1. Giraffe

    How To Use "Tag" Search

    Since we migrated to Xenforo in January we have the possibilty to assign tags to threads and use tag search. The tag search is a powerful tool to search for specific topics. It will return more relevant search results than a keyword search (search for "aspirin" and "cancer" and you will see...
  2. charlie

    Broken Bbcodes, Help Find Them If You Can!

    I have started the process of fixing all the broken bbcodes. If you run across any please let me know. You only need to tell me of one instance of it and the tool I am using will find all of them. You do not have to report broken smiley bbcodes as they will be taken care of when the smileys are...
  3. charlie

    Xenforo Suggestions, Bugs, Let's Make It Better Thread!

    Making this thread so you can voice your suggestions on how to make Xenforo better. And if you find any bugs lemme know. :pigeon: