Oranges Vs Grapes


Sep 11, 2013
I've been experimenting with oranges and (dried) grapes for some time.
And I see that oranges give a little bit hints of a white tongue.
While with grapes my tongue is perfectly pink.

Also, I'm a little bit less sure about this, but it seems like my eyes are a little bit more red if I drink orange juice.
And with grapes my eyes they don't seem to become red.

So, this makes me think, that I could better go for grapes then for oranges.
But, grapes are a little bit low in magnesium, vitamin C, folate, and B1.

Orange juice gives per 200 gram carbs, 200 mg of magnesium, 1.7 mg B1, 577 mcg folate and 960 mg vitamin C.
Grapes give per 200 gram carbs, 77 mg magnesium, 0.8 mg B1, 22 mcg folate, 35 mg vitamin C.

But grapes do outshine orange jucie as it comes to copper. 1.4 mg of copper per 200 carbs vs 0.8 mg for orange juice.
One other downside of grapes, is that I can only get dried organic graps on a daily basis. I prefer juices so that I can mix supplements/salt etc. in it.

So I'm doubting, what I could do best.
Option 1: Eating grapes as my staple fruit. And supplement B1, folate and magnesium, and drinking at least one glass of OJ for vitamin C.
Option 2: Drinking OJ as my staple fruit, and not worrying about white tongue so much.. I'm not sure how bad a white tongue is.

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