All my issues (that I can think of)


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Dec 22, 2013
I'm new here, but I've been reading and lurking and Peating for a month or so.

I buy not-from-concentrate OJ, and whole milk (because the whole milk around here has less additives than the lower-fat stuff). I avoid PUFA as much as I can, I drink sugary coffee and eat fruits, not much muscle meat. I eat a can of oysters in spring water every like, two days. I eat about 400g liver every week or so. I do the carrot everyday, and I eat gelatin whenever I can.

So here's what's wrong with me, maybe you can help me with some next steps.

First of all, my body type is far less than ideal. If I lose weight, I'm skinny-fat, and if I gain weight, I'm just fat-fat. I have a really hard time gaining muscle in the gym despite pushing pretty hard, and I'm super tired of trying to dig deeper into my calorie deficit. This is clearly either a metabolic or hormonal problem. I'm hoping RP helps with that.

Second, my skin isn't all that great. It gets clear from time to time for about a week or so, but then acne comes back. It's weird. It comes in waves, it seems. Although my face occasionally clears up, my body hasn't ever been clear in my whole life.

I was paleo for about 3 years, fighting the two above problems. But I just ended up super stressed about what I was eating when it wasn't working, and my libido hit the floor (not so much an issue anymore, thank you carbohydrates).

Third, possibly related to the above, I have dry, flaky skin (face) and dandruff. Although, I've used that head and shoulders shampoo stuff, and it doesn't seem to fix the dandruff, so I dunno. I also have really greasy hair if it isn't washed.

Fourth, possibly also related to the second.. and possibly TMI: my digestion seems to be quite off. I've got quite a bit of flatulence despite Peating lately.

So that's what's going on with my frustrating body. Any help or advice is appreciated.
Also, as far back as I can remember, i've had a pretty high hairline. Is it possible that this way of eating could bring my hairline down a bit? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Thanks everyone!


Related to acne and dandruff, do you consume liver at least once a week?


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Dec 22, 2013
No suggestions?
Is this something I should ask in multiple questions? lol


Aug 9, 2012
If you want to lose weight, you really want to cut down on the fat, especially if you're drinking a lot of milk. Consider 1% or skim milk as long as you can tolerate it.

Don't push so hard in the gym. Just let your muscles know they've been worked out. Make sure your glycogen stores don't run dry while working out.

Have you tried not using shampoo/soap on your hair/face for a few weeks?
Many ppl have found that the oilyness improves gradually.



Feb 22, 2014
Would like to know how ChocoChoco is doing on their dry skin issues. Kiran had some great tips, which I'll try too because I continue to have flaky dry skin. I will reduce my dairy fat, go easy on face washing (esp water in the winter- it can really dry out the skin what with the chlorine and other chemicals in the tap) and maybe up vitamin A? Anyone out there to suggest what is best way to supplement with A (oral vs. skin), how much, what form, etc. Or, best to do it in foods-- which ones? Thanks :)
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