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    Jul 6, 2013
    Hi guys :salute
    I recently came across Ray Peat's works through Danny Roddy's site, after looking up possible ways to prevent/halt androgenic alopecia. This is one of my main driving factors, along with health and weight. I'm 20 now (almost 21 actually), and when I was about 15 or 16, living on a diet consisting mainly of junk food, I put on some weight. Not huge amounts, but I'm pretty short, and my torso got quite tubby, along with moobs, lol. The odd thing was that my arms stayed skinny (I was a really skinny kid) and so did my calves. I've grown as I've aged, so the fat has stretched out a bit, but I'm still unhappy with my body.

    As I got older, from about 18, I started experiencing symptoms. These ended up turning my life upside down as I developed health anxiety, and for a long time, my life was consumed with worry. After seeking CBT therapy, I can happily say, that I'm pretty much over the anxiety. Don't get me wrong, I STILL have symptoms which are a cause for concern, but I no longer allow the worry to affect my quality of life. Some of these symptoms include tingling over my body, cold extremities (but my resting heart rate is always 80+), noooo energy, short lasting aches and pains, palpitations, weird yellowy-green hue at the back of my tongue, protein in my urine, digestive complaints and a loss of enamel on my teeth, to name a few. Over the past two years I've been back and forth between the Docs so often, I'm on the brink of giving up lol. I had a full work up of bloods, and everything was normal (thyroid, liver, etc. etc.) bar a deficiency in b12 and folic acid, and my CORTISOL. So the tingling I've been experiencing is most likely down to the b12 deficency, but my cortisol left me and my doc at a loss. It was really high, but she assured me, I don't have Cushing's syndrome because I'm not obese (honestly, when I tell people I hate my body, they laugh at me 'cause it's only my mid section that has fat on it: I look generally slim), but never explained any other possibilities.

    Now, I've suspected my hormones were out of whack for a long time (estrogen dominance with the weight gain?), although it wasn't until the other day when I was reading Danny's blog that everything seemed to fall into place with the high cortisol. I have to go back to the Doctor's on Friday for some more results - I'm receiving yet another cortisol test to see if the others were anomalies :roll: and to check my b12 is up still. I must say, the more I've been reading, the more Peat's works seems to apply to me (my iron levels were up there in the upper limits and from what I can gather, iron=bad?), but all this information is pretty overwhelming, and I will admit I'm finding it a bit difficult to completely shift my paradigms on food (mainly the veggies lol).

    If you've managed to get this fair, well done lol :P, and now you know my story, this brings me to my questions. I know I have a lot more to read and learn before even thinking about really incorporating a Peatarian diet, but the possibility of stopping going bald would be enough lol. Has anyone here had any success regarding male pattern baldness? I know Danny Roddy says he has, but I don't know if I'm sold from just one suspected case. My second question is regarding teeth and their health. Before coming across this, I was torn between trying a Paleo or a Western Price inspired diet. Obviously, a main thing for WPFA is the remineralisation of teeth, and it is similar to Peat with the dairy, liver, gelatin, but it advocates PUFAs, so I guess I'm wondering whether anyone has had positive (or negative) effects on their teeth?

    Pheuw, that was sooo much longer than I expected. Thanks in advance for any replies :mrgreen:
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    Feb 24, 2013
    for teeth, read up on Peat osteoporosis info...

    Hair loss is thyroid. Moobs (man boobs?) is excess estrogen. Food sources is soy, leafy greens, herbs like lavender.
    Aspirin, vit E,carrot salad are anti estrogen or help with its removal from the body.
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    Jan 22, 2013
    Welcome, Jonoh.

    I'm definitely no expert, but I think pretty much all your symptoms point to hypothyroidism. The high resting heart rate probably isn't true metabolic activity, but rather stress hormones. In a way, that could be encouraging, because it means your problems should be treatable, and will improve as you learn/apply Peat's ideas.

    I think a lot of people report slowed/stopped hair loss with Peat's approach. I don't think I've ever heard of any hair regrowth though.
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    Apr 17, 2013
    My teeth and gums look great and I drink a lot of Coke and orange juice on the Ray Peat style diet. At first they didn't and it was quickly reversed by utilizing baking soda.

    All you have to do is use milk or baking soda to neutralize acids after you've had them. Brush your teeth with baking soda or even just rub a little on your teeth and leave it there a moment (that's what I do until I swallow it)
    The ph of your saliva is controlled by your overall health and as you get healthier your saliva will do a lot of the work itself.
    That's my :2cents on the teeth question of your post.