Progesterone And Goiter


Oct 18, 2013
I have large (and very problematic) uterine fibroids. I would love to megadose myself with progest-e, but I also have a large substernal goiter, and there's that caution about the progesterone causing the thyroid to start unloading its colloid and making you hyperthyroid for a while. (I know Peat also says to shrink the goiter using thyroid meds first, but I'm very new to all this and not ready to start in on that yet).

So I've been focusing on other ways to lower estrogen. I ordered some calcium d-glucarate and something called Myomin, both of which are supposed to be very good for this (I haven't tried them yet--they should arrive today), but it just occurred to me: was Peat's warning specific to progesterone? Or can it be read more generally, i.e., anything that really drops estrogen levels can make your thyroid go nuts for a time? Am I in as much danger of thyroid storm with these other supps as I would be with progesterone?

Does anyone know? I wish to heaven Peat was still taking questions on his website. I'm afraid to move forward.


Probably anything that helps progesterone, so coffee, orange juice, but these things would have a smaller effect.


Feb 20, 2013
RP explained that in Josh Rubin" Thyroid" interview around minute 40 .
His explanation was that progesterone increases the secretion of thyroid hormone too rapidly.
He also mentioned in another place that people go through this short
phase of hyperthyroidism whenever something blocks the estrogen increase.
My understanding is that once someone has enlarged thyroid gland from
unopposed estrogen then they will most likely go through
mild to moderate phase of hyperthyroid at some point. He recommends
raw cabbage juice and large serving of liver to slow down the thyroid.


Nov 1, 2012
What about drinking broth made with chicken necks or fish heads? This would get you a small amount of thyroid using food. I have made both and make different soups with the broth.
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