Low or high stomach acid ? How to tell?


Nov 24, 2017
Always thought it’s too low but now I’m not sure anymore.

I have slow weak digestion all my life and was never able to eat much besides something like yogurt for example, which i can eat really a lot of. Pudding too.

Throat clearing is something I did all my life too.

I have a copper and zinc deficiency which I’m not able to solve. I don’t know if it’s really digestion affected, but I thought this could indicate low stomach acid. I have a blood test in two-three weeks again. Let’s see if my levels went up.

When I wake up I have a stuffy nose and have to cough like crazy. It gets better through the day though. Now I found out that this might be reflux.

now I’m confused. Any tests I could do?

Same question for ecymes and bile.

when I take ox bile my transit time speeds up and it has positive effects on stools.

bitters help that I don’t feel tired after meals and it feels like food is not in my stomach for much too long.

but I’m scared of having too much acid and aggravating my possible reflux with that.

If you know any experts on this forum , feel free to @ them here! Thanks !

Edit: could posture / tight muscles / fascia cause reflux ?
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Nomane Euger

Sep 22, 2020
Opinions on this :

View: https://youtu.be/J5t9IN7o9Oc

Strange dude , but is he right on this ?
i dont know how much posture influence,my personal experience is that days where i had the best posture i could,listned to chill music,chewed perfectly,i still had a bad digestion,and i had days where i literally ate my meal while cooking it standing up,and using my phone in 4G close to my chest and i got an exellent digestion with 0 burp and a very warm feeling
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