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  1. BigShoes

    Question: does natural progesterone use in males suppress gonadal (testicular) and / or adrenal production? (Plus, yet another hair loss thread)

    Introduction / Background: 30 Y.O. Male - I am experimenting with the topical application of vitamin K2 and natural progesterone on the neck / temples (carotid artery), in an attempt to halt and reverse some minor (yet very distressing) hair loss. Applications: (1) Vitamin K2 MK-4...
  2. CosmicDancer444

    Progesterone Periods & PMS

    Progesterone, Periods & PMS: I have heard many good things about women incorporating progesterone to ease PMS symptoms. Seeing as decrease in progesterone indicates start of mensuration, I have been reluctant to use it as I have been worried it may prolong/delay/stop or mess with my period...
  3. aliml

    Herbs To Increase Progesterone: 6 Astounding Nutrients!

    https://www.dhea.clinic/blogs/news/herbs-to-increase-progesterone There are many different herbs that work to stimulate Progesterone production in the body. Below, we’ve listed the most popular herbs that can increase progesterone levels naturally. 1. Bupleurum (Bupleurum falcatum) Bupleurum is...
  4. R

    Any experience with Natpro Progesterone?

    Hi all, 37 y/o female here, 5'7 I've found a couple posts mentioning the use of Natpro but was wondering if anyone could give me an updated experience on it? I am suffering from recurring fibroids/polyps, mid cycle spotting. Had a D&C last year but the spotting came back and so did the fibroids...
  5. JamesGatz

    Is Progesterone the reason that women gravitate more towards mentally-stimulating/abstract subjects moreso than men ?

    I notice when my progesterone is high I become a lot better with art - my art that I do when I am high Progesterone/somewhat high DHT vs just high DHT is light-years different - there is a lot more attention to detail and it feels like my mind is generally more abstract - I notice that Dr. Peat...
  6. F

    Short menstrual cycles - Follicular phase length

    Anyone know any methods for lengthening the follicular phase of the cycle I.e. the time from the first day of the period until the day of ovulation. Thank you
  7. Mauritio

    Testosterone, progesterone, caffeine and thymoquinone inhibit Coronavirus through HSP-binding

    So this study shows that one of the heat shock proteins is important for viral entry of coronaviruses (and many other pathogens!). The author looked for substances that are helpful in binding to HSPA5 ,so it won't bind to the virus. That's at least how I'm reading it. It's already known that...
  8. Drareg

    NHS UK to give progesterone to prevent miscarriage

    This is somewhat of a positive, progesterone prescribed for miscarriage in the UK, let’s hope it’s bio identical, the brand is Utrogestan. https://www.tommys.org/about-us/charity-news/giving-some-pregnant-women-progesterone-could-prevent-8450-miscarriages-year-say-experts Researchers at...
  9. R

    Recurring uterine polyps, help?

    Hi all, feeling a little defeated here and would appreciate any insight, advice or shared experience. Thank-you in advance. A bit of background… 37 y/o female, no children (yet, I am hopeful) Last year in 2020 i dealt with breakthrough bleeding (spotting around ovulation) for about 6 months...
  10. JamesGatz

    Is there really a 50/50 chance of your baby being male/female ? Is there really no factors that increased the likelihood of a specific sex being born

    I was reading a few studies and this story - https://www.familyeducation.com/pregnancy/why-do-i-keep-having-girls-or-boys-the-genetics-behind-gender " Some pregnant women may believe that environmental factors may play a role in what sex baby they have, while others look at their family...
  11. JamesGatz

    Wealth is Health - The personalities of Rich people and it's possible relation to GOLD

    I decided to make this thread after reading this thread on the forum - https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/i-think-wearing-gold-increases-progesterone.29795/page-1 I remember a time in college - I would notice many of the girls in my school (many were wealthy) wore solid gold cartier...
  12. U

    Does tobacco lower estrogen?

    I have heard from some people that tobacco lowers estrogen and masculinizes men and women, but I also read a study saying smoking leads to earlier menopause in women. I want to hear this side of the story.
  13. K

    Progesterone Best Practices?

    I've got a bottle of Progest-E in my cart, and before I click buy, I want to clear up some uncertainties I have about progesterone. For some reason I'm a little nervous to use it? 24/F | 5ft.3" | 120 lbs | Eating pretty peaty, while maintaining food freedom / having grace with myself if I eat a...
  14. vrilcorp

    Spellbreaker’s Ascending Muscle Solitarium - A Peatybuilding Video Log

    Welcome to Spellbreaker’s Ascending Muscle Solitarium (name under construction) In short, this will be a video log on my progress doing bodybuilding while incorporating Ray Peat’s views… mixed with my own. The current goal is to become healthier, more androgenic, feel better and gain muscle...
  15. jpgio

    How much topical progesterone (progest-e) to start with for a man?

    Want to start using progesterone topically just curious to see how much a man should start with. Thank you.
  16. Soren

    Pregnenolone vs Progesterone for Back Pain, Endotoxin, Parkinsons Disease

    As some on this forum might know my mother suffers from Parkinson's disease which I have been attempting to treat with a number of serotonin blocking substances. Circumstances of the Pandemic and her own disposition have made it very difficult to get her into consistently good habits and...
  17. P

    Progesterone feminizing effects?

    I want to start trying progesterone to address some high cortisol/estrogen symptoms I am experiencing (sleep interruptions, digestive issues, low energy/brain fog etc.) but I have read that it may not be a good supplement for men. I have even seen some forum users say it started to physically...
  18. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview July 19, 2021 - One Radio Network

    Don't see it posted yet. Enjoy! Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D - The Dance with Progesterone & Estrogen; Our Health and Well Being Explained - July 19, 2021 | One Radio Network Detailed information on progesterone for both men and women, dosages of vitamin E and D. Answers to lots of good questions.
  19. U

    Is TSH supposed to be higher or lower during pregnancy?

    I have heard according to Peat that tsh should be less than 1. Tsh was 2.3 at 13 weeks pregnant and was 1.8 while not pregnant.
  20. S

    Pregnenolone vs Progesterone for under developed cognitive function

    I am 23, male. My cognitive function (verbal IQ) is underdeveloped due to my mom being vegan and undereating during pregnancy. I also under eat whilst growing up, was mainly vegetarian. Therefore, I was was wondering if taking for short term either pregnenolone or progesterone would help restore...