DIY Red Light Therapy Device

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    Aug 13, 2017
    Hey, Everyone.
    I've been fighting hairloss for like 3 years now through peating. Still noticing that my hairline is receeding in the "M" pattern, and there's also some general thinning on top.
    Anyway, that's not exactly what I want to talk about.

    I want to get my best chances in this battle, and LLLT seems like a powerfull weapon.
    My days are REALLY busy, and I'm almost sure I'm not getting the best of brazilian powerfull sunlight (I've been trying to fix that too).
    Yes, I do know about Over Macho Grande's helmets, and although they seem to have great benefits... God, $1500 dollars is a HUGE HUGE HUGE amount of money in Brazil.

    So, has anyone tried to build their own LLLT device?
    If I'm not mistaken, OMG uses 660nm/5mW diodes in his helmets. And their are pointed REALLY straight to your bald skull. And REALLY close.
    I've been researching and I could find power LEDs (10W) in the 660nm wavelength for like R$20,00 (something around US$4,00), like the image bellow:
    On Youtube this guys shows how he built a "Grow Lamp" with that same kind of LED, with a heat sink and a battery (could be a different power source though):

    Been thinking in put a few of these and try to focus their light on the top of my scalp. Not really a helmet, but something I could point to the top of my head in some form.
    John from OMG also states that the amount of energy in a treatment session should be around 3-6 Joules/cm² (he provides a study backing this up). So, using a different construction to the device, I'm also not sure about distance/time of exposure. Does anyone have an insight?
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    Jun 7, 2018
    how did it went for you?