think the eclipse and the hurricane are triggering these attacks (I live in Texas).

    I'm scared to try taking DMSO internally but I have applied to my skin before with no issues. I've also take MSM internally before so I know I can tolerate that at least.

    How much DMSO do you think would be needed and would topical applications be sufficient to stop a reaction?

    I would LOVE to find a natural treatment for this! Anaphylaxis is the worst, scariest feeling in the world. It's often accompanied by a horrible sense of impending doom.