1. Mauritio

    5aOHP -Progesterone and DHT mix ? Has anybody heard about this steroid?

    I just came a across this pro hormone/steroid. Has anybody heard about it? It seems phenomenal its anabolic, progestogenic and converts into DHT . It sounds like the perfect combo for males . There seems to be very few research on it. What do you guys think? "5aOHP (chemical name...
  2. haidut

    Progesterone and allpregnanolone are protective against COVID-19

    I think we will be seeing more studies on this topic, especially in light of the ongoing human studies administering progesterone or (gasp!) estrogen to men in the hopes of improving the course of their COVID-19 disease. The results from the estrogen trials are already - surprise, surprise -...
  3. Hollybea

    Comfortable Easy Child Birth Ideas

    Hello! I'm pregnant with my second baby and I'm hoping to get ideas for how to eat/supplement to promote an easy, quick, uncomplicated, comfortable child birth. Last time I used a birthing hypnosis program that was VERY helpful. Over all it went very well and I had a big healthy baby naturally...
  4. ursidae

    Any Insight Into What Is Wrong With Me?

    Taken on the fourth day of cycle. There are cysts on my ovaries and MRI showed microadenoma on the pituitary 20 years old female with heavy acne. hirsutism, irregular cycle I'm seeing an endocrinologist but wouldn't mind hearing some other opinions
  5. haidut

    Blocking Cortisol May Treat Even Terminal Cancers

    The metabolic causes of cancer are slowly starting to be recognized, and especially the role of cortisol. I recently did a post on the role of cortisol in triple-negative breast cancer and the protective effects of androgens such as DHT. Now, mainstream medicine does not deny that androgens have...
  6. Jwicks1995

    Anti-Psychotic Endocrine Disturbance Counters? + Some Back Story

    TLDR; Olanzapine (Zyprexa) is meant to majorly disturb the endocrine system, increase prolactin, lower testosterone etc. Is there a way to mitigate this? HCG? Pregnenolone? Not using the medication is not a possibility for this stage - at least until I stabilize. The dosage will be low - 2.5mg...
  7. M

    Help! My Facial Features Changed From Taking Progestorone, Pregnenlone And Dhea

    This whole this is effecting my mental health. I dont recognise the person in the mirror any more and havent for a long time. I dont look as manly and have lost my big jaw masculine look... The progesterone/pregnenolone/dhea has change my facial features so much its causing me major...
  8. B

    Progesterone To Stop Male Facial Hair Growth?

    I absolutely hate shaving with a passion. I also happen to love the way that taking a small amount of progesterone makes me feel. One of the "feminizing" side effects that gets talked about from progesterone is a lack of facial hair growth. I find that effect, along with some of the "feminizing"...
  9. noqcks

    Progesterone Causing Hair Loss?

    Male, 26 Low progesterone on blood tests. I decided to start taking 3:1 progesterone/DHEA via cortinon a couple weeks ago. 3-9mg per day of progesterone, almost every day. In that amount of time, my hairline seems incredibly weaker with what looks like less hair per square cm. When I try to...
  10. E

    Progestene First Experience Report

    And my mind is blown. I've done every drug under the sun. Ranging from dissociatives (Pcp ket family) to Research chemicals, polyaddiction (benzos+alcohol+gabapentinoid - living hell). No drug ever felt more real than this. Bipolar (manic) disorder. Curently 3 months complete absence of...
  11. noqcks

    Progesterone Constipation

    I’ve recently been taking between 3-12mg of progesterone for the last week and 1-4mg of DHEA. I noticed for the first time in my life that I’ve started getting a little constipated. I’ve taken DHEA before with no issues, and progesterone is the only lifestyle/diet/supplement change I’ve made...
  12. Highserotonin90

    Progesterone Cream On Scrotum

    Progesterone Cream on Scrotum increase estrogen or DHT ? Thanks
  13. Atman

    Progesterone Use During Pregnancy And The Effects On Child Intelligence

    Since Ray often mentions the anecdotes of children whose mothers have taken progesterone during pregnancy having a significant higher IQ than average, I ask myself whether some of you have used or plan to use progesterone for that purpose too. I myself am now near that age where having children...
  14. haidut

    Progesterone - Not A Sex Hormone, But A Systemic Health Hormone

    An older study, but some great information in there. Not only does it call attention to the fallacy of progesterone being nothing more than a "sex" hormone, but it also warns about the fallacy of equating the synthetic progestins with bioidentical progesterone. At least, when it comes to...
  15. Yggr

    Body Fat Distribution

    Hi all I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured it was metabolism related. So my question is. Is it possible to change bodyfat distribution? My current understanding is that testosterone in lower range and out of upper limits causes the typical android distribution. I'm sure this is...
  16. F

    Can You Build Tolerance With Daily Usage Of 5-10mg Of Progesterone Cream?

    as above
  17. haidut

    Topical DHEA Has Potent Anti-aging Effects On Human Skin

    I often get emails in regards to possible interventions with anti-aging effects on skin. The study I usually quote is an old one (circa 1967) that did extensive tests on 200+ people with age range of 57-88 years residing in a retirement home, and demonstrated that topical testosterone (1%) cream...
  18. Hans

    I Got 99 Problems, But The Estrogen In Milk Ain’t One

    To all the dairy lovers out there...and the dairy haters... Just did an article on the estrogen content in milk if you're interested to check it out, here's the link: I got 99 problems, but the estrogen in milk ain't one » MenElite Feel free to share your own preference and experience with milk.
  19. C

    Vit E Or Progesterone Reducing Face Bloating

    My face has been bloated almost 24/7 for years which I think is the typical bloating that can come with hypothyroidism Started taking Vitamin E the other day, only gonna take the E once a week (400iu), but I started applying progesterone topically around my nose area at the same time (weird...
  20. Recoen

    Progest-e Or Tocovit + Progestene (or Cortinon+ 3:1 Or 8:1)?

    Title says it all. Any advice from those who have tried all - specifically women? Is there enough tocopherols in the progestene/ cortinon+ that the tocovit isn't needed? If you ate high PUFA previously, then would you add the tocovit? Is the vit E in tocovit different than progestene...