1. D

    Can you get increasingly nauseous from using Progest-E over several months?

    My GF has taken progest E for about 3-4 months. Starting from about a month ago, she has started to become nauseous from taking it. If she takes her daily 3x3 drops too close to each other, or she takes it without having eaten anything in the morning. This didnt happen before. 2 days ago she got...
  2. J

    Severely dry skin from Vitex/Calcium D glucarate

    Ok in a desperate attempt to lower my prolactin and estrogen, I ended up with dry skin and hair. I notice with Vitex it caused either dopamine or adrenaline surges at high dose. Along with the Calcium D glucarate I noticed my hair was starting to sound like straw when I tried to tie it up. My...
  3. J

    Lowering prolactin is tough

    Is it meant to be this uncomfortable to lower prolactin? I’m taking a fairly high dose of Vitex 2000mg to lower my high prolactin and raise progesterone. Trying to stop some female bleeding. Its been causing agitation, buzzing/static in head and ears, light sensitivity, vision disturbances and...
  4. J

    Vitex Prolactin I’m trying to understand how Vitex is able to lower prolactin, yet raise estradiol according to this pdf. Is this why Vitex is dose dependent? It states it’s beneficial effects dropped off by 5th cycle. Does this mean Vitex loses effect if...
  5. L

    Does Katherine/Kenogen still sell Progest-E? How much vitamin e is in Progest-E?

    Does Katherine/Kenogen as a company still sell Progest-E directly to costumers? My thread in 2021: Does anyone know how much vitamin E is in Progest-E?
  6. learnedhelpless

    Progesterone therapy in men (transgender women), does not significantly effect, testosterone, libido and weight

    This is a 2 month old study, so it is not available on Sci Hub, but given that the doses of progesterone, for gender - reassignment, are 100–400 mg/day, this shows that when progesterone is used in super-physoligical doses that are 50x / 2250 % - 200x /19900% greater than the average production...
  7. F

    RPF approved/peaty "PCT" protocol for testosterone base cycle?

    I've decided I want to run testosterone base indefinitely for muscle building and libido purposes, but want to be careful that I have a way to recover my natural hormone production after cycle. I've run a steroid cycle before a few years back, and hoped to use SERMs to recover, as is...
  8. J

    Calcium D Glucarate+Prunella Vulgaris for someone 69+?

    Can my mother, who is 69 years old take Calcium D Glucarate? I understand that this is to remove excess estrogens and her blood test levels are <40 pmol/L. I'm unsure if these are lower levels as the ranges on the results page are for those who still have a menstrual cycle. Can she take CDG...
  9. Soren

    Late stage brain cancer any advice?

    Hi all. A friend of mine has late stage brain cancer. He has been very reluctant up to this point to try any alternative therapies and is on a very large dose of morphine constantly for the pain. The last thing he has been on is some form of genome therapy but has been told that it won´t do...
  10. haidut

    Parkinson Disease (PD) is metabolic, of gut origin, progesterone to the rescue

    One of the most famous sayings in medicine since antiquity has been Hippocrates' quip that "all disease begins in the gut". Despite millennia that passed since that phrase was first uttered and countless "advances" in our knowledge of diseases, evidence continues to accumulate that the ancients...
  11. PopSocket

    Puffy nipples due to progesterone (male) Breast enlargement Need advice how to quickly reverse.

    I am on Topical Testosterone (60-90mg per day). Never before had issues with T therapy even when not controlling E, have done many cycles using different methods. Never nipple or breast issue due to high E. Decided I am going to add Progesterone as it has always been low for me and on T it gets...
  12. X

    Hormonal blood test - Need your help please

    Hi everyone, (30M) here, I've just done a blood test. Unfortunately, it would take me months to see a doctor here in Canada and even then, I wouldn't put too much faith in their reading. Should I be concerned about my progesterone which is out of range? I have an autoimmune disease but my...
  13. Mauritio

    Progesterone babies are more intelligent

    I was looking for this study for a long time. I found it here: - In this paper they looked at the efefct that progesterone had on the offpspring. To make it short: progesterone babies are intellectually superior. The effect was dose...
  14. Charger

    Guidance for 36-year-old female, labs included.

    Below are labs for my sister who is in her mid-30s. I am trying to assist her with optimizing her health/hormones. I'm less versed on what the optimal levels for women are and would be interested in advice from other women and the usual reputable posters (@haidut, @Hans, etc.) as far as possible...
  15. J

    Female hormone help

    So which hormone is the one that causes heavy bleeding? Estrogen or Progesterone? Also what do these numbers represent? Is this within normal ranges or do they indicate Estrogen dominance? Thank you! The ratio of estradiol to progesterone is 227 pmol/L estradiol to <0.5 nmol/L progesterone
  16. haidut

    Hormonal birth control puts women in chronic stress, by blocking progesterone synthesis

    A truly remarkable study as it exposes so many lies that Big Pharma and its medical accomplices would rather not become public knowledge. Since most hormonal birth control (pills, patches, IUD, injections, etc) contain a combination of an estrogen and a synthetic progestin, it implicates both...
  17. N

    Progesterone supplementation orally?

    Do you think it is safe and effective to take progesterone powder orally? I’ve been trying to take progesterone topically but it’s not working well (I tried different brands of progesterone creams and oils) I’ve been trying to take it under my tongue or on my gums but I always end up with...
  18. TruffleGnocchi

    Progesterone source in europe?

    Anyone know how to get or sells progesterone, within Europe? No international because of customs. Or ways to get progesterone from pharmacy? I heard Bulgaria sells OTC but I'm not going to Bulgaria. Maybe other countries in western Europe sell OTC or give easy prescription progesterone?
  19. haidut

    Progesterone (or pregnenolone) - a cheap, safe and effective treatment of infertility

    It looks like Big Pharma is getting desperate and are now setting their sights on progesterone. The studies showing benefits of bioidentical progesterone have been steadily increasing over the last 5+ years and it probably won't be long before a pharma company asks the FDA to declare...
  20. haidut

    Low progesterone, not low estrogen, drives night sweats, insomnia of menopause

    Every time I see a study like this I catch myself singing the glorious Queen lyrics "...another one bites the dust". In this case, what bytes the dust is the pernicious myth that estrogen deficiency drives many of the features of menopause - from the more benign symptoms such as insomnia, night...