Unknown Cause Of Anaphylaxis - Continued Symptoms, No Answers

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    Nov 7, 2019
    Hoping someone can help me figure out what’s going on with me. I have had some serious health problems since the beginning of July with no answers from the doctors as to what’s going wrong with me. Below is all the data I currently have in the following order: 1) Primary Symptoms, 2) History of illness, 3) Diet (including what I don’t eat), 4) Supplements I take, 5) Out of Range Test Results, 6) Average Stats, 7) In Range Test Results

    1) Primary symptoms: Hives, Difficulty breathing, Swollen throat (occasional development of canker sores in mouth, throat and ears), history of Pneumonia. Obviously these issues make it quite difficult to function normally each day. I can’t easily exercise, work, or go places with my child because of these issues.

    2) History of Illness:

    Got what I believe was a spider bite on 7.5.19. HRV dropped from 34ms to 14ms between 7.5.19 and 7.9.19. Seems the likely instigation of issues – as since that time every time my HRV drops I get hives and have difficulty breathing that day.

    Anaphylaxis – 7.9.19 and 7.10.19. Cause, unknown. Provided Epinephrine, Steroids and Benadryl by ER. Over 10 days they did not help to resolve swelling of my throat and subsequently difficulty breathing.

    Since this time I have been highly susceptible to hives (particularly on my face, hands, arms and legs) if I eat anything with gluten or fried (which have never been a big part of my diet anyway), or if I touch certain things like freeze dried chicken necks or irradiated dog chews. I can usually tell if I’m more susceptible to hives if I get up in the morning and my HRV is below 20.

    Two weeks later developed canker sores in mouth, throat, and ears from eating a French fry.

    Allergy Testing done by Allergist 7.22.19 – results seen below – all negative

    Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis by General Practice Doctor on 8.8.19. Prescribed 25mcg Levothyroxine/day. No change in symptoms after 30 days. An ultrasound of my Thyroid shows only slight thickening and mild, small cysts on the left side (the side that keeps getting what feels like canker sores in my throat/ear)

    Checked for potential cause (streptococcus A) by Immunologist on 9.3.19. Negative. Inhaler recommended. Does not help.

    Additional Allergist prescribed Claritin and Zyrtec addition on 9.5.19. Tried once. Couldn’t tolerate.

    Paid out of pocket for lab tests from Ulta Labs in October 2019. See results below.

    CT Scan, Lumbar Puncture and Throat Swab done on 11.5.19 for hives, pain in throat (possibly canker sore in ear/throat), severe headache/neckache/jaw pain (severe enough that multiple pain killers barely touched it). Tests all came back negative.

    3) Diet:

    Average daily diet – Chicken eggs (3-4), black tea with honey and milk (1 cup), cheese (up to 1oz), beef or chicken (8-10oz), Brussel sprouts or broccoli (8-12oz), apples (2-3/wk), coffee (1 cup), Salmon (~6oz/wk), avocado (~1/wk), banana (~3/wk), peanut or almond butter (~4tbsp/wk).

    Micronutrient analysis of average daily diet is deficient in Calcium (56% of RDA), Iron (53% of RDA), Magnesium (80% of RDA), Potassium (41% of RDA), Folate (64% of RDA) and Thiamine (56% of RDA). Blood test results available below…No notable deficiencies.

    Things I never eat – fried foods or glutens. I never add oils to anything. If I ever get them its minimal. I do occasionally add butter, coconut oil or MCT to things but not often.

    4) Supplements I take:

    Daily – Estroban (8 drops), TerraMin Beta Glucan with Probiotics (~2g), BioStar Colostrum (.5g), Black Seed (~2g), Leucine (5mg, pure), CBD (.3% THC) (25+mg/day), Cat’s Claw (~3g), Mistletoe (~1g), Sunflower Lecithin (~2g) (I have tried elimination and reintroduction to ensure there are no negative reactions to any of these products), Whey and Pea Protein Powder (100g – started after issues already began)

    Often - Aspirin 4x/wk, Fermented Fish Stock (85% Fish Bone Broth + 15% Fermented Sardines) (8-16oz from 1-3x/wk), Cultured Raw Goat Milk (24-48oz 3-4x/wk), Berberine (~3/wk), Green Tea Extract (~3/wk), Green Coffee Bean Extract (~3/wk)

    Occasionally - Niacinamide (500mg – 1-2x/wk) and Methylene Blue (Pharmaceutical Grade, ~1 drop, 1x/wk)

    5) Out of Range Test Results:

    - I respond very poorly to PanSterone supplementation @ 1 drop every other day

    - TSH – 4.18mIU/L (10.5.19) (standard range 0.4-4mIU/L) (2.941uIU/mL tested on 8.2.19)

