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  1. haidut

    Progesterone, bromocriptine may treat autism

    A great new study, which, while genomic in character, inadvertently points the finger directly at estrogen and/or serotonin as causes of autism. After all progesterone's main role in the human organism is as an estrogen (and cortisol!) antagonist, while bromocriptine is one of the oldest...
  2. A

    Drug repurposing candidates to treat core symptoms in autism spectrum disorder

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by high heritability and clinical heterogeneity. The main core symptoms are social communication deficits. There are no medications approved for the treatment of these symptoms, and medications used to treat non-specific symptoms have serious side...
  3. BlackMolasses

    Could progesterone correct a problem of insomnia in a postmenopausal woman?

    My mother is in menopause and suffers from insomnia, she has obvious signs of too high levels of estradiol (hot flashes, aggressiveness and emotional instability, insomnia?...). Could progesterone help counter balance the problems of menopause by antagonizing estradiol? Would it have any harmful...
  4. R

    Progest-e dosage; fibroids, polyps, period irregularity Halp!😩🙏🏼

    Hi all! Returning here in hopes I may get a little insight on how to dose Progest-e for ongoing estrogen issues—fibroids, polyps, breakthrough bleeding and short/irregular periods. I have experimented on both NDT (Tyromax) and Progest-e on and off—currently taking a grain of NDT and the...
  5. Daft

    Call for information: Trying to determine extent of estrogenic substances still in food supply.

    I would like for anyone to help contribute some knowledge, speculation and studies, and open a discussion on the extent to which, despite supposedly getting rid of BPA containing plastics, there are still estrogenic substances in all the plastics we store much of our food in, and used during the...
  6. DeadCatBounce

    What went wrong ? 65 days of continuous hairloss after Progesterone (men), need help

    After reading a bit about progesterone and its ability to remove Estrogen from the cells as well as help with hair/skin and make ones look younger overall, decided to try out and experiment (worst experiment I've ever done so far in my life and I highly regret it). Took 100mgs orally for 4 days...
  7. miquelangeles

    Sertoli cells metabolize progesterone to testosterone (T) and 5a-dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

  8. PeskyPeater

    Why Dr Peat advises to use DHEA Progesterone to grow hair

    Goodday! I can now begin to see why Dr Peat advises to use DHEA with Progesterone to grow hair. The DHEA get's metabolized towards E1 Estrone ( and or E2 ) [6] which support the glycolytic 'cancerous like' state of hair growth that uses glutamine and glucose as a source that convert to...
  9. Mauritio

    SUN-/UVB- Light increases Progesterone receptor expression in mice by 4,5 fold, increases T 1,4 fold

    I recenty listened to an Andrew Huberman podcast, where he mentioned sunlight exposure (especially in the morning) as beeing very good for your hormonal state. I found this study in his podcast notes. They irradiated mice with UVB light, that was equivalent to about 20-25 minutes of midday sun...
  10. BestSinceDAYONE

    Best Ways to Fight EMF / Ionizing Radiation

    Let me preface this before anything, that I never used to believe in this type of effect causing major damage to people...but let's just say I have felt the exact effects and I notice EXACTLY when I am getting hit with something, major migraine, fatigue, burning sensations etc. My question is...
  11. NewACC

    Anti-Peat Why do children have so good health if their androgens low?

    After thinking about peating, I wondered: why are children so metabolically ideal that they even overtake elite athletes by this factor, if their androgenic level is very low? Is it strange that everyone on the forum is talking about the rejuvenating effect of androgens, if children are the...
  12. haidut

    Progesterone may help quitting smoking

    A very interesting article, on a topic that has been studied for decades but has not seen much mainstream media exposure mostly because it does not fit the narrative. Namely, that "addictions", including smoking, are mostly genetically determined and not much can be done about them except manage...
  13. DeadCatBounce

    Need help - Progesterone caused hair loss process to begin ? One tiny dose of DHEA (2mg) made it a lot worse ?

    Need help as I am a bit confused here and don't know what to do. I am a 35yo male, been with full head of hair my whole life and super healthy, never issues whatsoever. My thyroid is working properly, TSH is below 1 and all hormones in range with lowish E. About a month ago I decided to try...
  14. haidut

    Higher progesterone, lower estrogen makes women more generous

    It looks like the beneficial effects if progesterone and harmful effects of estrogen are not limited to health. The study below found a women become much more generous in terms of buying drinks or gifts for their peers during the luteal phase, when progesterone is elevated and estrogen is low...
  15. haidut

    Ocular progesterone administration may treat eye, brain, and mental illness

    A few months ago, I posted a study demonstrating improvement in localized, ocular steroidogenesis by administration of a small amount of niacinamide (as an aqueous solution) directly into the eye. I think user @ecstatichamster may have already tried this himself and I think he even started a...
  16. DeadCatBounce

    Progesterone for Male - Success (Insomnia and Anxiety) A few questions.

    Wanted to share a success story and ask a few questions - Progesterone helped me get rid of my inability to stay asleep for more than 5-5.5 hours and now feel rested upon waking with full 7-7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Used 4 days of 100mg oral dose to flush out any excess estrogen as...
  17. IROM

    Progest-Avail, progest-e type supplement with wheat germ Vit E works to cure head cold

    Had a pretty annoying head cold (maybe Omicron) with sore throat and terrible post-nasal drip. Took about everything Peatarian you could think of but it has lasted for 5-6 days so far. Last night I took this Progest-Avail but applied it inside my nostrils, sublingually, on my neck and on face...
  18. czgr

    Confusion about T use

    In this recent talk Georgi is endorsing very high dose Testosterone use (100 mg a day), saying (according to the study) even 50 mg per day wasn't good enough. I'm very confused now, since I saw him recommend a physiological dose of about 5 mg per day. I use a few milligrams of T transscrotally...
  19. W

    Progesterone inhibits 5ar?

    Whenever I took progesterone I felt anxious for several days, then I came across this article today: --- Effects of the anti-androgen finasteride on 5 alpha-reduction of androgens in the presence of progesterone in human gingival fibroblasts: modulatory actions of the alkaline phosphatase...
  20. undecided0