Leanness and physiology -- how does it all work (more of a rant)?


Jul 21, 2019
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So I obviously know more now than I did before about concepts regarding health.

At a time I would assume being shredded and muscly was way healthier and/or sustainable for you than being just normal in figure, but after being in these corners you learn to question the presumptions or mechanisms through which you once theorized.

I notice some people are always lean, tight and have solid-looking bodies. I am not saying it is a sign of great health just because it may immediately register as appealing to many in the West especially, but I do wonder how this works and the energy and chemistry behind it.

I personally always was a chubbier type guy until body images and growing and experiences made me think I had to be shredded and ripped (which I could never be even with starvation, stimulants and hormones combined). Yet I have noticed some people -- guys my age and older even -- having tight and better looking bodies despite never cutting back calories, taking hormones or anything.

One guy for example is older than me and has never counted a calorie in his life, and has always been dry/lean looking despite never dieting or touching a hormone. I used to never diet or touch a hormone and I was fat, blubbery and even a bit repulsive maybe to some by appearance.

If it is a matter of no concern it does not explain why two people who do not count calories in the same immediate environment and lifestyles but one is bone dry and lean 24/7 despite drinking, eating anything they want, low to zero exercise, etc.

I would chronically exercise, take fat burners and stims, hormones and starve myself and although I did keep losing weight I appeared sickly and could never get that mainstream desirable "tight" look.

I realize this concerns body image issues but the science and understanding behind this is more of what I wonder. I know of hormones and et. al and etc. but not sure what mixture or concoction breeds the super lean figures (healthy or not) despite zero exercise, variable dieting and no attention to health whatsoever.

I do not belive in calories in vs. calories out 100% on the super basic premise people align it with either since I restricted heavily and puffed up temporarily at times (scale would sometimes go up and stay up while eating under 1,500 calories a day and running miles while at others I felt charged and binged on anything in sight and weight never budged even if sedentary. I believe hormones and environment control this, so I would not surprised if, say, someone with high serotonin may be bone dry and lean while someone with less of it cumulatively may have a tendency to fatten up a bit quicker due to metabolic differences and past history of eating and so on.

I just find it a bit disappointing that I cannot live up to the standards of "good enough" body without controlling for so many things while others, even if less healthy one could argue, have dry and lean bodies even if they make no effort to try.

I mean I am not fat or really overweight much at all -- it is more just about the actual look and structure of the body composition and osmoregulation and metabolism I think than just "eat less." Plus I have not even scratched the surface on bloating in the midsection issues and such, which is a hole another worm hole.

Some never bloat despite binge drinking and such, while I still at times would be bloated even after long periods of diet watching, experimenting, restricting and dropping down under 150 even at 5'10"-ish. Yet I also know guys who are heavier even yet are the same height with zero bloat on their stomachs despite no dieting or even much exercise either. Same with those guys who complain of "moobs" while at 14% bodyfat while other guys near 20% and do not have them despite being chubbier relative to their size.
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Jun 16, 2015
I suspect a huge part of it has to do with the gut. I can lean out to a stomach line that would make a model jealous by taking lots of activated charcoal for several days and otherwise eating like normal. Same thing the few times I've been on antibiotics.

I suspect redsun is onto something with his histidelic phenotype also. Those chronically skinny people with big features. In my experimenting with taking histidine I lost close to 2 belt noches rapidly. But interesting enough, histidine will also increase stomach acid and the intestinal mucus layer which would likely reduce bacteria and increase gut health.
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