Baking Soda Is Helping Me So Much - Looking To Clarify A Few Things


Oct 11, 2016
People who have issues with coffee should try adding it to their coffee (as long as the coffee is high quality). The sweet spot will make your coffee taste better.


Apr 8, 2020
((Peat supplement experiments include thyroid, niacinamide, progesterone, cyproheptadine - all of which I have dosed cautiously and still keep in rotation. I've used oregano oil extensively with limited success (though more success than all other strategies). I've also tried sulfur, diatomaceous earth, charcoal, enzymes, B vits, fat soluble vits, magnesium. High fat, low fat, starch, no starch, vegetables, no vegetables, lots of meat, no meat, lots of dairy, no dairy.))
So what i understand is you have tried "everything" except the RP number one rule that is increase your fiber intake from whole fruits... :rolling
Forget the baking soda, whole fruit does the same thing and is has more nutrition value to.
Apple cider vinager will hurting your intestine like hot herbs does and will increase serotonin
The basic component of vinegar (including apple cider vinegar) is diluted acetic acid, which is a toxic waste product in the human body.

Vinegar Makes Me Hypothyroid
This Writing Says That Vinegar Can Be Harmful In The Long Term
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May 31, 2015
If someone is reacting poorly to vinegar it is very likely they are reacting to the histamine, as vinegar is one of the highest histamine foods. However it does seem that even people with mast cell issues (like me) often do better with RAW apple cider vinegar. After experimenting I have found that the only way this method helps (or even foams up the proper way when mixing) is with the raw ACV. The times it led me astray were when I thought I could get away with using other vinegars. This makes me suspect that the effect is not only from the acetic acid, bicarbonate, sodium acetate, or whatever, but rather at least heavily in part due to the fermentation byproducts that remain in the vinegar. It is known that even dead bacteria (like the ones in raw ACV) has a “probiotic”/immune modulating/antibiotic effect, one that is likely much safer and Peat approved than ingesting live bacteria. There is significant anecdotal support for ingesting raw apple cider vinegar for all kinds of problems and I suspect this is why. I’ve restarted the acv+baking soda and I still find it very helpful. I still don’t think any one thing “cures” someone like me as I believe I have significant metabolic damage or genetic impairments since birth, but the acv soda is up there in my opinion with thyroid hormone in terms of benefits that touch every system of the body.

Doc Sandoz

Jun 21, 2020
Just a note to say that an old family recipe for heartburn, stomach or intestinal upset is as follows: In a large glass mix 1 cup water, 3-1/2 T vinegar and 2T sugar. Drop in 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, stir briefly and chug the whole thing down while its fizzing.

We call it an "old fashioned soda." Works like a charm. I once had a stomach upset that kept getting worse for hours into the night, felt increasingly severe waves of nausea and pressure like I had food poisoning. Downed a glass of this and within 15 minutes I was fine.

After reading this thread, I'm trying it now to see what effect it may have when not treating digestive issues. Thus far, 10 minutes later, a rather stiff neck and nascent headache are abating.
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