Ox Bile/Bile Acid Dependency


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Aug 21, 2020
Hi everyone,
For about the last 2 years I have been supplementing on and off with ox bile/tudca/other bile acids to heal from accutane. I’m pretty much healed now, but I’m finding that my body has a reliance on exogenous bile now. Every time I used to come off them, I’d bounce back pretty quick with my natural bile production. Lately though, I get extremely dry skin and debilitating fatigue every time I come off. It improves a little day by day, but now I’m scared I messed up my own production. I feel fine again once I resume taking them. Do you think my system needs some time to adjust and start producing its own bile again? I’ve added some methylation support to kickstart the liver (almost like a PCT of a steroid cycle to kickstart the endocrine system). Any suggestions here? Thanks
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