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Jun 20, 2015
Since we migrated to Xenforo in January we have the possibilty to assign tags to threads and use tag search.

The tag search is a powerful tool to search for specific topics. It will return more relevant search results than a keyword search (search for "aspirin" and "cancer" and you will see what I mean), but it can only find threads that have been assigned the tag in question. So when you use it, keep in mind that there might be more threads of interest that do not show up. Threads in forum Ask For Help or Advice , for example, will not be tagged, as these threads mostly are discussing the specific situation of a user and cover a whole range of topics, to tag them would render the tag search useless. If you look for information from those threads use the keyword search.

We have tagged many threads, but this is still work in progress. Best course of action is to check the forums you are interested in to get an idea if they are tagged and how.

This is just a few examples:

supplemental: Threads in forum Supplements discussing the use of supplements (experiences, brands, sources, dosage).
supplier: This tag is assigned to threads about sources or brands of food, supplements, pharmaceutical drugs etc.
study: Scientific studies.
article: All articles including those about scientic studies.
ray peat: Peat's own words as expressed in his articles, newsletters, email advice, interviews.

This post will be updated if necessary.
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