Remove My Dead Teeth To Remove Focal Infections?

Discussion in 'Oral Health' started by Xisca, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Xisca

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    Mar 30, 2015
    Canary Spain
    Improving CP in Buteyko method gets me to the point he says that you cannot improve if you have focal infections.
    And I got my sinusitis go worse, and sore gums, when improving my CP. I have a chirurgical apointment to remove at least the 2 bad teeth that would need crowning. one is only a piece of root, and the other one is still quite ok but getting black and gragile.
    I decided I did not want those crowns, better put some teeth in a glass for the night!

    After these ones, I will still have 2 death teeth, but they are canines....
    1 is on the side that will have the operation, so I wander about removing it at the same time....

    The last one is also on the upper jaw, the canine on the other side. I can also feel I am bothered by it.
    All others are ok on this side, and all my lower jaw teeth are alive. Only receding gums, but I go for the right solutions with diet.

    Do you think removing dead teeth is the right solution?

    Thanks for help while waiting for day 28 of April with my dentist....
  2. ecstatichamster

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    Nov 21, 2015
    I might get rid of root canal teeth. Not sure I'd extract crown teeth. Are they giving you pain? When you extract teeth you also cause other problems so it is not to be taken lightly. What is your cp? What is your buteyko practice?
  3. Elderflower j58

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    Aug 14, 2015
    I've had problems with my teeth my whole life,my mother and grandmother had to have full dentures in their mid twenties .I lost teeth during each pregnancy.Dentist said Ibrushed too hard for years which caused severe gum recession nothing helped .Presently only 2 lower teeth 1 crown,2 upper teeth 2 crown,lower teeth were very loose,but have tightened somewhat ,probably from extra ,more milk ,all the oily vitamins ang k2. I am very depressed and don't go out.Obviously I have dentures which are horrible and ill fitting .On my lower jaw Ihave most of my teeth stumps at gum line , they have caused some pain a few years ago but not any more, the dentist wants to extract,but I won't do it,Ifirmly believe these stumps are allowing me to hold on to the bone,and extracting them would diminish what's left, I have cured all immflamations that arise from this ,oil pulling with coconut oil and 10 drops tea tree,any tooth fairies out there ?