    - TPO Antibody – 270.3 IU/mL (standard range 0.00-9.00IU/mL) (8.2.19)

    - Thyroglobulin – 0.1ng/mL (standard range 1.3-31.8ng/mL) (8.2.19)

    - Z-Score (female) – 1 (standard range -2.0-+2.0)

    - Vitamin D, 25-OH, D2 - <4ng/mL (standard range, unknown, Total D = low)

    - Vitamin D, 25-OH, D3 – 35ng/mL (standard range, unknown, Total D = low)

    - Omega 3 blood serum – 5.4% (average daily intake is 560.2mg or 51% of RDA)

    6) Average Stats:

    - Heart Rate Variability – average 23ms (low). Drops when sick or hives. High = 35ms

    - Average BP – 105/72

    - Resting Heart Rate – average 65. Elevates when sick, average elevation = 80

    - Respirations – average 17.4/min

    - Average annual radiation exposure – 797mrem (high)

    - Known allergies

    Severe: Milk Thistle and Russian Thistle,

    Moderate: Codeine and Astragalus,

    Extremely Mild: Hazelnut (don’t eat), Egg White (eat daily - ~4 whole eggs per day)

    Allergies tested with negative results: (panel chosen based on foods consumed on 7.9.19 – first anaphylaxis, and commonly known allergens in the generalized population)

    Pine Nuts, (don’t commonly eat)

    Soy, (don’t eat)

    Wheat, (don’t eat)

    Chocolate, (eat dark chocolate daily. ~3g)

    Onion, (eat often)

    Chicken Meat, (eat often)

    Banana, (eat occasionally)

    Milk, (consume often, usually raw goat)

    Apple, (eat occasionally)

    Potato (eat very rarely)

    7) In Range Test Results: (tested in early October 2019 unless otherwise noted)

    - CT Scan – full results not yet available. Verbally told it’s “normal” (11.5.19)

    - Lumbar Puncture – full results not yet available. Verbally told all 5 are “normal” (11.5.19)

    - C-Reactive Protein (0.3mg/L),

    - Thyroglobulin AB (1.2IU/mL) (8.2.19)

    - T4 (2.9),

    - T3 Uptake (33%),

    - T3 Free (3.2pg/mL),

    - T4 (8.8mcg/dL),

    - T4 Free (1.2ng/dL), (1.3ng/dL on 8.2.19)

    - Glucose (86mg/dL), (established trend via glucose/ketone monitoring on PrecisionXtra)

    - HgA1C (4.4%), (trends 4.4-5.5% over time)

    - Insulin (17.1uIU/mL),

    - Serum Cortisol (a.m.) (10mcg/dL),

    - Growth Hormone (<0.1ng/mL),

    - IGF 1 (226ng/mL),

    - DHEA (122mcg/dL), (As noted, I react very poorly to even low dose supplementation)

    - Estridiol (32pg/mL),

    - Estrogen Total (202.8pg/mL), (tested low normal 2 months prior)

    - Testosterone Free (2.6pg/mL),

    - FSH (6.9mIU/mL), LH (4.6mIU/mL),

    - Progesterone (<0.5ng/mL), (tested normal 2 months prior)

    - Prolactin (10.2ng/mL),

    - Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (25nmol/L),

    - Testosterone Total MS (18ng/dL), (tested high normal 2 months prior)

    - 17-Hydroxyprogesterone (27ng/dL),

    - Albumin (4.3g/dL),

    - Albumin/Globulin Ratio (1.5calc),

    - Alk Phos (62U/L),

    - ALT (27U/L),

    - AST (28U/L),

    - Bilirubin Total (0.6mg/dL),

    - Globulin (2.8g/dL calc),

    - Protein Total (7.1g/dL),

    - Calcium (9.5mg/dL),

    - Creatinine (0.82mg/dL),

    - eGFR African American (105mL/min/1.73m2),

    - eGFR non-African American (91mL/min/1.73m2),

    - Urea Nitrogen (15mg/dL),

    - Carbon Dioxide (21mmol/L),

    - Chloride (107mmol/L),

    - Potassium (4.4mmol/L),

    - Sodium (138mmol/L),

    - Iron % Saturation (28% calc),

    - Ferritin (19ng/mL),

    - Iron Binding Capacity (381mcg/dL calc),

    - Iron Total (110mcg/dL),

    - Platelet Count (315Thousand/uL),

    - Hematocrit (43.8%),

    - Hemoglobin (14.6g/dL),

    - MCH (29.1pg),

    - MCHC (33.3g/dL),

    - MCV (87.4fL),

    - MPV (9fL),

    - RDW (13.8%),

    - Red Blood Cell Count (5.01million/uL),

    - Sed Rate by Modified Westergren (9mm/h),

    - Absolute Basophils (42cells/uL) (0.8%),

    - Absolute Eosinophils (223cells/uL) (4.2%),

    - Absolute Lymphocytes (1500cells/uL) (28.3%),

    - Absolute Monocytes (472cells/uL)(8.9%),

    - Absolute Neutrophils (3063cells/uL)(57.8%),

    - White Blood Cells (5.3thousand/uL),

    - Folate (13.4ng/mL),

    - Vitamin B12 (405pg/mL),

    - Vitamin D 25-OH Total (35ng/mL),

    - Gliadin (Deamidated) AB (IGG) (2U),

    - Gliadin (Deamidated) AB (IGA) (8U),

    - IgE, QN (45kU/L) (7.22.19)

    - Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGA (1U/mL),

    - Immunoglobin A (280mg/dL),

    - Immunoglobin G (1011mg/dL),

    - Streptococcus Group A AG, EIA Antigen (negative) (9.3.19)

    - Tryptase (4.4mcg/L) (7.25.19)
  2. Tristan Loscha

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    Dec 18, 2018
    Dont know to be sure,but Raw Goat Milk,all your fermtented stuff,spoiling,
    i would discard.Also Botanical Supplements are pretty much medications,
    if you need them,sure,otherwise.
    Bitten by a Spider.hmm.I dont know much about Zoonoses,but ticks are spiders-likes.
    Maybe doxycycline 300mg a day as advised if you dont get more data.
    It is quite safe,thats why i would reccommend it blindly.
    Also,Lo-Allergen Diet.Meat,500 to 1000g a day,ripe fruit,no starch,Butter.For possible
    gut-desinfect 1to3 raw garlic cloves with each meal.
  3. ecstatichamster

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    Nov 21, 2015
    Do you mouth breathe?
  4. Arctic Fire

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    Nov 18, 2017
    I used to experience severe itching and hiving. Minimizing consumption of polyunsaturated fats and improving thyroid function eliminated the problem. Aspirin and antihistamines helped.

    You mention hiving in response to fried foods. Most likely, the fried foods contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), so it would not be surprising if PUFAs are somehow contributing to your hiving and breathing problems, perhaps via inflammation. Even if you're not eating them in huge quantities, the salmon, chicken fat, avocado, and nut butters (all high in PUFAs) in your diet are likely not doing you any favors.

    Your diet appears to be low in carbohydrates and maybe calories as well. Both problems could contribute to your hypothyroidism (note the high TSH) and thus exacerbate your allergies. Ray Peat has observed that low blood sugar can greatly intensify allergic reactions, so it's important that you avoid big drops in blood sugar by snacking on well-tolerated carbohydrates when necessary.
  5. methylenewhite

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    Aug 21, 2018
    Check if that "spider bite" has left something under your skin.
    Have you seen that spider? Are you sure it is spider? Where do you live?
    I had a serious allergy reaction after bedbug bite. Check with local CDC if there are some insect transmitted pathogens. Try to spend 2 weeks somewhere else like vacations.
  6. OP

    TruthChelsea New Member

    Nov 7, 2019
    I don't, no. Exception intentionally in breathing exercises
  7. OP

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    Nov 7, 2019
    I didn't see it but the timing was very specific. It went into my backyard and sat on a bench under the awning during a hailstorm. Came back inside and immediately had a large, red lump
  8. SOMO

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    Mar 27, 2018
    I would DROP all Fermented items from your diet.
    Aged meat is extremely high in Polyamines and polyamines are very allergenic.
    Fish is naturally high in Polyamines and fermented fish...probably astronomical.

    Also I would sterilize your gut with a mix of antibiotics.
    Amoxicillin + Azithromycin + Metronidazole + Methylene Blue.

    I would also invest in an essential oil humidifier/diffuser to help with the breathing issues.
  9. methylenewhite

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    Aug 21, 2018
    What dose of MB in this combination?
  10. SOMO

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    Mar 27, 2018
    I think 100 mcg every other day is a good strong dose. If you're taking it with antibiotics, I would take the same dosage or up to 1 mg, which is a high dose.

    I've taken MB up to the point where urine is bright blue and IMO the larger doses provide less benefit and more side effects than the small doses. The only side effect from high dose MB I've noticed BTW is the blue urine and excessive daytime sleepiness/sedation.
  11. Ravenslore

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    Aug 17, 2019
    NOTE: We figured this one out. It was caused by Yellow #6