Vitamin D Helps Supplemental Thyroid Work

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    Sep 16, 2017
    I am sharing this experience with the forum to give back to it and to help others figure out why thyroid supplements aren't working for them. I think supplemental vitamin d is working to raise my temperature better than taking thyroid alone. I have experimented with all sorts of supplements and thyroid regimens. Nothing has worked with me as well as supplementing relatively high doses of vitamin d and moderating my thyroid supplementation (tyromax 3 drops). Perhaps, for a lot of people with low temps, one of the most common deficiencies is vitamin d. I have been taking both thyroid and vitamin d simultaneously in the morning. I had thought moving to southern Utah and lying full body exposed midday during the summer would be sufficient. It wasn't. Danny Roddy mentioned that he had the same experience and that is what motivated me to start supplementing vitamin d additionally. The first few times I experimented with vitamin d, it didn't seem to work, as I would have similar reactions to the first time I took thyroid. Like speed and than subsequent fatigue. I think my original dose of 4000 iu per drop was too high. I tried different vitamin d supplements. Finally, buying a high dose d in mct oil and than diluting it to a lower dose (1250 iu per drop) and than starting with 1 drop oral and 10 drops topical worked. I wonder if spreading a topical dose over a larger surface area of skin is more effective. I eat 2000 to 2500 calories a day, largely milk and orange juice. I have also been taking a high dose vitamin k with the vitamin d and eating liver pate for vitamin a.
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    Aug 15, 2015
    Glad this is working for you. Yeah vitamin D topically in small doses seems to be more effective than large doses. I use 1000iu to 2000iu topically and no more along with 1mg K2. I can do this three times a day with no issues.