Peat for 6 months


Jan 22, 2013
Ill try to keep my experiences simple, what I've gained from following Peat's advice, and what I find flawed or difficult regarding his recommendations

Positive: Dairy Foods, Low Fiber, Salt with fluids, Importance of most minerals

Pufas (specifically Omega 6) being all bad:
I find a small amount, 7-15ish grams of Omega 6 a day are beneficial, Omega 3 seems to be incidental and not something to worry about

Fruit Juice / Sugars:
Not bad, just not necessary and can be irritating in anything more than a small amount...fluid retention, irritable gut and therefore mind (for me it isn't to do with blood sugar levels, moreso fluid and gas retention, and urge to frequently eliminate when consuming fruit and sugars) I find that using fruits and sugars more like a spice instead of seeing them as a 'calorie' or 'fuel source' is a better approach

Starch avoidance:
I agree that for the most part starch foods are irrelivent, however they aren't something harmful or to fear...and small amounts used as a carrier
or base for other foods is beneficial, for example bread, pasta, or crackers to carry the food (cheese, butter, creams, meats, ect), potatoes to
carry butter, sour creams, bacon, cheese, ect....I find its better not to consume starches as a 'fuel source' either, just like with sugars, but
rather find them beneficial in small amounts, occasionally as carriers for predominatly fat / protein foods. As with all seed foods, like nuts,
seeds, grains, beans...its the outer skin that can be irritating and/or annoying to either well ground, or better yet refined /skinned /
chaffed seeds and fruit are almost always easier to me the fiber and skins of seeds and fruits are moreso herbal substances rather
than food or nutrition

After trying almost every approach to health regarding diet I can think of...I've come to these myself at least. They might be irrelivent to others and I always encourage other people to do what makes them happy and comfortable because everyone is unique and in a specific situation

Fruits / Sugars / Sweeteners -> Equivalent to spices, may enhance palatability, slightly stimulate, but can easily lead to GI distress
Grains / Legumes / Nuts / Seeds -> Refined and skinned / peeled versions can be beneficial in relatively small amounts, mostly as a carrier for other foods
Skins of seeds and fruit are astringent and only beneficial in acute situations for medicinal reasons but are
otherwise a waste or even irritating
Oils -> small amounts of high quality Omega6 containing oils that are fresh may be of benefit, otherwise they are pretty irrelivent, but not necessarily irritating
or harmful
Fiber -> Similar to skins of fruit and seeds...unnecessary, potentially irritating, and only useful as an astringent (binding, diuretic) medicine in acute situations. If
using vegetables, spices, or herbs in food or the skins of fruits / seeds, its better to have them either ground very well or strained if possible
Salt -> It seems to me at this point that salt is the fundamental nutrient...if you eat, drink, sweat, cry, ejaculate, urinate, or eliminate bowels you need to replenish salt. Id say besides air and water, salt is the most important nutrient. Its very hard to overdo it, and if you do you can simply drink more water and pee out the excess

Animal protein / fats-> I don't eat meat for personal reasons but they could be included with dairy and eggs in this category...basically these are food and nutrition, along with salt. For regenerating tissues, to grow, heal, and day to day energy between meals and during sleep

Herbs / Spices / Teas -> (including coffee, common spices, medicinal herbs, gentle herbs, spices, mushrooms, seaweeds, ect)
Not necessary, but can be beneficial in certain situations, in certain amounts, for certain other words, appropriate medicine
in the appropriate amount, in a good brew / balance / ratio, for the specific the right time, a personal thing

Summary: Animal Fats/Protein/Salt/Water = food, Herbs / Spices / Skins / Veggies / Fiber = Medicine, Starch / Plant Oils = beneficial in small amounts, irrelevant but not irritating in higher amounts, Sugars/Fruit/Sweeteners(including artificial) = Beneficial to raise spirit, or increase palatability, but in more than small amounts are usually irritating via simultaneous GI retention + stimulation, Alcohols = beneficial for temporary energy, heat, to raise spirits or to sleep, but might be GI irritating in large amounts...I actually find alcohol less irritating than excess sugars ( I prefer white wine and sake, as they are more refined and have low astringency yet some nutrition)

My best to everyone here, I encourage everyone to follow their own experience on moment to moment basis, intuitively, and never take anyone elses advice, fear mongering, or experience as a certainty, but rather something that might be beneficial to you as something to bounce ideas off of or make you think in a certain way


My suggestion for people who think wheat flour is ok, is to give it up for 6 months, then introduce it again, even gradually, and see if anything happens. My experience doing that tells me that wheat flour is something to avoid, maybe 6 days a week.


Feb 24, 2013
My thoughts on sugar, purely based on my own experiences and my own family history.....

Some people can't handle it, really they can't. Their body doesn't know what to do with it. In my family, it correlates to HEAVY veggie consumption....or perhaps that's WHY they are so attracted to veggies, greens especially. My mother, Brain fog, yeah, basket case. Scary basket case when she ate sugar. Like don't get behind the wheel, please. One day she ate ate my house after I had been doing this a while. I made a soup loaded with sugar and cream of tartar (potassium), it also had white sweet potatoes and pineapple, so she did not suspect any white sugar added. She loved the soup and she did not react to the sugar. It was "naturally" sweet so she couldn't think herself into a reaction.

Anyway, I would encourage people to look into a potassium deficiency as a reason for bad sugar reactions.

I prefer to get my calories from fat, but I cannot eat/digest it well enough to eat it in large amounts., so I have to eat my calories as sugar. I use the word sugar as white sugar and milk sugar and honey and fruit and OJ etc.

We still eat saltines here. We eat gluten free here otherwise and didn't even eat saltines for a few years. I love a saltine with honey butter!


The part about not tolerating sugar is probably related to PUFA. Note that the OP doesn't give up PUFA. Might be a coincidence, however.
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