1. marcuswhybrow

    Announcing Ray Peat Rodeo

    Hi everyone, I've created an open source website called Ray Peat Rodeo which I think you'll like. It converts plain text transcripts programmatically into HTML. Doing this confers some unique benefits: 1. We can make every transcript look really nice! 2. It can automatically aggregate...
  2. CreakyJoints

    Problems With Threadloom

    Hi there, I'm struggling with Threadloom/having a few little frustrations. When I first found this forum, the problem didn't exist - then, after a few weeks, it started looking like this (see attached) for months. Really annoying to deal with. Recently, maybe a few weeks ago, it started working...
  3. MatheusPN

    Ray Peat Search Engine

    Unfortunately, the L-I-G-H-T project was canceled, now something similar exists: Ray Peat Search Who was the creator? Hereinafter will be ours!
  4. Giraffe

    How To Use "Tag" Search

    Since we migrated to Xenforo in January we have the possibilty to assign tags to threads and use tag search. The tag search is a powerful tool to search for specific topics. It will return more relevant search results than a keyword search (search for "aspirin" and "cancer" and you will see...
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