Strong response from Armour and Tyromax


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Jan 27, 2019
Look at it my posts about Histamine and you will understand the link. Itching, anxiety, shaking, gut issues a host of things. Muscle weakness. Red eyes and be more
As I am reading through your posts I am now wondering if my reaction to Tirosint and Tyromax is a mainly a histamine issue. I have never had this bad of flushing, head pressure, higher heart rate, itchy eyes, etc than I have since starting Tirosint and that one dose of tyromax. I want to thank you for your reply as it may have saved me a lot of suffering. I’m going to ask my functional dr to try levoxyl.

Have you read any articles on histamine on forefront health?


Jan 25, 2016
I have read the Forefront info but my experience is different. I receive all Toms information via his newsletter. Sadly I react to all his products. The ADK as explained.


Oct 12, 2017
Do the people here who take Forefront ADK use it externally? Been looking all over for advice on this, including their website. I've read in the past that RP advises putting A on the legs. Thank you.


Jan 25, 2016
Do the people here who take Forefront ADK use it externally? Been looking all over for advice on this, including their website. I've read in the past that RP advises putting A on the legs. Thank you.
I use it 3 times a week 7 drops once a day more than that lowers my cortisol levels and then I have body aches. Rub it topically on my stomach, wrists, legs etc. They say that in their material

Take With Food, By Mouth, Or By Skin
The Vitamin ADK was designed for dual application. The drops can be taken by mouth or added to food. Or, it can be rubbed into the soft areas of the skin (inner forearms, inner thighs, stomach, etc.) For those with digestive issues, we recommend skin application.
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